Spray for the throat of the propo-salt: instructions for use, reviews, price, composition

Propolisol is a topical preparation with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial effect. It is used in dentistry and otolaryngology. Has a pronounced analgesic effect, stimulates regeneration processes.

Composition, form of release, packing

Propolis is available in aerosol cans. They can be glass or aluminum. Sold in carton packs complete with a nozzle-sprayer and a cap. On sale it is possible to meet both small cylinders( 25 g) and large( 50 g).

The composition contains:

  • propolis,
  • glycerin,
  • ethyl alcohol,
  • hladon-12.

One carton contains one balloon. The agent itself is a clear liquid of a dark yellow color.

Forms of preparation of preparations from propolis in candles, an aerosol or ointment


It is a domestic preparation. One of the producers is ZAO Altayvitaminy. The company's plant is located in Biysk( Altai Territory).A biogenic preparation is also produced in Ukraine. On sale it is possible to meet the medicine, issued by JSC "Stoma", "Micropharm".Any of the proposed forms has a smell and taste, characteristic of propolis.


Propol is prescribed as a monotherapy or for complex treatment:

  • stomatitis,
  • tonsillitis,
  • pharyngitis,
  • laryngitis,
  • glossitis,
  • periodontitis,
  • gingivitis.

Can be used in other inflammatory processes in the mouth.


Do not use the spray to patients with allergies to any of the components of the medication. Do not use when bleeding on mucous membranes, eczema. It is advisable not to use it for children under 12 years old, with caution taken during pregnancy. The drug should be replaced with another if there are allergic manifestations on the products of beekeeping.

Mechanism of action

Propolis is the main active ingredient in the preparation. It stimulates tissue regeneration processes, has anti-inflammatory effect. Propolis is a product of the life of bees, which process sticky substances collected from plants.

It contains vitamin A, riboflavin, tocopherol and other useful acids, which have a powerful bacteriostatic effect.

Instructions for Use

Propol is not used for oral use. You can only treat the affected area locally. Before use, a nozzle is applied to the bottle and several injections are applied to the damaged area. After each use, the nozzle is removed and rinsed. Repeat the procedure 2-3 times a day.

How to treat angina with Propofol, see in our video:

Side effects of

Because of the high concentration of ethyl alcohol, a burning or dry mouth may appear. Unpleasant sensations are localized in the place of spraying. In rare cases, there is nausea, which is caused by the specific taste and aroma of the drug. Caution should be used in people with sensitive mucous membranes. They manifestations can be more pronounced.


If too often sprayed, allergic reactions may occur. For them, a characteristic characteristic is severe drying of the mucous membrane and the appearance of burning sensation. If you notice such symptoms, immediately wash the treated area with water. In rare cases, antihistamines are prescribed.

Special instructions

It is possible to use Propofol for the treatment of wounds, including on the gums. In this case, the drug is sprayed onto a sterile cotton swab and applied to the affected area. The composition of the product is ethanol. Doctors recommend refusing to perform works that require increased attention.

Before use, it is recommended to rinse the mouth with boiled water. After irrigation, you can not drink and eat for 30 minutes. When using, make sure that the liquid does not get into the eyes. If this happens, flush the eyes with water, and if necessary, consult an ophthalmologist.

Drug Interaction

The negative or synergistic effect of the drug with other drugs is not described.

Reviews about

Proposol has conflicting reviews. On the one hand, it well anesthetizes, allows you to cope even with a neglected sore throat. On the other - many do not use it because of a specific taste.

Users note that you can take it with you to work, on the road. It works most quickly at the first signs of the disease. Before use, it is best to shake the can well. Then the medicine turns into a homogeneous mass, easily sprayed.

Reviews on the treatment of preparations with propolis:

Price for Propoxol

The cost of the spray is affordable. Depending on the manufacturer and the price policy of the pharmacy varies from 91 to 270 rubles. The bottle is enough for long-term treatment. It is cheaper to buy the drug through an online pharmacy. If treatment is required to begin immediately, it is better not to wait, but to buy in the retail network.


  • Propol Vial.
  • Propolis.


  • Propoceum,
  • Propolos H,

Synonyms of medication

There are drugs that have a similar effect, but with other active substances. These include Stomatophyte, Geksoral, Ingalipt, Imudon, Tantum Verde.

On the photo analogues of Propofol

Conditions for dispensing from pharmacies

It is dispensed without a doctor's prescription.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The drug should be stored for no longer than 36 months from the date of manufacture. The balloon should be kept in a dark place, away from sunlight, heaters and open flames. Stored at a temperature of up to 25 degrees.

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