Drug Ferezol from papillomas: composition, instructions for use, reviews, price in Moscow, analogues

Warts or papillomas give patients a lot of trouble. You can be cured of them surgically, with the help of laser, cryotherapy or Surgitron, as well as with the help of medications. One of such medicines is Feresol.

Composition, form of packaging, packaging

Active ingredients of the drug are phenol and tricresol.

The solution is placed in a vial of dark glass( 10 g) and packed in a cardboard box.


The drug is of Russian origin, produced by ZAO FNPP Retinoids.

Indications for use

Use of the solution is indicated with:

  • Genital warts;
  • Wart neoplasms;
  • Papillomas;
  • Keratomas;
  • Dry calluses, etc.
Ordinary papilloma or a wart at any time can become a cancerous melanoma! If the papilloma is not treated, then further development of the disease and spread through the body, until the appearance of rashes on the mucous membranes. Learn how to quickly get rid of papillomas and warts »


Use contraindicated, if any:

  • Hypersensitivity to medication;
  • Rash on the mucous or red lip of the lips;
  • Moles or nevi;
  • Do not apply large areas of the body( more than 20 cm2).

In addition, Feresol can not be used in the treatment of children under 7 years of age.

Pharmacological action

The solution of Feresol refers to preparations of mummifying and cauterizing action and has a pronounced bactericidal effect.

The mechanism of action of the drug is reduced to irreversible protein coagulation occurring in the most important structures of the pathogenic microorganism.

As a result, there is a loss of function and destruction of the microbe.

The drug actively affects most viruses and fungi, protozoa and bacteria.

Cauterizing properties are associated with destructive changes in cellular macromolecules of mucous membranes and skin tissues. If an interaction with organic tissues occurs, a chemical burn occurs.

Instructions for use: Feresol: dosage

The drug can be used only externally. It should be applied only to the affected area with a special applicator. Do not allow solution to healthy skin or mucous tissues.

  • In case of filamentous warts or small papillomas , the preparation should be applied once.
  • Small 2-3 mm warts and papillomas larger than 2 mm should be lubricated 3-4 times. Thus it is necessary to wait, when the solution will dry up, then to repeat processing.
  • For the treatment of dry corns and keratom it is necessary to process the formulations 3-4 times with a 3-4-minute interval.
  • Removal of genital warts at home is not recommended, it is better to do it in a treatment room with a urologist or dermatologist. Feresol in this case is applied twice on each growth separately with a 3-4-minute interval. If necessary, after a week, when the crust disappears, you can re-process. A total of 5 treatments are allowed.

For this, it is necessary to treat the lesions with keratolytic ointment, and then cover with a film and bandage it or tape it with adhesive for several hours.

When the horny layer softens, the bandage is removed, and the skin is stripped for 15 minutes in water with the addition of soda and soap. Then it is necessary to cut the cornified layer with manicure scissors. The skin is dried, and then treated several times with feresol at intervals of 3-4 minutes, so that the solution has had time to dry up a little.

If repeated application is necessary. That it is recommended to grease surrounding fabrics with zinc paste to avoid their burn. When the last layer of the drug dries, you can remove the paste with a dry swab from the bandage.

Side effects of

Due to the use of Feresol, characteristic side reactions may occur such as:

  • Allergic reaction;
  • Burning sensations in the application area;
  • When treating the skin in the ophthalmic region, the risk of retinal edema is high. But such a phenomenon is usually soon eliminated.


In case the drug gets to an excessively large area of ​​the skin, then the risk of an extensive chemical burn, accompanied by a general intoxication of the body, is great. Treatment in this case is symptomatic.

Special instructions

It is absolutely impermissible to get the product on mucous tissues, especially the eyes. If this happens, you should rinse your eyes with water.

  • All areas treated with the drug are prohibited from lubricating, covering with a patch or removing crusts from them.
  • It is also forbidden to apply a second layer earlier than the above mentioned time.
  • It is unacceptable to contact the synthetic clothing with the treated areas.
  • Specialists do not recommend treating with neoplasms in the folds of the skin, for example, between the fingers, in the anal or groin area. Also, it is not possible to use a solution for treating highly sweating zones in order to avoid spreading of the agent or burns on the areas in contact with the folds.
  • On the first day after application, it is impossible to wash the treated areas, lubricate them with ointment, the preparation should dry on the affected area on its own in the open air.
  • If the product accidentally gets on a healthy skin, immediately remove it with a dry bandage, then treat the area with an alcohol-containing solution( cologne, vodka, lotion) and then rinse with soapy water.
  • If due to sloppy application a burn occurred, then it should be treated with wound healing or anti-burn preparations.

Drug Interaction

The drug is readily soluble in ointment products, therefore, it is impossible to lubricate the treated areas with any ointment means.



I liked the drug very much. Treats warts for one or two. I smeared them in my ear. At first the wart began to become crusted, and then completely disappeared. It has been a long time, but there have been no relapses.


Who faced with papillomas, knows how difficult they are to treat. And even after removal there is no guarantee that these nasty growths will not appear again. When this trouble affected me, I decided for a long time how to get rid of it. The doctor advised Feresol. Gently applied the solution to the papilloma, felt some tingling, but not much. A few days later the outgrowth darkened and began to dry out, and then completely fell off. Although it is not recommended to use it myself, I was treated at home myself. The drug liked - it is inexpensive, effective, but you need special care and attention when using.

How much does Featherol cost in Moscow and St. Petersburg?

The average price of the drug in Moscow and St. Petersburg pharmacies is 252-346 rubles.

Analogues of the preparation

Among the most famous analogues of Feresol, we can distinguish:

  • Solkoderm;
  • Vagotil;
  • Urkogor corn;
  • Collomac;
  • Teymurova paste;
  • Psorikap;
  • Kenazole;
  • Contractbucks;
  • Elidel;
  • Duofilm, etc.

Synonyms of medication

A partial synonym for the drug can be considered Verruacid, which is produced by the same manufacturer in the form of an oily solution.

Conditions for dispensing from pharmacies, storage and shelf life

In pharmacies, the drug is dispensed without a prescription.

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