What helps with constipation, the first emergency( fast, fast) help at home, how to urgently help an adult?

Stool retention in an adult is one of the delicate problems that creates a lot of inconvenience to a person in his daily life. Therefore, someone who suffers from such a malaise, wants to know what helps with constipation, what kind of first aid can be provided at home. It is important to understand that emergency measures allow you to eliminate only the consequences when the reasons for the formation of stale blockages remain. That is why, despite of the embarrassment, it is important in the presence of frequent constipation to urgently go to the doctor( gastroenterologist or proctologist).Professional consultation will avoid the formation of neglected forms, the emergence of dangerous complications, which sometimes have to be removed surgically.

Constipation is an irregular tight stool that comes out with great effort. After the act of defecation there is a feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestine. This syndrome is dangerous because the accumulation of stool leads to stretches of the intestinal wall. The changed form becomes the reason for the formation of decay processes, as a result of which toxins that poison the body accumulate.

Help with constipation at home

What will help to eliminate constipation at home? There are many ways to help yourself quickly. It helps well from constipation, for example, a glass of water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. To enhance the effect, it is useful to dissolve a spoonful of honey in it, and then, after drinking, squatting. As a rule, such emergency assistance works without fail. Drink a lot during the day, despite the weather seasonality - an important part of the ambulance for constipation. The norm for men is three liters a day, for women - two and a half. Observing the drinking regimen, it is important to refuse to take coffee, alcohol, carbonated beverages, other liquid drugs that can play the role of diuretics( diuretics).Their uncontrolled use exacerbates the situation, therefore it is recommended to use non-carbonated mineral water, herbal decoctions with a laxative effect, juices( apple and pear - soft natural laxatives) as a drink.

Emergency help with constipation

Changing the drinking regime helps to solve the problem in an adult, but in order to achieve the desired result, you need a certain time. There are times when you need to act radically. What helps with constipation at home urgently, here and now:

  1. Candles.
  2. Miniclism.
  3. Certain movements.
  4. Pharmaceutical Pharmaceuticals.

To choose this or that emergency measure, it is important to consider existing accompanying symptoms. If there is no exacerbation of hemorrhoids, inflammatory bowel diseases, cracks in the anus, you can use glycerin suppositories from constipation. To date, this is the fastest and safest way to solve the indicated problem, which can be used for constipation of various etiologies. Glycerin is a substance with a mild irritant effect, which simultaneously stimulates the peristalsis of the hollow organ. Such a quick first aid at home can be used not only for adults, but also for infants. They are shown and pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers. If you urgently need to remove the corkscrew - glycerin candles will help solve the problem in about fifteen minutes.

Miniculism from constipation is also an effective quick help. From the usual cleansing enema, the mini variant is distinguished by the fact that it has a small volume, not only water but also special active substances dissolved in it are present in the micro enema. It is thanks to them that emergency help is provided for constipation. Such remedies have no contraindications to use at home, but, nevertheless, before use, it is worth carefully reading the attached instructions. So, for example, there are microclysters( Mikrolaks), which contain medicinal salts, glycerin and sorbitol. Such funds can be used as first aid for constipation in infants. Adults to solve the described problem it is better to use solutions of glycerin. They, too, have no side effects. To children such means for use are allowed from two years. But microclysters, which contain sodium docusate, should not be used alone at home. Reception of such emergency formulations has a certain risk. They, for example, can not be combined with the use of laxative drugs, you can not take similar compounds when simultaneously with constipation, nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain are excruciating. It is not excluded the occurrence of allergic reactions. The list of complications is large enough, therefore, the use of docusate should be carried out exclusively under the supervision of the attending physician.

What quickly helps with constipation?

For some effective first aid help, there are certain physical exercises and breathing exercises. Here are the most effective of them:

  1. It is necessary to stand up and put hands on the surface of the thighs( palm rest).In this position you need to breathe a ten times belly. Then move the hands to the front surface of the shins and breathe in this position the same number of times. If flexibility allows, grab your heels with your palms and get your belly in this position. With any pain that occurs during the performance of respiratory gymnastics, it is worth not to perform it, and use the tools described above.
  2. Crawling with constipation is well helped by long walking, exercise on the press, jumping in place, rolling from one side to the other.

First aid for constipation

Answering a question that helps quickly get rid of constipation at home, doctors pay attention to the caution of using medicines. Laxatives are the most effective first aid, but many of them cause rapid addiction and provoke the development of the "lazy intestine" syndrome. Therefore, if it is a question of pre-emergency emergency care, it is worth choosing prebiotics - drugs that have a mild laxative effect and, at the same time, restore the intestinal microflora. From one-time constipation helps pills, in the compositions of which there are senna or cassia leaves, extracts made from plum fruit or figs.

In addition to plant and synthetic laxatives, there are supplements, which have a laxative effect. Of these, urgently help prevent constipation of the powder and capsule of plantain, flaxseed and fenugreek seed. Use of dietary supplements should also be carried out very carefully. Plantain is good as first aid from constipation, but its intake in some adult patients causes strong gas formation. Admission of flaxseed in the home is contraindicated in pregnant women and those with high blood pressure. Fenugreek can not be given to children.

Knowing that it helps urgently from constipation, you can try to solve the described problem at home. But if constipation after emergency treatment does not take place within two to three weeks, it is important to overcome the embarrassment and urgently go to a consultation with a doctor. He will try to determine the cause of fecal congestion, talk about what helps quickly eliminate the attendant symptoms, what preventive measures to use to prevent dangerous complications, what folk remedies should be used first.

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