Treatment of prostate adenoma in men: medicines, suppositories, a list of tablets, diet, prevention, reviews

A benign disease has many ways of treatment. The main thing is that most of them can be used in the early stages of the disease.

Men who want to avoid acute situations associated with prostate adenoma, should prevent the pathology of the rules of their lives.


Symptomatic of prostate adenoma An enlarged prostate of a benign nature called adenoma creates favorable conditions for inflammatory processes in this area and is often accompanied by them.

Compression of the ureter makes it difficult to urinate. Urine, lingering in the bladder, provokes and makes possible its inflammation.

Adenoma as an increase contributes to the emergence of stagnant processes. Prostate in the presence of adenoma is more prone to prostatitis.

Symptoms of prostate adenoma:

  • The jet with urination has an underestimated head, intermittent.
  • Frequent urge to empty the bladder.
  • Interruption of night sleep due to the need for urination.
  • Delay of some part of urine in the bladder when it is emptied. The more progressi
    ve the process of proliferation of the prostate, the greater the volume of urine is forced to delay.
  • When urinating, it becomes necessary to strain.
  • If there is a bladder overflow, then with an adenoma in the late stages of development, it can happen that the patient can not hold it.

Than to treat an adenoma of a prostate at men?

To assist with diagnosed prostate adenoma, there is a rich arsenal of modern therapies:

  • medication,
  • surgery,
  • minimally invasive methods,
  • folk methods,
  • unconventional therapies,
  • effect on adenoma with instruments,
  • normalization of gland state throughwellness activities:
    • diet,
    • special exercises,
    • massage,
    • rejection of bad habits.

Minimally Invasive Methods

  • Embolization of the arteries of the prostate - endovascular surgeons perform the manipulation. The essence of the method is to block arteries that supply blood to the enlarged prostate. Thus, it is achieved that the prostate shrinks in size.
  • Laser treatment - used for resection of a holmium laser. A new method with the use of a laser appeared recently. Laser radiation passes through certain crystals and is guided by a beam to the prostate. Evaporation of water in adenoma tissues and their folding takes place, while blood vessels are sealed. The method is called a green laser, because the beam after passing through the crystals becomes green.
  • Cryotherapy - exposure to cells of adenoma with cold. The procedure is carried out with monitoring the actions of ultrasound. In the perineal region, several hollow tubes are introduced, through which liquid nitrogen enters the tissue of the adenoma. Under the influence of very low temperatures, adenoma tissues are destroyed. The method can be used if the pathology has not reached a large size.
  • Microwave therapy - by a special probe inserted into the ureter at the prostate level, a discharge is passed. The level of current is regulated by the computer, but creates a generator. The tissues of the prostate are warmed up to 44 degrees. This gives the decay effect of hyperplastic tissues. Urinary tract during the procedure protect against overheating.
  • Ultrasound treatment - with the help of an endoscope through the ureter, equipment that can send high intensity ultrasound is delivered. Under the influence of focused ultrasound, adenoma tissues heat up and are susceptible to destruction.
  • Urethral stents are a way to relieve the manifestations of adenoma by expanding the urethral section by installing a special cylinder in its lumen that has a skeleton in its walls. Polymer materials are used for the manufacture of stents.
  • Balloon dilatation - the method also helps to improve the ability of the ureter to drain urine. The catheter introduces a canister into the urethra, which opens in a narrow place and expands the area squeezed by the adenoma.

The cost of laser therapy

The price of laser treatment of adenomas Treatment of prostate adenoma by laser method( laser vaporization) is in clinics from 55 thousand rubles.

This amount does not include:

  • analyzes,
  • cost of materials for the procedure - laser light guides,
  • anesthesia,
  • stay in the hospital.

Consultation specialist - three thousand rubles.


In the early stages of treatment for prostate adenoma with drugs can be quite effective. The drugs can slow the proliferation of adenoma tissue and even stop the process.

The patient is also involved in the choice of treatment methods. Some methods are effective, but have complications, including erectile dysfunction. Other ways are less effective, but the consequences from them are less. Drugs should be drunk for a long time, and they have contraindications and side effects.

List of drugs

Drugs used to treat prostate adenoma are used in different directions, among them there are two large groups:

  1. 5-alpha reductase inhibitors - this kind of drugs can help reduce benign tissues. This is due to the fact that they affect the inhibition of testosterone's ability to acquire that form when it causes an increase in the prostate. These include:
    • dutasteride,
    • finasteride.
  2. Alpha-blockers - this group of drugs promotes relaxation of the muscles of the prostate and bladder, which facilitates urination in the patient. It:
    • silodosin,
    • segetis,
    • doxazosin,
    • cardura,
    • terazosin,
    • roots,
    • tamsulosin,
    • dalfaz,
    • alfuzosin,
    • Omnic,
    • flosin,
    • adenorm,
    • lokren,
    • fokusin,

to drug therapy mayconnect and other drugs:

  • To eliminate erectile dysfunction, a tadalafil drug can be prescribed.
  • If the bacterial infection is connected to the problem of enlarging the adenoma, uses antibiotics:
    • cephalosporins,
    • gentamicin.
  • For the treatment of prostate adenoma, a special place is occupied by candles. Their advantage over tableted drugs is that the necessary substances directly enter the prostate. The same effect when using microclysters, only in their basis water, and the conductor of medicinal substances in suppositories of fats and oils. Depending on the active substances, the candles are divided into the following groups:
    • spasmolytic, for example:
      • papaverine,
      • buscopan;
    • antiseptic, containing substances:
      • rifampicin,
      • Lomefloxacin,
      • norfloxacin
      • vitamins,
    • anti-inflammatory suppositories from prostate adenoma, it can be:
      • voltaren,
      • diclobarle,
      • diclofenac.


Patients respond positively to the effects of a group of drugs that depress 5-alpha reductase. Half of the patients after using the drugs in this direction were treated without surgery. Tablets were administered to patients with an unopened form of prostate adenoma.

Patients who took finasteride at the initial stages of the prostate adenoma noted that the progression of the disease was dulled, a decrease in prostate volume was noted. It is also indicated that during sexual reception the sexual desire is reduced. After stopping reception, the function was resumed.

Patients note that the drugs of the alpha-adrenoblocker group effectively relax the muscle spasm, and urination is much easier. Appointment of drugs of this kind is done taking into account the patient's pressure readings.

Patients with low blood pressure should not be taken. The products made on the basis of tamsulosin have proven themselves as drugs that do not cause a sharp drop in pressure.

Medication prices

Approximate cost of medicines:

Name of the drug Number of capsules or tablets Cost, rub.
Omnic 10 From 390
Tamsulosin 30 450 ÷ 550
Fokusin 30 456 ÷ 508
Ceftriaxone injection 1 vial 26.4
Finasteride 30 230
Diclofenac suppositories 10 62

As cure prostate folk ways

Folk remedies for prostate adenoma Herbal extracts and other folk recipes often successfully used to facilitatestates with adenoma.

Suitable folk remedies that cause effects:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • supplementing the diet with vitamins and minerals,
  • spasmolytic,
  • analgesic,
  • soothing nervous system,
  • decongestants.

Modern surgical methods of

An alternative to open surgery for the removal of the prostate appeared modern methods that are less traumatic.


  • Transurethral resection is performed by inserting a resectoscope through the ureter. Observation of manipulations with the prostate is being created. The tool in the form of a loop selects the excess tissue that belongs to the adenoma. The cut parts of the adenoma enter the bladder. Using a special device, these chips are removed from the body.
  • Transurethral incision is a variant of an endoscopic operation. Manipulation is similar to the previous description, it is performed with a resectoscope, but it does not take the choice of enlarged prostate tissue, but its dissection in the place of contact with the bladder.


  • The Vitafon device creates microvibrations, which act on the tissues, fight stagnant phenomena, relieve swelling. These effects are very beneficial for prostate adenoma, so treatment with the device is popular among patients. Without consulting a specialist, this method should not be used.
  • Electrostimulator ESRV-01 - the nozzle is injected into the rectum. Promotes the regulation of processes through the restoration of reflexes.
  • Device from Kirlen - the nozzle is inserted into the area of ​​the anus. The device through the rectum affects the prostate. It is recommended to carry out daily procedures, lasting half an hour during the month.


In the early stages of adenoma massage is indicated. Accordingly, in the late stages of development of prostate adenoma it is not recommended. The prostate is massaged using physiological capabilities to contact it.

  • Transrectal technique is performed by a method similar to palpation, when doing a diagnosis. The only aim is to stretch the prostate through the rectum wall to exclude the possibility of stagnant phenomena in it.
  • Another way - on the bougie. The patient lies on his side, while bending his legs. Through the ureter he is injected with bougie and a minute and a half perform massage movements in the prostate. Both types of procedure are permissible to apply if there is a doctor's recommendation.

Alternative therapies

Non-traditional methods of treatment of prostate enlargement Various methods are used to reduce the adenoma or improve the quality of life with it:

  • Magnet treatment - acts anti-inflammatory and improves blood circulation.
  • Fasting - the body exacerbates internal reserves. It is necessary to consult a specialist.
  • Methods of Ayurveda is the application of the laws of nature in all spheres of life. The method works harmonizingly, the organism, and not a separate organ, is improving.
  • Yoga is able to help with adenoma, because special exercises will remove symptoms of stagnation, which is very useful in this disease.

Physical Exercises

It is inadmissible to create conditions conducive to stagnation in the prostate. Therefore, it is useful to perform special exercises that improve blood circulation, load the body with feasible physical exercises.


Prostate adenoma responds well to the right selection of food. Presumably, the growth of the prostate is associated with changes in the hormonal background that occurs in old age. The level of testosterone production is subject to some regulation through a diet.

The diet should also consider factors when selecting menus to prevent:

  • constipation,
  • obesity,
  • kidney problems.

Should be restricted to intake:

  • animal fat,
  • red meat,
  • canned foods,
  • acute, salty foods;
  • products containing harmful additives.

It is necessary to enrich the ration:

  • food containing fiber,
  • shows fruits and vegetables,
  • products that have polyunsaturated fatty acids,
  • and such that contain zinc, for example, raw pumpkin seeds.

Reviews on the treatment of

Each method of treating prostate adenoma has its pros and cons. Also, in connection with the individual characteristics of the patient selected those types of treatment that are most suitable for him.

Many supporters through a healthy lifestyle affect the condition of the adenoma. Good results of applying folk prescriptions in the early stages of adenoma.


Why the prostate begins to grow with age - no precise mechanisms of this process have been identified. There are hypotheses that are quite logical. Breaking the hormonal background is one of the main reasons.

To protect yourself from prostate adenoma it is necessary: ​​

  • to avoid sedentary lifestyles,
  • to compose a diet in accordance with the recommendations of specialists,
  • to ensure that the weight does not depart from the norm,
  • to quit smoking and alcohol,
  • maintain a positive state of mind( avoid strong stresses andnegative situations).

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