The reasons for dumbness and headache

1 Situation norm

Modern medicine identifies a number of situations in which numbness of the head is an absolutely logical consequence. To such situations it is customary to include such cases:

  1. Long stay in uncomfortable pose. This condition can cause a violation of blood circulation, pinching or squeezing the nerve, muscle spasms. In addition to pain in the corresponding part of the body, a person also experiences and numbness in the face, head or neck area.
  2. Sleep in the wrong posture. If the head is strongly tilted to the side or down, then a decrease in sensitivity and tingling is a perfectly normal reaction of the human body.
  3. Sharp position change. If a person for a long time was in one pose in a state of calm, and then abruptly got up, dizziness and tingling indicate that there was a spasm of blood vessels.

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In these cases, numbness of the skin should pass for 5-10 minutes. The work of the brain should come to normal, and all physiological processes - normalize. If this did not happen, and this violation disturbs a person regularly with a certain periodicity, this is an occasion to seriously think about your health condition and seek medical attention for professional medical help.

2 When to seek help from a doctor

If within 5-10 minutes the violation has not passed and the condition only worsens, this is one of the reasons for an immediate visit to the doctor. Only a professional medical professional, more often a surgeon or neurologist, can determine which particular cause this pathology is caused.

The following prerequisites are the alarming factors that should serve as a reason for conducting a full diagnostic:

  1. The functions of the musculoskeletal system are violated. It is difficult for a person to move individual parts of the body, or the ability to move disappears altogether.
  2. Dizziness. The consequences of a pre-stupor condition can be strong weakness, drowsiness, a shaky ka.
  3. Vomiting, involuntary emptying of the bladder.
  4. Confusion of speech. The person with difficulty moves, the tongue grows dumb, so it's impossible to make out a speech.
  5. The presence of any injury. Especially it concerns head and spine injuries.

If you have any of the above symptoms or factors, you should immediately go to the hospital or call an ambulance at home. Procrastination is fraught with serious consequences, up to a lethal outcome. In time, the treatment started is the key to a successful recovery.

3 Clinical picture

When the scalp becomes numb, it manifests itself in the tingling of different parts of the face. Lips, nose, eyelids, cheeks can lose sensitivity, and sometimes some of these parts even become numb. A person can feel a burning sensation and discomfort when talking. There are cases when full or partial paralysis of one part of the head manifested itself.

This pathology occurs when the normal functioning of a particular system in the body is disrupted. Most often this is due to the nervous system. When the pathological condition is exposed to the right or left side of the head, this indicates that the nerve is obstructed or the circulatory processes are disrupted.

There are times when only the back of the neck is affected. This can happen for various reasons. Most often, various pathologies of the spine affect the sensitivity of the occipital part. In this case, you need to visit a surgeon or orthopedist, take a picture of the spine and only then you can determine exactly why the back of the head is numb.


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According to medical statistics, every fifth person who has limb sensitivity and numbness in his face has a serious illness. But in most cases, external factors such as hypothermia, stress, trauma, etc., affect the pathology of this kind.

One of the most common manifestations is not only numbness of the skin, but also the difficulty of chewing and swallowing. It is difficult for a person to chew food. As a result, large enough chunks of food can get stuck in the teeth and not reach the esophagus. Swallowing is also difficult, a person needs to make efforts to push food inside. In addition, taste sensations are lost, the high sensitivity of the language receptors is temporarily dulled.

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There may be a condition in which any part of the head grows numb: either right or left. This is a sign of a serious pathology. Discomfort focuses on a specific area, which means that there are medical explanations for this. To understand, why the left or right share grow dumb, only the doctor can.

If the disorder is a permanent condition or if discomforts occur frequently, you should consult your doctor. In combination with additional symptoms, such as fever, headache, fainting, this can indicate the presence of a dangerous illness.

4 Factors provoking the pathology of

When a person discovers the first alarming symptoms, which are repeated many times, he thinks about what provoked them. Only a doctor can answer this question. He must conduct all the necessary examinations first and only then accurately diagnose the presence of any disease.

If a person has a headache disorder, this can be due to various reasons. Some of them are completely harmless, while others can threaten life. If a person notices that his motor activity is disturbed, his hands become numb, involuntary emptying of the bladder or intestine occurs, he can not speak clearly and feels dizzy, his head hurts, this indicates that the organism has harbored a disease that thus givesto know yourself.

The most common causes can be hidden in the following disorders and diseases:

  • multiple sclerosis;
  • brain cancer;
  • circulatory disorders;
  • pinched nerves;
  • trauma to the head, neck, back.

With multiple sclerosis, some areas of the nervous tissue are replaced by cells of connective tissue. This process can cause numbness in the scalp and certain parts of the face. At the same time, coordination of movements is disturbed and the sensitivity of the extremities is dulled.

If part of the head is numb because of impaired blood circulation, then this can be a prerequisite for a stroke. In the risk zone are the elderly. Also, those who have excess weight and heart disease are affected by this disorder.

In case the tumor provokes a brain tumor, it is the neoplasm that presses on the nerves and dulls the sensitivity of the head, causing numbness.

Treatment is prescribed only by a physician in accordance with the diagnosis and underlying causes of these symptoms. As additional measures can be recommended massage and drugs that expand the vessels.

If any of the above diseases are diagnosed during diagnosis, the treatment should be handled by top-level professionals. Trusting life with folk methods or healers is dangerous and inexpedient. Only a competent doctor can make the correct diagnosis and start treatment on time. Delay can cost serious consequences or even a patient's life.

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