Soda from worms, treatment( exile) helminth soda enema( video), how to get rid, to vyesti, to cleanse the body?

Treatment of worms soda - unrecognized by official medicine method of getting rid of parasites. Despite skeptical reviews of parasitologists, folk medicine practitioners recommend getting rid of worms with the help of baking soda, claiming that enemas from its solution not only promote the expulsion of parasites, but also help to remove toxins and slime from the intestine.

The purification rate of soda was developed by Professor Neumyvakin - author of numerous methods for treating various ailments, including worms, in unconventional ways. To the exclusion of helminths, Dr. Neumyvakin devoted a lot of video courses. What is his method?

Getting rid of worms

soda Research scientists confirm the ability of soda to neutralize excess acids in the intestine. An alkaline medium is formed, which negatively affects the worms, and therefore contributes to their expulsion. Larvae of helminths, which "feel" well in an acidic environment, lose their vitality in alkaline solutions.

How does an enema of baking soda from worms work?

The procedure is effective only in the purification of the large intestine. In the upper sections of the gastrointestinal tract the solution does not pass because of the action of the ileocecal valve. When treating intestinal worms, this is not a problem, since, as a rule, the small intestine does not require purification, because its potent peristaltic activity excludes accumulation of toxins. Exceptions are cases where lamblias are parasites. With this type of helminthiosis, the soda is administered orally.

Otherwise, the "washing" will be saved, which makes it possible to remove adult helminths, their larvae and a significant amount of the products of their vital activity. Getting rid of parasites is carried out in three stages.

It is performed before treatment is necessary to completely empty the large intestine. The procedure is carried out by the traditional method. The video shows which manipulations you need to perform.

You will need 2 liters of boiled water. If the procedure is for a child, the volume of liquid can be reduced by half. In the water you need to add a tablespoon of salt. Such a solution will wash the intestines, and the salt will prevent the fluid from sucking into the walls of the intestine.

The event is held in the knee-elbow position or in the "lying on the side" position. Hose the tip of the hose with petroleum jelly, this will prevent damage to the intestine when entering the device and eliminate the formation of cracks. In addition, the hose will be easier to insert without causing the patient painful sensations. Enter the solution slowly. After the tip is removed.

Water should be retained inside for 10 minutes. At this time a person should take the position "on his back", breathing "belly".After visiting the toilet, you can start treatment.

Recipe for soda enema from worms

To prepare a solution for this recipe, you need a liter of boiled water at 40 degrees Celsius. Add a tablespoon of soda to the liquid. Performed by analogy with the first stage, only the solution in this case is delayed in the intestine for 30 minutes.

If during this time you feel a moderate pain, do not panic. Experts explain their sharply increased activity of helminths, who do not want to "go out".

After treatment it is necessary to make an enema similar to the first. To restore the intestinal acid-base balance, it is recommended to add a few drops of lemon juice to the liquid. The solution must be "kept" in the intestine for at least 10 minutes.

The video allows you to see how many worms and the amount of mucus and slag exits the body after several procedures.

Features of the procedures:

  1. Worm removal with enema is contraindicated for people with intestinal bleeding or hemorrhoids in the acute stage.
  2. Taking into account the degree of helminthic invasion, 3-stage ejection of helminths is performed at least 10 times every other day. If the procedure is performed less often, the effect of treatment is significantly reduced, since the condition of "constant alkaline medium" ceases to work against worms.
  3. The procedure can be carried out at home. Perform the necessary manipulation can even a person without medical education. Teaching video will show how to do the procedure correctly.
  4. Too hot water can cause a burn of the intestinal mucosa, and a cold liquid can cause supercooling and subsequent inflammation of the pelvic organs. The optimum temperature of the solution for manipulation is 37-40 degrees Celsius. Such a regime promotes the maximum development of soda of its active qualities and does not harm the patient.
  5. To enter the solution into the large intestine should be taken slowly. The procedure should not cause painful sensations. If you inject the fluid very quickly, it can lead to stretching of the intestine.
  6. The course of expulsion of worms should be continued up to 20 days.
  7. Any person can afford to get rid of helminthic worms, since this method is cheaper than alternative methods.
  8. The procedure has no contraindications for healthy people. It can not be used to treat worms of people with intestinal diseases in the acute stage, hemorrhoids, intestinal cancer, prolapse of the rectum.

Manipulation of pregnant women and lactating mothers is contraindicated. In the latter case, the stress that causes the enema, without a doubt, can lead to a decrease in the amount of breast milk.

How are worms released after soda enema?

If after the first procedure the worms did not come out, it does not mean that they do not exist. As a rule, at first mucus leaves. After the third session, the dead parasites begin to be excreted. This is because several first procedures clean the walls of the intestine from a layer of slag and mucus, which is a fertile environment for helminths. Only after the intestinal walls have been released, the soda solution acts directly on the worms, killing them.

Not knowing how to remove worms at home, many people resort to this method. Sodium enemas, in most cases, give good results. Most patients who practice folk cleansers have been satisfied with their well-being after a course of soda therapy. They note that the general condition has improved significantly. After excretion of helminths and toxic products of their vital activity, the symptoms of acute helminthiasis disappeared: nausea, abdominal pain, weakness, dizziness.

As for the masses coming out with the soda solution, most patients who resorted to the treatment of worms in this way were shocked when they saw a huge number of parasites leaving the body.

If the worms "chose" the habitat is not the large intestine, but, for example, the bile ducts or the upper sections of the gastrointestinal tract, then rinsing will not give a positive effect. In this case, it is recommended to take soda inside. To do this, prepare a solution: a glass of boiled water requires a teaspoon of soda. Drink the medication followed by a few sips every 10 minutes.

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