Andipal and alcohol: compatibility, whether it is possible to combine, possible consequences

Andipal is a fairly common drug used as an effective analgesic, antipyretic and antipyretic drug with pronounced vasodilating properties. Andipal has a fairly broad spectrum of action, with a universal therapeutic effect. But it happens that the patient can take the medicine before going to the idol, where you have to drink alcohol. But is such a combination permissible and will it not be fraught with irreversible consequences?

Andipal and alcohol

There are situations when it is necessary to urgently get rid of head migraine or stomach pains, fever, etc. In such cases, many people take Andipal. This is a combination drug, the active substances of which are: bendazole, papaverine, metamizole. These components quickly enter the bloodstream, reach the hypothalamus and pain centers, which are affected. But can it be taken with alcohol?

Similar effect is achieved due to the active components of the drug:

  • Papaverin removes smooth muscle spasms, dilates the vascular walls.
  • Sodium metamizole lowers temperature and pain.
  • Bendazol provides an antispasmodic effect.
  • Phenobarbital acts soothingly and contributes to a more pronounced effect of the remaining components. This barbiturate provokes drowsiness, improves mood and disrupts concentration.

Overdose of Andipal may cause drowsiness, nausea, dizziness, and collapse. Experts do not recommend using this drug with hot drinks, as it repeatedly strengthens the alcohol effect.


Compatibility of andipal with alcohol Because the drug helps in eliminating pains of different etiologies, many people try to cope with hangover syndrome with it. However, the instruction clearly indicates that both before and after drinking alcohol, you can not take Andipal. Tablets can and without alcohol lead to side effects like nausea, a sharp drop in blood pressure, lethargy and drowsiness, and even when combined with alcohol to predict the reaction is impossible. One thing is clear - Andipal repeatedly strengthens the alcohol effect, which is extremely dangerous and can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

If the drug is to drink after alcohol, then its action will be akin to a toxin. Then the consequences can be very, very deplorable, so it is better to refrain from combining these substances.

In addition to alcohol, the drug is also inadmissible with:

  • Anemia with increased blood-tightness;
  • Renal and hepatic pathologies;
  • Breaking a baby and breastfeeding;
  • Myasthenic weakness of muscle tissue;
  • Hereditary porphyrin pathology, which is the violation of pigmented metabolic processes;
  • Individual intolerance.

Possible consequences of

As previously mentioned, when combining alcohol with Andipal there is a mutual reinforcement of the effects of these substances. Even when taking the drug, for example, the next morning, when several hours have passed after the last portion of alcohol, serious intoxication can develop. Many are confused by the pharmacological effect of the drug, which is identical to the symptoms that arise after alcohol abuse.

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Although Andipal also helps with headaches, it can not be taken with alcohol intoxication. Components that are part of the drug when interacting with alcohol have a stressful and toxic effect.

Among the possible consequences of overlapping, specialists identify the occurrence:
    • Mental disturbances;
    • Symptoms of nausea and vomiting and other intoxication;
    • Internal bleeding;
    • Strokes;
    • Perforating lesions of intestinal and gastric ulcers;
    • Coma of the brain.

Both tablets and alcohol negatively affect the hepatic work, and their combination is fraught with liver dysfunction. In addition, when these substances are taken at the same time, the release system is overloaded. If, nevertheless, it happened that the patient at the same time used alcohol with tablets, then it is necessary to carry out measures to cleanse the body of the drug. To do this, it is recommended to rinse the stomach and take Polyphepan, Coal activated or another enterosorbent.

Rules for taking

Rules for taking andapal with alcohol Andipal tablets are recommended to take 1-2 pcs.up to 3 r / d. Treatment usually lasts no more than a week. It is forbidden to take Andipal for more than 10 days, because because of the presence of phenobarbital, it can provoke addiction. If treatment with a similar drug is prescribed, then it is necessary to give up alcohol for the entire treatment period. After alcohol, the drug can be taken only after the complete withdrawal of ethanol from the body.

Because Andipal is able to lower blood pressure, it will be useful to measure BP before taking it, otherwise, under low pressure, the drug will further reduce it, which can lead to serious impairment of brain activity.

It is absolutely not recommended to take Andipal to ladies in position, because it negatively affects the fetal condition. It contains phenobarbital, which even in small amounts can inhibit the development of the brain structures of the fetus. But in minimal, strictly metered amounts, Andipal is prescribed to pregnant women with hypertensive problems.


The combination of alcohol with Andipal is categorically unacceptable. Such a "cocktail" can provoke a lot of negative reactions, so you do not need to admit it. It's foolish to risk your health for the sake of a portion of a burning one. Through how much can I drink? While there is treatment with Andipal, it is better to forget about alcohol. This combination is extremely dangerous for the liver, the regeneration processes of which are significantly slowed down.

Even a small portion of alcohol with Andipal is dangerous and entails a series of unpleasant, and sometimes life-threatening consequences. If it happened that the patient drank alcohol with Andipal, then it is recommended to wash his stomach, and in case of severe symptoms - to call an ambulance.

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