Healing of hemorrhoids, how long does the wound heal after the removal operation, how long to use healing agents - candles and ointments?

In recent years, the number of people with hemorrhoids is increasing. The disease can be diagnosed not only in adult patients, but also in adolescents. This circumstance is explained by the fact that the realities of the modern world contribute to the management of everyday inactivity, and as sediment-causing factors, sedentary work and malnutrition serve.

Because of the sensitivity of the location of the disease, most patients do not consult a doctor when the first signs appear. Therefore, it is not uncommon for a person to go to a specialist with hemorrhoids in a neglected form. And if at an early stage of the disease it was possible to get rid of it by means of drug therapy, in severe cases it is often resorted to the services of a surgeon to remove inflamed hemorrhoids. Healing of the wound after removal of hemorrhoids is no less important stage than the operation itself. After all, the level of risks of the formation of new pathologies in the rectal area depends on how qualitatively and competently it is carried out.

What affects the healing of hemorrhoids?

No expert will say how long hemorrhoids heal after the operation. Rehabilitation in each patient proceeds purely individually, as very much depends on the complexity of the operation and the stage of the disease, as well as on the general condition of the patient.

In order to heal after the operation on hemorrhoids in the patient proceeded without complications and at high quality level, it is necessary to observe a number of general simple recommendations:

  • Power mode. The first day after the operation, it is not recommended to eat. On the second day you can eat, but in very small portions. Accepted food should not provoke fermentation and flatulence in the stomach. Any food should not cause a difficult exit of feces, as it can not only damage the imposed seams, but also cause infection. It is advisable to drink at least eight glasses of water.
  • Diet. Healing after the operation of hemorrhoids will go much faster and easier, if you observe a sparing diet. In food recommended to eat oatmeal and buckwheat porridge, dietary meat, honey, fresh vegetables and fruits. Dishes are recommended either to stew or cook for a couple. This diet should be adhered to not only during the recovery period, but also at least the next 2 months.
  • Hygiene. The mandatory observance of the rules of gentle personal hygiene promotes a rapid recovery. Do not wipe the anus after defecation, it must be washed with cool water.
  • I Do Sports. During the healing of hemorrhoids, physical activity is undesirable. Especially under the ban is weightlifting and any exercises that require effort. You can choose walking, therapeutic gymnastics or yoga as a sporting activity.

How long does hemorrhoids heal?

This question is of concern to everyone who has encountered the need to treat hemorrhoids surgically, and who has already been operated on. Medical experience shows that with the removal of internal hemorrhoids, the rehabilitation period does not exceed one month, and after removal of external nodes this process can last for 4-5 weeks.

Even if you have learned how much hemorrhoids heal, it is important to understand that the period can be shortened using wound-healing drugs. Conversely, the consequences of a surgical procedure can be very troubling if you do not follow the doctor's recommendations. It is important to timely and correctly handle postoperative wounds. For this, special ointments, creams, gels and rectal healing candles from hemorrhoids are used. Various methods and methods of traditional medicine also show high results.

Healing remedies for hemorrhoids

The wound will heal faster if its treatment is given close attention. Sitting baths with decoctions of medicinal herbs are effective. The most popular plants for making infusion are sage, chamomile, calendula and water solution of potassium permanganate. All of them have analgesic, anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and bactericidal action.

For more local effects after surgery, hemorrhoids are widely used ointments, gels and suppositories. Active substances contribute not only to stop bleeding and normalization of blood vessels, but ensure successful scarring of damaged tissues and increase their tone. Well-proven healing ointments from hemorrhoids Levomekol, Proctosan, Relief Advance and Ultra, Posterizan and others. For rectal use use healing candles from hemorrhoids Relief, Natalsid, Gepatrombin G and other similar drugs.

If any unpleasant symptoms occur at any stage of the rehabilitation, you should contact the doctor with a complaint.

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