Pinworms in the eyes, symptoms and treatment

Pinworms are biogelminthes that parasitize inside the human intestine. This is a favorite place for the dislocation of roundworms. It is there that the life cycle of the parasites is formed. The lack of proper treatment of enterobiasis leads to the formation of a chronic stage. The accumulation of a large number of helminths causes some of them to leave their habitat and migrate throughout the body. Practice shows that worms can settle in the liver, in the lungs, in the convolutions of the brain. Pinworms in the eyes - a fairly rare phenomenon. How do they get there? What symptoms may indicate their presence? What complications can provoke such migration of parasites? Answers in the article.

So, as already mentioned above, the colossal growth of the number of parasites inside the intestines causes some of them to leave habitual habitats. Live animals are forced to look for new food and oxygen. The structure of the eye assumes the presence of abundant blood supply. It is from the blood that pinworms can get the nutrients necessary for life. So, as the eyeball is provided with unhindered access to oxygen, ideal conditions for the life of any parasite are formed. How can a pinworm get into the eye? Are there effective methods to get rid of this problem?

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to briefly describe the mechanism of reproduction of roundworms. The female mates with the male inside the intestinal tract, after mating the males die and with their feces leave the intestine. Females for laying eggs crawl out through the rectum, and lay eggs around the anus. If at that time the anus is dirty, or if the environment is too moist, the female will not be able to get back into the intestine. The female can not return back when the process of laying eggs is prolonged. What happens in this case with the parasite? A live pinworm can move and crawl into the vagina of women and girls. From there - a direct path to the uterus, into the fallopian tubes, into the peritoneum, into the liver. The liver is another favorite habitat for the described parasites. And all because within the body being described there is an active process of metabolism, liver tissues can boast of a rich traffic, liver cells - hepatocytes - rich energy resources for all types of helminths. Parasitizing in the liver, the pinworm can lay eggs there, and already they, along with the blood, spread throughout the body. This is the first way that can explain how roundworms get into the eyes.

Another way of infection is constant itching around the anus. It is formed during the laying of pinworm eggs. To get rid of it, the infected person tries to comb the anus. During combing, eggs are hammered under the nails. If at this time a person infected by parasites will scratch and eyes, invasive eggs will be fixed on the mucous membrane of the eyes.

How can this infection be dangerous? It will provoke the appearance of permanent conjunctivitis. Repeated conjunctivitis is a true symptom of pinworm in the eyes. Help to get rid of them can only properly prescribed treatment of pinworm in the eyes. It can not be performed by an ophthalmologist, but by a parasitologist or helminthologist. It is to these specialists that they should be treated in the presence of the described symptoms. Round worms from the family of nematodes can be satisfied not only by the environment of the liver or eyes, but also by the lungs. If they settle there, there are signs of bronchitis and pneumonia. In this case, treatment will be long and burdensome.

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