Trimedate in colitis

In the treatment of acute or chronic colitis, an integrated approach to therapy is important. The relevance of the use of Trimedate in this case is explained by the fact that taking this medication ensures normalization of the gastrointestinal tract.

Among the most pronounced symptoms of colitis, along with painful sensations, patients complain of a stool disorder. Receiving Trimedata guarantees the restoration of intestinal motility, and also normalizes its peristalsis.

The main active substance of this drug is trimebutin maleate, it provides stimulation of smooth muscle muscles and has spasmolytic effect.

Trimedate is available in tablets, which can be of two forms: active substance content 100 mg( planocylindrical form), active substance content 200 mg( round form).Reception of Trimedate in colitis by adults and adolescents is carried out three times a day. To determine the dosage of trimebutin maleate, diagnostic tests are conducted, which determine the severity of the disease. The drug should be taken strictly before meals, for a quarter of an hour. Thus, at the time when the food enters the stomach, the remedy will begin to work. This medication is effective for the next 5 hours after use. This explains his three-time reception. The withdrawal of the drug from the body occurs during urination.

Trimedate normalizes the work of the intestines and provides regular stools. In addition, the symptoms of colitis are reduced, such as pain in the abdomen, bloating, excessive flatulence.

It should be noted that the treatment of colitis with Trimedate in children younger than 3 years is not recommended. This is explained by the complexity of selecting the daily dosage, as well as the high degree of risk of manifestations of side effects.

In addition, a contraindication to taking Trimedate in colitis is the presence of kidney and liver diseases, which are characterized by a decrease in their functionality.

At present, there are no official data on the safety of the inclusion of this drug in drug therapy for colitis that occurred during the pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding. His admission can be prescribed for diagnosing the acute form of colitis in nursing women, provided that during the treatment the child will be transferred to the mixture.

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