What to drink from worms, that you can drink( drink) an adult person or child that you need to drink children from helminths?

When posing such an unpleasant diagnosis as helminthiasis, many people ask themselves questions: "What is better to drink from worms? What tools will help to remove helminths? What to drink to quickly recover? ".These questions are especially acute when there is no possibility to receive a consultation of a parasitologist, or if it is a question of treating a child.

The modern pharmacological industry offers a variety of means from helminths. But not all of them are suitable for children and adults with chronic liver and blood diseases. You can drink folk remedies from worms, but in this case you need to be ready to be treated long and systematically.

What to drink from worms?

Let's consider the most popular and effective means, which you can get rid of most helminths living in the gastrointestinal tract.

Pharmaceutical preparations against worms, which should be drunk in one or three days, work quickly and efficiently. They are available in tablets, candles or suspensions for children. Drugs are divided into a wide range of tablets and drugs aimed at getting rid of a particular type of worm.

The first can be drunk with any helminthiasis. The active substances of these preparations paralyze the helminths, depriving them of the ability to "cling" suckers to the walls of the intestine. If you drink a laxative after taking such anthelminthic drugs, then the worms will come out of the body along with the feces. Among these drugs can be identified Vermox, Pirantel and others. The recommendations for admission indicate that it is enough to take one tablet of medication to get rid of parasites. However, specialists-parasitologists recommend taking the drug for 2-3 days to get the parasites out for sure. It is important that all pharmacy tablets from worms are toxic. They with special care need to drink from worms to children, pregnant women, adults with chronic diseases and people of advanced age. In addition, before you drink the drug from worms, you should prepare the body by drinking sorbents. After taking medication, it is recommended to undergo a full course of treatment aimed at stimulating the liver and restoring the intestinal microflora.

Drug medications from worms of a narrow means of action should not be drunk without a specialist's recommendation. These pills only work on a certain type of worm, so if you do not know what helminths are infected, do not rush to drink the drug, even if on the Internet about him a lot of good reviews. The matter is that independent treatment by medical means of worms can not give a result or lead to sad consequences for an organism.

What folk remedies are better for drinking from worms?

Many supporters of herbal medicine recommend taking broths of natural herbs, arguing that such treatment is the most effective. Indeed, helminths do not tolerate some plant substances that have been used in the treatment of worms since ancient times.

For example, if you drink three times a day 50 grams of decoction of tansy or wormwood every day, chances are high that the worms will come out. But drink this infusion should be at least a month.

You can drink a decoction of a pomegranate or walnut flap. But, again, at one time the remedy is unlikely to help. If you are ready for long-term treatment, then you can practice daily intake on an empty stomach sorrel, pumpkin seeds or turn to proven garlic and onion infusions, but they are extremely unpleasant to the taste.

Folk remedies, like pharmacies, have certain contraindications. They can not be drunk from worms to small children and adults with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and blood. With great care, infusions and broths are recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers. At the same time, herbal preparations against worms are less toxic than pharmacy analogues. Many of the herbs, on the contrary, contain vitamins and microelements useful to the human body:

  • , immunosuppressant,
  • , which promote normalization of the digestive tract,
  • , warning bile stagnation.

Infusions and decoctions are recommended to drink on an empty stomach, but medicament preparations are taken while eating.

What should I drink from worms for prophylaxis?

Many parasitologists tend to believe that there is no special preventive maintenance, in addition to respecting the rules of personal hygiene. This means that there is no means, which you can drink to prevent infection.

However, in the warm season, experts recommend that periodically( once a month) drink drugs against parasites of a wide spectrum of action. This measure is not called prevention, but rather a way to get rid of the disease in the early stages of its development.

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