Xizal: instructions for use, price, analogues, reviews

Having a high degree of effectiveness in a variety of allergic diseases, Xizal( a name in the Latin Xyzal) has proved to be very useful when it is necessary to use it for all population groups with minimal side effects and no addiction to the patient's active ingredient. Quickly penetrating into the blood, this product provides a clear positive results, even with a short application, and in comparison with similar drugs have a particularly large number of positive feedback from customers.

Combining the convenience of use and the choice to use the most convenient dosage form, Xizal can be used both in self-administration( in monotherapy) and in complex effects on the body. At the same time, the total effect ensures the absence of neutralization of the action of the agent itself and the positive qualities of drugs used in parallel with a similar effect. Both dosage forms offered on the market today( tablets and drops) have approximately the same composition, which guarantees the most pronounced effect in their appointment.

Features of the preparation

Among the analogues, Xyzal is excreted at the expense of ease of use, minimal amount of side effects when used and many good reviews from customers. With it, you can quickly eliminate the most characteristic symptoms, stimulate the body's defenses to stabilize the patient's general condition and reduce the negative manifestations of the disease. The modern and maximally thought-out formula, high indices in the treatment and absence of the process of accumulation of the active substance, even with prolonged use of Xyzal, all these characteristics of the drug constantly attract attention of those who are looking for the most effective and safe method of treating allergies.

Features composition allow us to refer to Xisal relatively neutral antihistamine drugs that remove the most unpleasant characteristic manifestations of the current pathological condition, and also allow to stabilize the processes of self-healing of damaged parts of the body: skin, mucous membranes. Since for allergic conditions the most characteristic symptoms are considered to be the appearance of rashes on the skin, increase of its sensitivity and intensification of hyperemia, and the use of Xyzal ensures the elimination of precisely these manifestations, the purpose of this drug can be called the most reasonable for this type of dermatological lesion.

For treatment, Xialzal may be prescribed by the dermatologist on the basis of the diagnosis, but in view of the availability of the drug in question in the absence of a prescription, the remedy can be used on its own: the detailed instructions accompanying the package provide the necessary information for the most appropriate and effective treatment regimen andwithout the help of a doctor.

Dosage forms

There are two main versions of the drug - pills and drops. In liquid form, the remedy most quickly eliminates unpleasant symptoms, as it penetrates the epidermis, reduces its sensitivity. Xyzal Drops are sold in the form of a bottle of dark glass, which is packed in cardboard packaging with the attached detailed instructions.

  • Drops are on sale with a dropper, which largely determines the usability of the product.
  • Tablets have a biconvex form, covered with a white opaque film. Quickly dissolving when ingested into the mouth and then into the stomach, under the influence of saliva and gastric juice, the tablets begin their effects, reducing the degree of manifestation of unpleasant symptoms. Tablets are sold in polymer blisters for 10 pieces in each.

Composition of Xyzal

The active ingredient of the preparation is the substance levocetirizine dihydrochloride, which has a pronounced antiallergic effect. Also in the composition of the remedy there are several other components that allow maximizing the active substance. Additional substances of the preparation include the following components:

  • purified( distilled) water;
  • sodium acetate;
  • sodium saccharinate;
  • glycerol;
  • propylene glycol;
  • solution of acetic acid.

The composition of the drug is multi-component, which largely determines its degree of effectiveness in the treatment of a variety of allergic manifestations.

In 1 tablet Xizal contains about 5 mg of active substance, the same amount is contained in 1 ml of the drug, presented in liquid form. The concentration of the active ingredient is approximately the same in both types of the given agent, therefore application of both of them has high rates of impact and efficiency with minimal amount of adverse events.

To determine the form of the dosage form that should be used in each specific case, the dermatologist analyzes the patient's current condition and takes into account the indicators of his clinical studies. During the treatment, corrections can be made to it to enhance effectiveness, and a change in the form of the remedy can only have a positive result.


The cost index should be considered one of the important factors along with the degree of effectiveness of the active substance, because it is largely determines the purchase of the drug in question. And Xizal in comparison with the analogous antiallergic drugs of the last generation has a relatively affordable cost, which, with high rates of effectiveness of the therapeutic effect, constantly causes interest from the buyers.

Price depending on the price policy of the seller can be from 285 to 380 rubles per package.

Pharmacological action of

Neutralizing certain receptors in the body, Xizal copes well and quickly with the most obvious manifestations of allergic reactions. The possibility of its use in a variety of types of skin lesions of an allergic nature, the minimal number of possible side effects allows it to be prescribed for treatment of various categories of the population.

Having a high antiallergic effect in comparison with even the most frequently used antihistamine drugs, Xizal is one of the leading positions when comparing preparations that are of an antiallergic nature.

Photo of Xizal


Rapid penetration into the bloodstream provides a high rate of treatment effectiveness with the drug in question. Rendering of pronounced health-improving and neutralizing effect on the antihistamine phase of any kind of allergic reaction makes it possible to use Xyzal in the most acute manifestations of the current disease of an allergic nature.


The process of drug disintegration into components, which are then excreted from the body without exerting a negative impact, is relatively small. Splitting is carried out by the cells of the liver, excretion by the kidneys( in the form of urine).

  • Accumulation of active substance in the blood or tissues is not noted, and this allows the use of Xyzal even for a long period of time.
  • According to the practice data, when Xyzal is used, there is no dependence of the activity of the drug on food intake;this means that the drug can be taken orally both during meals, before and after it.


The following conditions and diseases should be considered indications for the use of the drug in question:

  • Quincke edema;
  • appearance of severe itching and burning of the skin;
  • appearance on the skin of rashes of an allergic nature;
  • increasing the degree of skin sensitivity;
  • hives in a chronic stage of development;
  • dermograph allergy.

Also indications for use can be called rhinorrhea, conjunctivitis, which is in the aggravation stage for a certain season of the year.

Instruction for use

The use of the drug depends on its dosage form. Tablets are administered mainly with unopened stages of the disease, when there is no significant and dangerous for the health of the patient's symptoms. Tablets are recommended to be applied on an empty stomach in the morning, squeezed with enough water to better dissolve their shell and accelerate the onset of action.

Drops are used for oral administration. They can be used by both adults and children.


For adults, the dosage of Xisal is 1-4 tablets during the day, you can divide the reception several times. At the initial stages of allergic diseases 1-2 tablets are usually applied, with more neglected forms 2-4 tablets. Dosage should preferably be selected with the help of a doctor to prevent the occurrence of possible side effects.

Duration of admission is determined by the effectiveness of the therapeutic effect. It is possible to make a period of treatment with Xizal for 2-6 weeks, after which you should take a break.

For children, newborns

Dosage for children is 1-2 tablets per day, while strictly monitoring the effectiveness of the treatment: for any negative manifestations, with increasing symptoms, the drug should be immediately canceled.

In early childhood, the drug is used only with particularly neglected forms of allergy, monitoring the reaction of the body.

In pregnancy, lactation

Because the active substance does not penetrate the placental barrier, its application can be justified during the bearing of the child. The appointment of Xyzal is carried out by a doctor who leads the pregnancy.

Lactation is also not a reason for not using the broad spectrum antihistamine drug in question.


Contraindications include renal and hepatic insufficiency, severe allergy and hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Side effects of

Side effects when using Xisal include such symptoms:

  • exacerbation of existing symptoms;
  • increase in the area of ​​skin lesions;
  • increased fatigue and drowsiness;
  • stomach pain;
  • dryness in the oral cavity;
  • some disorders in the digestive system in the form of indigestion, the appearance of belching, nausea.

Special instructions

Since taking the drug can cause some drowsiness and reduced concentration of attention, when it is prescribed, it is necessary to stop driving vehicles, managing complex mechanisms at the time of administration.

Interactions with other drugs

With the parallel use of Xyzal with the same in terms of the action of the tools, the effectiveness of treatment increases.


Many customers noted the high effectiveness of Xizal in the elimination of major manifestations of allergic diseases. The possibility of choosing a dosage form allows you to choose the kind of form that will be especially convenient to use. The affordability of costs and the small number of adverse events that occur relatively infrequently should also be seen as the dignity of Xizal.


Zirtek, Cetrin, Cetirizin, Alerzin, Tsetril, and Erius should be referred to similar drugs.

When comparing the listed analogs and the degree of their effectiveness in the treatment of diseases, the indicators are taken into account, as indicated by the practical experience of using the drug, as well as those who have already used them in the treatment of skin lesions. So, the Zirtek drug showed itself well in eliminating the manifestations of the initial stages of allergic diseases, but the more neglected stages require the use of Xyzal, which provides a rapid elimination of the characteristic manifestations of most pathological conditions of an allergic nature.

Erius, in the opinion of most buyers, having a slightly higher cost in comparison with Xyzal, is not a more effective drug, although it eliminates the manifestations of many allergic diseases. Erius can give more side effects when used;X-ray is less aggressive even when used in the treatment of skin with increased sensitivity.

About Xizal and other drugs that are worth taking on a trip, the video below will tell:

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