Instructions for the use of camphor oil in the ear: how to treat with drops of children

Ears become inflamed quite often, it can occur even in summer after swimming in water. But most often otitis get sick with temperature changes in autumn or spring, when it's easy to blow ears. Camphoric oil has long been used as one of the safest means for treating congestion or shooting pain in the ears.

Camphor has a specific smell, but is obtained from the bark of the camphor laurel or processing of fir oil. Synthetic way it is made of turpentine. Inflammations in the ears appear from the wind or hypothermia, but chronic diseases can also worsen.

On the advice of traditional medicine, you can dig in the oil in your ear, but how much and how - depends on the state of the process. Camphor solutions for alcohol and oil are used in aromatherapy and cosmetology.

Camphor oil

Camphor oil is an oily solution of crystalline substance, camphor. This essential oil has many functions:

  • bactericidal;
  • warming;
  • wound-healing;
  • analgesic;
  • is locally irritating;
  • stimulating;
  • cleansing;
  • cooling;
  • is annoying.
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Why it is used in medicine

Camphor solutions are used in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, collapse, pneumonia, some substances poisoning, colds and coughs, joint injuries, muscle pains and sprains, burns and insect bites, shooting ear pain.

In dermatology, camphor oil is used to treat skin infections and fungus, with problems with dandruff and hair loss. Camomile injection is used to tone the heart muscle. Aromatherapy uses camphor to treat depressions and nervous disorders.

Solution for diseases of the ears

Camphor oil is used with:

  • otitis media of the middle ear;
  • by internal inflammation;
  • sulfuric tube;
  • external otitis;
  • edema of the eustachian tube;
  • congestion or pain inside the ear;
  • hitting the insect in the ear.

It depends on the disease that will be applied: instillations, compresses or tampons in the ear. Otitis media of the middle ear appears often with a viral or bacterial infection or is its complication.

In this case, the treatment is selected by a doctor, and camphor oil acts as an additional therapeutic agent that effectively removes symptoms. Here it is necessary to insert into the ear a cotton swab of suitable size, previously soaked in oil.

We leave it for exposure in the sick ear for several hours and warm it additionally. Continue treatment until the convalescence and elimination of symptoms of the disease.

Instruction for instilling oil

For the application of camphor oil in the form of drops, they are buried in the ear.

To get rid of the insect, the oil drips 1 drop with pauses until it pushes the foreign body out.

External inflammation involves 2-3 drops of the drug, and with an average otitis without perforation of the membrane, 3-5 drops are sufficient. The procedure is repeated 3 times a day, trying to keep the nasal breathing free.

The oil temperature should be comfortable, but not hot, it is better to do this in a water bath. A pipette, cotton wool and gauze are needed.

The instillation is carried out lying on its side, immediately close the passage with cotton wool and cover with a napkin. Some time after the procedure, it is better to lie down.

Then the same actions are performed with the second ear, even with unilateral otitis, in order to avoid the spread of infection.

Feedback on the treatment of otitis with camphor:

How to make a compress

A piece of gauze or cotton cloth, according to the size of the shell or a little more, fold four times, make a hole for the ear canal, and then moisten in camphor oil at a temperature of 36-37 degrees andimpose on a sore ear.

With film, special paper or a package cover a place and warm in addition with a scarf or a handkerchief. This procedure is recommended for 2 hours or at night. On a sick ear with an oil compress do not lie down.

How to make a compress with camphor oil

Features of application for children

For pain in the ears, children need a qualified consultation with a doctor's examination. Camphoric oil in otitis and colds in children under two years is strictly prohibited.

This is due to the high toxicity of camphor vapor that is easily digested and penetrates the skin, which causes poisoning. If a child has epilepsy, then oil can cause seizures or a sudden fit.

On the use of camphor oil for ear diseases in our video:


For allergies or irritation after contact with oil, its use must be discontinued. Oil is not recommended for burns and the presence of damaged skin in the ear canal.

Complete contraindications for camphor use are:

  • tympanic lesions;
  • children under 2 years;
  • psoriasis with damage to the ear canal;
  • foreign body in the ear;
  • tumor-like formations;
  • individual reaction to the drug;
  • discharge from the ear with pus and blood.

With genyantritis apply camphor oil does not make sense, it is necessary to eliminate the underlying cause of the disease and get rid of complications. Otitis of the allergic nature is also treated without the use of camphor, antihistamines and anti-allergen will help.

Do not experiment with your health, but listen to the doctor's recommendations. Use oil as an additional remedy for treatment if an expert appoints you to it.

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