Diarrhea( thin stools) of a yellow child or adult, the cause of a bright and light color of diarrhea in a newborn( babies), how to treat?

Diarrhea almost always appears as a consequence of the appearance of the infectious process in the small intestine. The color of the liquid stool in both the child and the adult patient in this case can be different, it is for him that experts determine which pathology caused such a pathological phenomenon. Yellow diarrhea in humans occurs usually because of a wide variety of factors, many of which are for most people sufficiently known. There are both food poisoning and intestinal infections. They usually do not cause serious complications and pass quickly enough without specific treatment.

But a light shade and a watery consistency to mild masses often adds and exacerbation of a chronic disease. Do not also forget about such a reason for bright yellow diarrhea, as possible viral diseases. In this case, the duration of the symptoms of diarrhea depends entirely on the correctness of the initial cause chosen by the specialist, which provoked pathological signs. Sometimes a loose stool that has acquired a yellow color is a consequence of the fact that the patient's body is not functioning properly. It requires a differential diagnosis, which will show which body is in need of urgent intervention in its work. As a rule, yellow watery diarrhea in this case is quite long and can lead to serious problems. The moment of treatment in the hospital in this situation can not be delayed. Only timely and adequate therapy will help protect health from more serious problems.

A yellow tongue and diarrhea of ​​the same color appears as a result of dehydration that occurs in an adult with diarrhea accompanied by vomiting. Usually a dense light brownish scurf on the tongue appears in intestinal infections and severe intoxication of the body. Dry mouth and plaque density lead to bleeding microcracks in the tongue. They create the prerequisites for the shade becoming light brown.

Bright yellow diarrhea in a child

Liquid stool in infants and newborns often causes parents panic. But such a diarrhea for the most part is not dangerous. A big influence on the chair is what the baby gets-artificial or nursing. Liquid consistency and pale coloration is most often the case when the newborn is on artificial feeding. This is because the infant formula is digested much worse than the mother's milk.

The yellow color of diarrhea that appeared in a newborn baby suggests that there is no kind of inflammation in the intestine. This completely excludes the infectious nature of its occurrence. The problem here lies in the intolerance of individual food components, inadequate digestion or accelerated intestinal motility. It can be said that the liquid stool of this color is due to the child's food components not perceived by the body( lactase deficiency or celiac disease), rough food or stressful situations and experiences. It is these reasons that accelerate the movement of food through the intestines.

How to treat diarrhea of ​​bright yellow?

It should not be recalled that any therapeutic measures for the therapy of a watery liquid stool that has changed its color, not only in the child, but also in the adult, should be carried out only after the specialist determines the factor that caused it. What methods of treatment to take, it will be clear from this. But in any case, when yellow as well as other shades of diarrhea appear, both to small patients and adults, it is necessary to prevent possible dehydration of the organism in this pathology and restore the water-salt balance. For the duration of therapeutic activities, a strict diet is introduced, which excludes poorly digestible and digestible heavy foods, dairy products and raw fruits and vegetables. The decision, what methods of therapy to use, is the prerogative of the doctor:

  • In the event that yellow diarrhea in an adult has appeared due to the use of antibacterial drugs, in parallel it is necessary to begin restoration of the balance of intestinal microflora. This is done with the help of probiotics;
  • If liquid stools are caused by abnormalities in the intestinal or other digestive tract, serious medical treatment is necessary. Yellow diarrhea in this case is not an independent pathology, but a symptom, so appropriate therapy can be prescribed only after a complete diagnostic study;
  • Rotavirus infection can also cause the appearance of yellow diarrhea. It is most often found in a newborn baby. Adults from this pathology can suffer from non-compliance with personal hygiene rules. There are no special medications for the treatment of this ailment, therefore, doctors recommend dieting by the sick person and strengthening of the drinking regime.

When it appears in patients with yellow diarrhea, it is recommended to use folk remedies. In this case, the broth of blueberry, onion husks or oak bark helps. A good action is provided by potato starch.

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