What to give a child from worms, what can be taken, which is better?

Infecting parasitic diseases is very easy, just do not wash your hands before eating, eat poorly-processed meat or fish. Worms surround us everywhere, they can be found in dust, in the fur of domestic animals, in food. A healthy adult organism can resist the invasion of parasites, but in children the protective mechanisms are not yet fully developed, so they often become victims of uninvited guests. What to give from worms to a child to drive away parasites without health consequences?

The main danger of parasites is that they get into the body, start to multiply, and then die and soon decompose. As a result, intoxication occurs, the defenses of the body resist and intensively produce protective cells in the blood, all of which can trigger allergic reactions.

What is better to give a child from worms?

It often happens that parents independently buy an anthelmintic drug in a pharmacy, give it to a child, and after a while he gets sick and is taken to the hospital with signs of intoxication. That is why it is necessary to understand that one drug is not enough to treat helminthoses, complex therapy is needed.

To save the children from the worms you need to be patient. Before taking antiparasitic drugs, it is necessary to take sorbents for three days, they will help to cleanse the body of toxins released in the process of vital activity of parasites.

In addition to this therapy includes the administration of antihistamines, they are prescribed by a doctor to prevent possible allergic reactions of the body. Approximately two weeks, you need to drink once again an anthelmintic preparation to kill all worms.

What can I give to worms? This question will be answered by the doctor, the medicines should be prescribed after diagnosis, for each type of parasite you need your drug. Complex treatment also includes a diet. It should be remembered that worms are very fond of sweet, but can not tolerate salty foods. That is why during the therapy should be abandoned sweet food.

What to give to a child with enterobiosis?

Enterobiosis is called pinworm infection, they are the most common type of parasites among children. Almost all children are ill with this disease, its characteristic feature is itching in the anus. Treatment should be carried out with laboratory confirmation of the diagnosis.

In this case, most often from worms give Pirantel. This drug is not very toxic, it is allowed even to small children from 6 months. It is enough to receive one suspension, but two weeks later it must be repeated. With a massive attack of worms, a doctor can prescribe a set of drugs. Independently you can not calculate the dosage of the medicine.

Pinworms in addition to unpleasant symptoms do not cause serious damage to the body, so you can try to get rid of them with the help of natural remedies. For example, a good result can be achieved if the child is made garlic enema. To do this, take five cloves of garlic, pour a glass of water, and then heat to a temperature of about 70 ° C.Next, the broth should brew, as soon as it cools down you can do an enema. One procedure is not enough, the treatment should be done every day for a week.

What to take from worms to a child is now understandable, but the most important is to prevent re-infection. It is very important to follow the rules of hygiene, you need to monitor the baby so that he washed his hands, did not take dirty objects in his mouth. Nails should always be cut short. Wash children twice a day with warm water and soap. Bedclothes and bed linens should be washed separately from other things and thoroughly ironed with an iron.

What kind of pills give a child from worm-ascarids?

The main danger of this parasitic disease is that ascarids can migrate throughout the body. They live not only in the intestines, but also in other organs, which is why the doctor should treat such a disease. From this type of worms it is better to give a child Vermox or Pirantel. Drugs are usually given at night and once.

In addition to the above drugs, doctors usually prescribe bifidobacteria or other types of medication to restore the diseased organ. It depends on where the worms were found. Sometimes they live in the lungs, causing a dry and painful cough. In this case, drugs can be prescribed to improve lung function.

For the prevention of worms, you need to teach children to follow the rules of hygiene, otherwise it may re-infection. This kind of worm is not as harmless as pinworms, they can harm different organs. With massive infection, a tangle of worms can cause intestinal obstruction. In some cases, these parasites can crawl into the appendix and provoke its inflammation, then without surgery it will be difficult to do.

What to take from worms to a child for prophylaxis?

Some doctors advise parents to give children a cure for worms once a year for prevention without putting any tests. For these purposes, Pirantel is usually used, as it is well tolerated. But most pediatricians are still against such preventive treatment. The fact that all drugs are toxic, in addition, children can have an individual intolerance.

Only a doctor can give medicine to a child from worms without analysis, and only if the symptoms are pronounced. Not all types of worms can be recognized without testing, but here the pinworms show themselves characteristic features. If the baby is bothered by an itch in the anus, the stomach hurts, it makes you sick, and in the stool you see small living worms, then this is enterobiosis. In other cases, you need a diagnosis.

If parents suspected worms in the child, then it is necessary to hand over the feces for analysis. But the problem is that it does not always show the right result. Worms do not often go out with faeces outside, so sometimes you have to hand over the feces five times or more to confirm the diagnosis. Many parents have no time to take their children to the hospital to take another analysis, so they just give a pill.

What to give from worms? Preventative treatment is a forced measure and a payment for the eternal employment of parents. With severe symptoms, you can give Pirantel, other drugs are, although more effective, but they are more toxic. If the child does not suffer from itching in the anus, he does not have problems with digestion, the skin is not pale, then for prevention, nothing should be given.

It is necessary to carefully monitor the personal hygiene of the child to avoid infection. If animals live in the house, they need to give the medicine twice a year. Even if the beloved cat lives in the house and does not go out into the street, he can pick up parasites in the corridor from dirty shoes.

It is better not to give anything to children from worms until they pass tests. It is of course necessary to remove worms from the body, because they cause great harm to health. But to poison children with toxic drugs without obvious symptoms is not worth it, because it is a powerful blow to the liver.

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