Is it possible to take Acyclovir tablets with alcohol: interaction, consequences, reviews

Herpetic virus is considered one of the most common and quite often reminds of yourself by unpleasant rashes on the lips, which we also call colds. Such sores deliver a lot of discomfort: they interfere in the aesthetic sense, cause painful sensations, peeling, itching. The wound on the lip constantly becomes wet and cracks, constantly reminding of itself. Modern pharmaceutics offers a lot of effective drugs, antiviral action, which can cope well with herpesvirus infection. One such drug is Acyclovir, but can it be taken with alcohol?

Acyclovir and alcohol

Acyclovir is an antiviral drug that successfully cures the herpes virus. On the lips appear lesions associated with simple herpesviral forms, more complex varieties of pathology arise on the intraorganic structures. The disease is serious enough and requires compulsory treatment, otherwise the risk of complications increases.

The drug is indicated for therapy:

  • Infectious lesions of mucous membranes and skin tissues provoked by a herpetic virus, including genital herpes;
  • Relapses or primary infectious processes triggered by the Varicella-Zoster virus, for example, herpes zoster or chicken pox;
  • Preventive measures for patients with a history of herpesvirus;
  • In combination with other medications for the treatment of immunodeficiency conditions like HIV infection, as well as after bone marrow transplantation.

But still the greatest activity of the drug is noted in relation to infectious pathologies provoked by herpesviruses.

Compatibility of

When aciclovir tablets are taken, accelerated healing of herpetic eruptions and internal lesions is observed, healing crusts on the surface of lesions quickly form. In addition, the drug prevents the emergence of new eruptions, characteristic of herpes, prevents the development of visceral complications that damage the internal structures. Under the influence of Acyclovir, clinical symptoms decrease, soreness decreases with exacerbations of herpetic infection.

In the instructions to the drug there are no data on contraindications regarding the combination with alcohol, however, doctors do not recommend combining such substances. The drug, in addition to the antiviral effect, also has an immunostimulating effect. In order not to oppress such effects, it is recommended to avoid the combination of the drug with alcohol.

There are several reasons for this:

  • Alcohol has a very negative effect on the liver, so when combined with the medicine, the negative effect is only increased;
  • Even drugs that do not have side effects, when combined with alcohol, behave unpredictably, they can provoke a hypersensitive reaction that will manifest allergic symptoms from itching and rashes to shortness of breath and an asthmatic attack.

Therefore, it is not recommended to abuse alcohol during treatment with Acyclovir, then it is quite possible to avoid the appearance of unpleasant and even dangerous consequences. The use of alcohol alone does not give the body any good, but provokes a lot of disorders and dysfunctional disorders.

Possible consequences of

According to the statements of pharmacists, there is no direct and definitive contraindication regarding the use of Acyclovir with alcohol, but it is better to refrain from such a combination. Alcohol can provoke a vivid manifestation of the possible adverse reactions of the drug, which are indicated in the instructions a lot:


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  1. Weakness and headaches, confusion and convulsions;
  2. Skin rashes, hives, angioedema, swelling;
  3. Drowsiness, dizziness, fatigue, hallucinations, encephalopathy;
  4. Tremor, coma, speech disorders, ataxia, insanity;
  5. Erythropenic or leukopenic disorders, anemia;
  6. Allergic dermatitis;
  7. Chest pain, palpitations palpitations;
  8. Nausea-vomiting syndrome, stool disorders, ataxic manifestations, abdominal tenderness and lack of appetite, gastritis, hepatitis or jaundice, hyperactivity of hepatic enzymes, increased production of bilirubin, etc.;
  9. Alopecia, photosensitivity;
  10. Disturbances of swallowing and respiratory functions, fever.

If alcohol is taken on a regular basis by the patient, the mucous membranes of his stomach and pancreas are constantly in an inflamed condition, causing the absorption of the drug to be broken, and, therefore, the effectiveness is also absent.

Rules for taking

Depending on the dosage form of the drug, acyclovir can be taken intravenously, topically or internally. Usually treatment lasts about a week. Injections should be administered immediately after the preparation of the solution, otherwise the medicament loses a significant part of its medicinal properties.

If treatment is performed locally, the cream is applied to the herpetic lesions of days 5-10.To improve the therapeutic effect, it is recommended to combine the internal and local medication. This combination is especially effective in the treatment of chronic herpetic infections. However, the treatment should take into account the presence of functional kidney failure, in which acyclovir is taken with extreme caution.

If it so happened that the virus has already started active activity in the body, and the patient, without noticing this, used alcohol. Then the symptoms showed up, and the disease itself claimed full. In such a situation, you can not take the drug until the time when ethanol and its metabolites are not completely removed from the body. To accelerate the excretion process, the patient is recommended to perform gastric lavage and put an enema, to take an absorbent drug.

After cleaning, you need to drink hot tea, preferably green, then, after about half an hour, you can drink dietary chicken broth. And only after an hour after eating you can take Acyclovir.


So it is possible or not to drink Acyclovir with alcohol? Despite the absence of contraindications for the combined use of Acyclovir with alcohol, doctors agree that it is impossible to combine the drug with alcohol. In other words, experts do not recommend drinking alcohol before or after taking Acyclovir. According to reviews, such experiments can be very dangerous to health.

Doctor's opinion: "Acyclovir is a fairly serious drug, in the treatment of which patients are advised to follow the drinking regimen. And this is an additional contraindication to drinking alcohol in the process of treatment with Acyclovir, because ethanol provokes fluid retention in the body. Therefore, it can not be unequivocally said that alcohol with the drug is compatible. "Of course, you should not panic if a small amount of alcohol was drunk during the treatment course, with such dosages the risks of complications are minimal. Many patients note that they combined treatment with small doses of alcohol and nothing bad happened. But this is rather an exception, and not a rule, so you do not have to count on chance and risk the state of the body, it's better to just give up alcohol for the entire time of therapy.

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