Do worms come out of the mouth, can they go out so, what if the helminths have crept through the mouth of a person?

Worms are invisible inhabitants of the human body. They infected 25% of the world's population. And this is an average figure. Parasitologists tend to increase it to 95%.If used to say that all the diseases are from the nerves, now - from the worms. People react differently to this fact. Some humbly, others - roughly. And, in an emotional impulse to get rid of uninvited guests by any means, make many mistakes.

The worms come out, it happens. But not always from there, where they are expected - through the rectum along with the calves. These worms, and therefore sometimes worms get out of the mouth. But about everything in order. Parasites conduct their activities, absorbing our most valuable nutrient reserves. At the same time, they release toxins, poisoning and ultimately destroying organs and systems. With them it is necessary to fight, only competently. You need to start with the test. There will be no results from the first time, means, to carry out repeated. It is important to find out the type of parasite in order to correctly determine the drug that can effectively affect a particular parasite. Self-medication sometimes turns into undesirable consequences - one day you can find the worms in your mouth.

Can the worm come out of the mouth?

Can worms go through the mouth? If you ask this question on the forum, some humorist will answer: "Of course, if they are tight inside you. .." But nobody will joke in the parasitologist's office, because the excitement about this is quite fair. Helminths come out of their mouths rarely, but cases are not unique. Especially with ascariasis. These roundworms are quite long and tend to crawl into narrow passages. Given their natural activity, one can not exclude their movement from the stomach to the esophagus, and then into the oral cavity or nasal cavity. Worms climb out of their mouths in children more often than in adults. Here the main danger is that they do not climb into the windpipe. It threatens suffocation.

When does the worm come out through the mouth?

Most of us are dealing with intestinal parasites. The same roundworms mainly live in the small intestine, and many familiar pinworms are in the caecum. To worms get through the mouth, there must be reasons. They are known, and there are several of them:

  • Perverted localization. Migration throughout the body of the larvae is a normal situation. For adults, a "sedentary" lifestyle in the chosen organ, most often in the digestive system, is characteristic. This is considered a "correct" localization. After injuring the abdominal wall, it gets out into the abdominal cavity, and from there it's a direct road either into the ducts or into the esophagus. Along the way the worm can wrap in the lungs, and can go to the exit. .. out of the mouth. Perverted localization is usually provoked by anthelmintic agents. This happens in two cases: the first is the hernia of grasses, carried out by the home-grown method, the second is the unregulated intake of pharmacy pharmaceutical preparations of insufficient dosage and without taking into account the type of parasite. If a person does not want to find once that he has got worms along with eaten cereal for breakfast, it is not necessary to be guided by the advertisement of anthelmintic herbal dues. The low concentration of their helminth composition is not capable of giving the desired effect, and it is easy to push uninvited settlers to get them out of their mouths. Modern medications are quite strong. Their possible toxicity is defined by standards, in the proper dosage they destroy all nematodes, trematodes and cestodes in place. But each means has its own "sight", which is why it is important to consult a professional doctor.
  • Consequences of antiparasitic therapy. The mechanism of action of antiparasitic drugs varies. After taking one, the adult becomes paralyzed, while others affect bioprocesses in the tissues of helminths. After treatment with such drugs as Pirantel, Piperazin, Decaris, the worms through the mouth will never go. But when taking Albendazole( Nemosol), Mebendazol( Vermox, Vormila), theoretically, they can come out of their mouths even in the unchanged form. Sometimes, at first it was seized with a dry cough, and then worms came out through the mouth. Precipitation can be a sensation of a lump in the throat, a stirring, increased salivation.
  • The output of worms from the mouth in the vomit. Deworming is often accompanied by vomiting. In this situation, dead and digested helminths go out together with vomit masses.

Helminthoses kill immunity, it is necessary to get rid of helminthic invasions and as early as possible, not allowing repeated infections. For complex cases, course treatment is provided. He is appointed by a doctor, he also tracks the results in dynamics.

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