Omez and omeprazole for colitis

Improper nutrition often leads to various bowel diseases, one of which is acute or chronic colitis.

Currently, experts recommend the use of omeprazole in colitis, explaining this by the fact that this drug protects the gastric mucosa from the irritating effect of nonsteroidal preparations of an anti-inflammatory nature. It will help not only to get rid of inflammation, but also prevent the development of ulcerative form.

The action of the main active substance of this drug is aimed at reducing the acidity level in the stomach by slowing the production of hydrochloric acid by the cells. In the absence of an acidic environment, the process of mucosal repair in chronic or acute colitis is much faster. Omeprazole as quickly as possible closes the main symptoms of the disease and significantly reduces the likelihood of developing gastric bleeding.

Before starting omeprazole, you must first consult with a specialist and undergo all the necessary diagnostic procedures. This will avoid the development of complications caused by improper diagnosis and masking the main symptoms of inflammation with the drug. It should be noted that omeprazole in colitis can be taken as before meals, and after eating, the degree of its effect on the body is not affected.

Omeprazole or Omez in colitis?

Omega is an analogue of the drug described above, and medical practice proves its effectiveness in colitis and other bowel diseases. The rate of absorption of this drug in the gastric mucosa does not lag behind the original, so the reduction in the severity of the symptomatology is ensured within 2 hours from the time of admission.

The main difference between Omega and Omeprazole is the budget price, thanks to which it became popular among middle-class consumers.

This drug is contraindicated during childbearing and subsequent breastfeeding. In addition, the reception of omeza in colitis is prohibited in the presence of individual intolerance of the components that make up its composition.

Specialists always emphasize that the treatment of colitis should be complex, and therefore prescribe the reception of such drugs as Omez. Despite the fact that he is not able to completely eliminate this disease, its active components provide a favorable environment in the stomach and intestines for a speedy recovery.

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