Prevention of bovine tapeworm( shadowyarnhoz), measures to combat infection

Teniarinhoz is a disease caused by a tapeworm - bovine tapeworm. Infection with such worms is dangerous not only for the gastrointestinal tract, but also for the central nervous system, as well as for brain activity. The risk of getting into the body of a bovine tapeworm is equally affected by both young children and adults, so the prevention of tenierhynchosis is necessary for all family members.

Bovine tapeworm enters the human body only with beef meat, which has not been thermally treated properly. In addition, infection can occur only at the stage of the Finns. Other stages of the life cycle of the helminth( egg, oncosphere) can not cause harm to health, since they can not fix on the mucous membranes of internal organs, and are removed outward in a natural way.

Measures for the prevention of bovine chain

A glist living in the intestine can reach 12 m in length. It can go beyond the boundaries of the digestive system, where it often parasitizes. The ingression of the helminth in the dorsal or brain is fraught with a paralytic and convulsive effect. In addition, the psyche can suffer.

Adult specimen of bovine tapeworm can allocate up to 180 million eggs, therefore treatment of tenierhynchosis is very difficult. However, it is much easier to prevent the appearance of a parasite in the body, following the elementary rules of prevention.

Finn lives in the skeletal muscles of beef, which are most often used by the hostesses for cooking meat dishes: roast beef, thick and thin edge. Also, the region of the neck and extremities can be infected - it is necessary to approach the preparation of these types of meat as responsibly as possible in order not to face the disease.

Prophylaxis of Shadowarhynchus

Observing just a few rules of prevention, you can not be afraid to buy a bovine tapeworm:

  • During frying, steamed beef under the lid 2-3 minutes after full readiness;
  • Before any method of cooking meat, it needs to be washed( as part of the Finn will be detached from the muscles);
  • In the kitchen there should be a separate board and a knife for meat products, since in case of worms getting on food, the heat treatment of which is not supposed, the acquisition of a bull-tie is inevitable, for example, when preparing salads;
  • You can not taste raw minced meat for the amount of spices, salt on the eye or according to a prescription. You can try meat products at the stage of almost complete readiness and only then, if necessary, additionally season.

Personal prophylaxis in case of arthritis is also related to the places where meat is purchased. Buying beef is recommended only in supermarkets, where the quality of the product is strictly monitored. However, many consumers believe that the meat purchased on the market is more useful and tasty. In this case, it should be purchased only in those markets where a regular veterinary examination of meat products is carried out.

If you can not refuse to purchase beef outside of large store outlets, make sure that the market implementor has a certificate confirming the quality of its products. The absence of an official document places responsibility for the acquisition on you. Meat, the quality level of which is not confirmed, should be processed first in a pan, and then in the oven, to ensure that your family is safe from the risk of catching a bull-calf.

Bovine tapeworm - control and prevention measures

In addition to the right choice and preparation of beef, you can protect yourself by using clinical tests. The first 3-4 months after entering the body, the helminth is in the stage of the Finn and does not make itself felt, therefore it is possible to check the presence of the bovine tapeworm only by appropriate assays.

Clinical prophylaxis of bovine tapeworm should be carried out 1-2 times per year by one of the following methods:

  • Analysis of feces for detection of bovine egg eggs;
  • Blood test for the number of erythrocytes( in the presence of helminths it decreases);
  • Study of the intestinal mucosa( X-ray, ultrasound) on the detection of folded areas.

Such measures of prevention of bovine tapeworm can be taken and within the framework of standard tests that you take during the year or when you visit a specific doctor. If helminthiosis is detected, contact the parasitologist or gastroenterologist immediately to get timely therapy and prevent the development of complications. These recommendations are included in the concept of secondary prevention of invasion by bulbar.

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