Vaccination against rabies to man and alcohol: compatibility, why not, consequences, reviews

According to WHO, more than 55,000 people die each year from rabies. Against this disease there are no other methods of protection, except for vaccinations. What complications are possible, if the vaccine against rabies is combined with the use of alcohol, how will this affect immunity? Will the risk of infection increase?

Vaccination against rabies

Rabies virus is transmitted to a person from infected animals through saliva, blood, there are even cases of transmission of the virus by inhalation of air containing viruses, food, through the placenta to the fetus in pregnant women.

The rabies virus is deadly. There is no method of treating this infectious disease, in 100% of cases, infection leads to death. The only reliable means is prevention. To this end, all who have suffered from a bite are injected with an anti-rabies vaccine - they do just 6 injections.

The vaccine should be administered as soon as possible in order to get ahead of the spread of the virus. As soon as the virus enters the brain, it causes paralysis of the centers of respiration, palpitation. When symptoms of infection appear, the modern medicine can not help the patient.

The vaccine has no contraindications, as the risk of death exceeds the risk of any possible complications. Anti-rabies vaccine is made even for pregnant and infants, the elderly, the newborn. But is it possible to drink alcohol during the vaccination period?

If the bitten animal on the 10th day after the bite did not die, then you do not have to worry about the infection. The animal becomes infectious 7-10 days before death. And if the animal that attacked a person survived after this period, then it does not have rabies. The course of vaccinations in this case prematurely terminated.

The effect of alcohol on the result of vaccination

The restriction on alcohol intake during vaccination with an anti-rabies vaccine exists only in the normative documentation of the Russian Federation. In the WHO guidelines on alcohol use during rabies vaccinations, there are no prohibitive indications, but does this mean that they can be combined?

Undoubtedly, doctors do not recommend bite victims to note this sad event by using a shock dose of alcohol. Alcoholic drinks adversely affect even an absolutely healthy person, the more they are not useful if a person is seriously injured by an animal attack.


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It's all the more worthwhile to risk that there is no effective treatment for the disease. The only way to stay alive when bitten by a rabid animal is to vaccinate without breaking the schedule, carefully monitoring all changes in the body.

The ineffectiveness of drug treatment for rabies infection is explained by the fact that the virus affects the nervous tissue, spreading from the site of the bite to the brain. The time of appearance of the first symptoms, the probability of infection depends on the site of the lesion. When you bite in the face, neck, the symptoms of infection can appear in a person after 5 days.

Recommendations of doctors

According to the instructions of the Russian Federation, it is indicated that it is inadmissible to drink alcohol during the time of vaccination to people and 6 months after the last inoculation. That makes a total of more than 9 months.

So why can not you combine? Such recommendations are explained by the possibility of a general and local allergic reaction.

The vaccine itself when administered is likely to cause the following effects:

  • edema, itching;
  • dizziness;
  • pain in the joints, muscles;
  • vomiting;
  • soreness, discomfort in the stomach.

And the most dangerous consequence of the introduction of serum is the possibility of anaphylactic shock - an instantly developing allergic response of the body that can lead to death.

And, although the risk of anaphylactic shock is only 0.00001%, but it does exist. A high lethality of this complication( up to 2%) should stop a person, make him refrain from drinking alcohol.

Another dangerous complication of vaccinations against rabies may be angioedema. This allergic reaction is noted more often( up to 3%) than anaphylactic shock, is also very dangerous, threatening the life of the victim.

If a drunken man is bitten by a stray animal, you can not wait until the victim soberes.

It is necessary to immediately help him:

  • take measures for sobering up - wash the stomach, give enterosorbents, detoxify with a dropper with glucose-brine solution;
  • to introduce an anti-rabies vaccine for the prevention of rabies.

Consequences of

The duration of each injection of the vaccine is 10 days. During vaccinations against rabies, side effects in the form of allergies, vomiting, headache.

The reception of products containing alcohol at this time is able to strengthen the symptoms, cause worsening of the condition of the victim, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Alcohol is able to mask during the vaccination symptoms of severe allergic reactions, as well as the symptoms of infection.


The opinions of doctors tend to the fact that alcohol does not adversely affect the result of vaccination against rabies, but alcohol is not recommended during this period. They explain their position by the fact that drinking alcohol can provoke a violation of the vaccination scheme, the passing of vaccination days.

In addition, the introduction of a vaccine can cause an allergic reaction, the manifestation of which, when consumed by alcohol, is masked by symptoms of intoxication.

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