What if the loose stool( diarrhea, diarrhea) in an adult does not last more than a month or for two?

When an adult patient suffers from a loose stool for a month and does not pass even after two, a similar malaise can indicate the presence of different pathologies. Diarrhea itself is a protective reaction of the body, like a cough or runny nose, which cleanses the respiratory organs from pathogenic microorganisms. If diarrhea lasts more than a month, it indicates an attempt by the body to get rid of the microbes that activate in the intestine. There is harmless diarrhea, it occurs after the transferred stress, excessive excitement, other factors that can strengthen the activity of the intestine. There are two forms of diarrhea: acute and chronic. Each has its own reasons, its own methods of treatment.

To say unequivocally why diarrhea does not pass a month or two is difficult. And all because the causes of malaise in an adult can be different. The most common factors provocateurs are rotavirus infections, chronic diseases of the intestinal tract, malnutrition, allergies and intolerance of any products. In this case, there may be a loose stool in an adult for a month or more, what should I do in such a situation? The usual diet to eliminate the problem will not succeed, treatment should be systematically complex.

What if I have diarrhea for more than a month?

If diarrhea is two months old, it's worth to see a doctor immediately and try to find out the cause of such an ailment with him. It is possible to make an accurate diagnosis only after the analysis of feces, a general analysis of blood and urine. Often to confirm the diagnosis, an x-ray examination is assigned. It helps to exclude the presence of malignant neoplasms.

To understand what to do when diarrhea torments a month or two, it is possible only after receiving the answers to all of the above tests. They will help explain why the patient has a loose stool, what problems triggered his appearance: diseases of the intestine, pancreas, or bile ducts. When appointing the treatment of diarrhea, the general condition of the patient is taken into account, it is important not to allow the appearance of the most dangerous complication - dehydration of the body.

What is the danger of dehydration if diarrhea is a month?

When a person's diarrhea lasts more than a month, along with watery feces, a person loses not only water, but also beneficial minerals, as well as biologically active components. During diarrhea, the patient may lose up to 3% of the total body weight. To understand whether a liquid stool could disturb the water-salt balance within a month by performing one simple test:

  1. It is necessary to press strongly on the nail plate with the finger of the opposite hand.
  2. Under the pressure of the nail immediately pales.
  3. If there is no dehydration, the previous pink color is restored instantly.

What if the time period is more than 2 seconds? It's worth starting to worry.

At the onset of dehydration with diarrhea may indicate a decrease in the amount of excreted urine, its dark color, concentrated consistency, a strong unpleasant odor. If a loose stool tortures a patient for a month, dry mouth, tears, nervousness, irritability may appear. Vivid signs of dehydration - dispersion disorders. Vertigo, disorientation in space and time.

To prevent fluid loss, you need to take special medications, such as Regidron or Citroglukosan. It is important to keep patient patient and monitor his general condition. What should I do with the first sign of dehydration? It is necessary to call a doctor immediately. It is useful to note additional symptoms that appear with the liquid stool, and not hide in the conversation with the doctors their presence.

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