What to do if parotid lymph nodes are inflamed: causes and diagnosis

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With colds or with hypothermia, we encounter an increase in lymph nodes. This leads not only to painful and unpleasant sensations, but also greatly complicates the process of recovery in the treatment of a particular disease.

Inflammation of the lymph nodes in most cases is not taken seriously, as often enough their size returns to the old norms on their own. But there are cases when the inflammatory process is prolonged, which leads to a general deterioration of the human condition.

One of the most dangerous inflammations is the inflammatory process that occurs in the region of the head and jaw. So, parotid and peri-lateral lymph nodes have the property to increase within a short period of time, leading to serious consequences requiring strictly operative treatment.

Parotid lymph nodes

Lymph nodes are a kind of protective barrier that does not allow spreading to harmful microorganisms and infections that enter the human body. So, in the presence of a serious virus, with which the immune system is not able to fight on its own, lymph nodes are connected.

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With significant inflammation, the outflow of lymph is broken, which leads to an increase in the lymph node in size. So, parotid lymph nodes, brought to a morbid state, significantly affect well-being, provoking the development of a purulent process.

Where parotid lymph nodes are located

Causes of

To cause inflammation of the parotid lymph nodes may be banal hypothermia. Incorrectly selected clothes, ignoring the headdresses in cold weather, can easily provoke a cold, and after and parotid lymphadenitis.

The negative reaction, unfortunately, is caused not only by cold weather and weak immunity. Provoke the development of such an unpleasant problem can also the following reasons:

  • acute bacterial reaction;
  • infection with streptococci and staphylococci;
  • inflammation of the salivary gland;
  • conjunctivitis;
  • adenovirus;
  • dermatitis;
  • psoriasis;
  • is a long-term allergic reaction;
  • complication after an infectious disease.

Lymph nodes absolutely always react to all kinds of changes in the body, which can somehow affect the normal functioning of its functions. You should not give in to panic if there is a slight increase in one lymph node.

How much the lymph node increases

Concomitant symptoms of

At the onset of inflammation parotid lymphadenitis does not manifest itself in an aggressive way. A person may be disturbed by the insignificant soreness that is revealed when he feels it. In addition, with a non-neural form of the disease, there are such symptoms:

  • increase in the size and density of nodes;
  • node mobility when pressed;
  • soreness.

If the problem flows into a purulent form, the symptoms become worse, which directly indicates the need to seek qualified assistance. Symptoms look like this:

  • throbbing pain;
  • significant increase in the node in size;
  • temperature increase;
  • weakness;
  • clear boundedness of the node;
  • tenderness when moving with jaw;
  • headache.

In the presence of symptoms of purulent parotid lymphadenitis, immediate measures should be taken to eliminate pain and reduce the size of the lymphatic ulcer. So, if the size of the node does not decrease, you should visit a surgeon soon.

He will determine the condition of the problem and after conducting all the necessary studies, will appoint the most appropriate treatment.


Diagnosis is performed by the surgeon. He only conducts an anamnesis and performs a visual examination, but also assigns a number of tests:

  • biochemical blood test;
  • clinical blood test;
  • serological blood test;
  • ultrasound diagnostics;
  • X-ray of the lymph nodes.

Additional questions may require the help of a therapist, hematologist, oncohematologist.

How does an inflamed parotid lymph node

What is possible and what not to do

First of all, if an inflamed lymph node is detected, it is necessary to immediately contact a competent doctor. If the inflammation is significant and accompanied by an increase in temperature, doctors recommend that you drink an antipyretic. In case the patient additionally suffers from headaches, dizziness and loss of strength, it is necessary to call a doctor at home.

When the patient notices the redness of the inflamed area, it is worth immediately calling an ambulance. This symptom indicates a suppuration of the lymph node. This problem is solved in 50% of cases only by surgical means.

The doctor must prescribe a comprehensive treatment. Relief of symptoms occurs within 5-14 days from the start of treatment. However, if the therapy prescribed by the doctor has not yielded results, the specialist can send the patient to other doctors to continue the examination.

With inflammation of the lymph nodes there are several procedures that can not be used in any case:

  1. You can not warm the lymph nodes. Know this rule is necessary to the teeth, because our mothers and grandmothers can often advise this well-known Soviet method of combating the inflammatory process. Warmings cause deterioration in the general condition of the patient and cause an intensification of pain syndrome.
  2. Compresses are good for lymph nodes not always. For example, special medications prescribed by a doctor for compresses can relieve pain and reduce the size of the lymph nodes. But compresses from vodka, menovazine and warming ointments - are dangerous to health. They can not be used in any case.
  3. As practice shows, another "grandfather's way", iodine grid, does not always help. To put an iodine grid on a lymphonodus it is not necessary.

Diagnosis of lymph nodes in our video:

Complications and consequences of

Lymphadenitis can lead to very serious consequences for the patient. So, the progression of purulent processes can lead to infection of blood, destruction of lymph nodes, as well as tissue necrosis.

When lymphadenitis grows into a chronic form, the disease can lead to such consequences as:

  • elephantiasis or massive proliferation of connective tissues;
  • dysfunction of lymphatic circulation;
  • swelling;
  • lymphostasis.

The most dangerous consequences for inflammation of the lymph nodes are the possibility of the appearance and spread of cancer cells and infections throughout the body. If the treatment was not performed in a timely manner and the patient did not use the correct therapy scheme prescribed by the doctor, the inflammation can develop strongly and lead to irreversible consequences.

Folk methods

Treatment of parotid lymph nodes by folk remedies is not entirely competent. They are unable to remove the inflammation from the inside and normalize the outflow of lymph. Their use is sometimes appropriate as an additional treatment, but not as a primary.

The use of exclusively folk remedies for the removal of inflammation of the lymph nodes is appropriate if it does not pass into the acute stage. The enlarged sites pass for short periods, if to use:

  • a pack of chicory;
  • infusion of oregano;
  • infusion from St. John's wort;
  • lime tea;
  • walnut leaves;
  • garlic;
  • onion;
  • beet juice.

It should be legible and extremely cautious in selecting a remedy. It should be as safe as possible, not to cause uncomfortable sensations and side effects. You should also take into account the individual intolerance of certain substances, which you must knowingly take care of.

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Preventive measures

Preventative methods that can protect a person from inflammation of the parotid lymph node are quite simple. Only a few simple recommendations should be followed:

  1. Strong immunity is the most important aspect of well-being. Strengthen the immune system all year round. To do this, you need to pay attention to the quality of your diet, diet, as well as the regime of the day.
  2. Also, regardless of age, doctors advise sparing physical activities - jogging, walking or just walking.
  3. Keep your head warm. Drafts and a cold wind, and also a small frost - all it can lead to an inflammation of a parotid lymphonodus. When entering the street in the cold season, it is worth taking care of the hat and warm scarf.
  4. Treatment of viral and infectious diseases should be timely. In this case, the disease simply does not have time to spread to the lymph node.

Following these rules, a person saves himself not only from the inflammatory process, but also from other, unpleasant symptoms accompanying him.

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