Can I drink alcohol when taking Dufaston: interaction, consequences, responses

Women have to pull on themselves much of what a man can not do. In particular, bear and produce children. Not always conception occurs at will, sometimes to a desired pregnancy you have to drink a course of hormonal drugs. Duphaston refers to medicines that help a woman in planning and bearing a small person. The medicine is taken for a long time, so the question naturally arises - is it possible to drink alcohol when taking the drug?


To begin with, it is necessary to understand in more detail what kind of preparation it is and for what purpose it is recommended by doctors.

Duphaston contains an analogue of the natural hormone progesterone, called dydrogesterone. Duphaston is used in the following pathologies:

  • in miscarriages caused by a deficiency in the body of the hormone progesterone;
  • presence of endometriosis;
  • absence of menstruation and their irregular nature;
  • infertility caused by insufficiency of the luteal phase of the cycle;
  • as a hormone replacement therapy for a number of hormonal problems.

Dufaston is very well tolerated by women, however, some of the patients reported deterioration of well-being, expressed by:

  • headaches;
  • with uterine bleeding;
  • swelling and sensitivity of the mammary glands;
  • by allergic reactions of the body.

There are almost no contraindications to taking the drug, it is prescribed to all women, except for those who have an intolerance of any substances that make up the tablets.
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Duphaston and alcohol: compatibility and consequences

It seems that women who are seriously inclined to conceive in the near future are unlikely to be puzzled by the question of alcohol intake during planning. Rather, the theme of the interaction of alcohol and the hormonal drug worries those ladies whose problems are far from the desire to conceive a baby.

Dufastone treatment in cases not related to pregnancy is prescribed by courses associated with certain days of the menstrual cycle. It is clear that holidays and different occasions for drinking alcohol can hardly be imagined under the menstrual cycle, and sometimes a woman does not think about the consequences of a meeting in the body of ethanol and hormone dyufastone. But it would be worth it.

Dufaston normalizes the hormonal balance in the body of a woman, alcohol in the meantime it again breaks. All treatment is useless. In addition, dyufaston and alcohol, when used together, are digested with liver enzymes, and as a result of the action of ethanol, an increased amount of enzymes is much faster than necessary to remove the drug from the body. Another plus in the piggy bank of useless treatment with such an interaction. Should I start taking the drug at all, if the soul requires alcoholic amusements?


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The fact that alcohol increases the side effects of drugs is not unknown. In the case of dyufastone, it is very likely that a pleasant evening will end not only with a weak intoxicating effect of alcohol, but also with breakthrough uterine bleeding. Ethanol dilates blood vessels, which is likely to contribute to the development of bleeding. So we can say with confidence that Duphaston with alcohol is not compatible.

How to combine

So, we found out that drinking alcohol when taking duftone is completely undesirable, and at the time of pregnancy planning is completely prohibited. So when can you already have a drink of wine?

After completing the course of taking dufastone, it is worth waiting for some time until the medicine is completely removed from the body by the kidneys. Normally this period is 72 hours. Just three days after receiving the last diplastone tablet, the patient is allowed to violate the "dry law".It is clear that this does not in any way affect women who are actively trying to become pregnant. They will be banned for many more months.


Thanks to modern medicines, many women have the opportunity to easily endure and give birth to healthy children. But not only infertile women are helped by this drug, women in menopause and suffering from severe premenstrual syndrome also do not get tired of leaving positive responses about modern hormonal medications. And is it worth putting on the scales of achieving a comfortable state, which can be achieved when you drink dyufaston, for the dubious pleasure of indulging in alcoholic amusements? The answer is obvious: do not.

The pleasure from alcohol is short-term, and the health received as a result of treatment, remains with the woman for life.

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