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Any skin lesions entail negative changes in the upper layer of the epidermis, which worsen its appearance and cause a person's psychological discomfort. Currently available topical products have many positive qualities in the treatment of such manifestations, but many of them have negative manifestations in use and cause allergic manifestations on the skin with prolonged use. And among the most popular today is to allocate a remedy Lomilan( the Latin name of which is Lomilan), which copes well with both external manifestations of an instance of a different nature, and with swelling of tissues, its hyperemia.

It is expressed by reducing the degree of permeability of capillary walls, Lomilan improves the nutrition of tissues, prevents bruising and bruising, and also has anti-allergic effect. Prolonged use of the drug is acceptable, since there is no accumulation of active substance in tissues and organs. Proposed in several dosage forms, it can be selected for a specific case to improve the quality of treatment, minimizing the likely negative manifestations. At the same time the cost of the drug can be considered affordable in comparison with the means for external use, which have a similar effect. And the availability of price makes this tool popular among buyers.

Features of the preparation

The balance of the composition, a relatively small amount of adverse events in use, and a high degree of effectiveness of the treatment with Lomilan - all these qualities make it one of the most popular means of removing allergic manifestations and increasing the rate of tissue regeneration in their allergiccharacter. At the earliest stages, eliminating inflammation and its manifestations, this drug removes external manifestations of lesions within a few hours from the moment of its admission, and in neglected situations, the speed of obtaining positive dynamics is also high.

The possibility of using Lomilan both adults and children allows you to assign it at any age. However, one should exercise extreme caution when treating with this medication with the body's tendency to allergic manifestations, with increased sensitivity to the constituent components of the remedy. In complex treatment, this drug shows the maximum of its therapeutic qualities, eliminating the manifestations of diseases even with the advanced stages of pathological processes in the body.

Dosage forms

Today, pharmacies offer three forms of the drug in question - a tablet version of the drug, a suspension for the preparation of solution and a syrup, the most convenient for use in childhood. The three types of agents have a high absorption index of the oral mucosa and esophagus, they are highly effective, they can be used in the treatment of various lesions. The modern and well-developed formula of both dosage forms of the drug allows to speed up the process of eliminating the most obvious manifestations of allergic lesions, eliminating their original cause.

The pronounced antipruritic and antiallergic formula ensures the prompt elimination of especially unpleasant manifestations of allergic conditions, reducing exudation and burning of the skin. It is these manifestations that should be considered the most characteristic in the occurrence of allergies of any nature and cause the greatest discomfort to the patient.

  • tablets are round in shape, coated with a quick-dissolving white coating. Pre-meal tablets are taken, the dosage and duration of application is determined by the attending physician and can be adjusted depending on the degree of tolerance of the drug and the presence of a positive result of the treatment.
  • The syrup has a homogeneous consistency, has a dark yellowish hue, it has a sweetish flavor due to its high sucrose content and is most easily tolerated by children.
  • Suspension is a white powder dissolved in water, which has white sugar, purified water, glycerol, magnesium stearate as auxiliary components. Suspension, like other dosage forms, has a high efficacy in the treatment of allergic diseases.

Composition of Lomilan

The active ingredient of the drug in question is loratadine. In different dosage forms, the content of the active ingredient can be insignificantly different, therefore the degree of effectiveness of the treatment performed with the help of these drugs is approximately the same.

The following components should be classified as auxiliary substances:

  • in tablets - magnesium stearate, lactose, corn starch, gelatinized starch;
  • in suspension - glycerol concentrated, white sugar, purified water distilled, cherry flavor, citric acid, sodium benzoate.

Due to its balanced composition, the drug copes well with most of the pathological manifestations of an allergic nature.


The price of the drug is on the Russian market of about 91-125 rubles per suspension, 180( for packages of 7 pieces) -210 rubles( for packing tablets of 10 pieces) per tablet. This indicator may vary somewhat depending on the seller's pricing policy.

The cost indicator for buyers is one of the important criteria that largely determine the level of demand for the drug. And Lomilan at all its dosage forms has an affordable price, which makes it one of the most affordable antiallergic drugs.

Pharmacological action of

Neutralizing the action of H1 receptors, the Lomilan preparation perfectly copes with the most characteristic manifestations of the allergic nature: burning, itching of the skin, the appearance of its hyperemia, sensitization. The thoughtfulness of the chemical formula guarantees the minimization of negative manifestations when using this remedy, even with an increased sensitivity of the organism to the constituent components of the remedy.

The drug is intended for systemic use, which should only be carried out under the supervision of a dermatologist who is in charge of treatment, who can make timely adjustments to the treatment process.


Antiallergic effect from the use of any dosage form of the drug is noted after 30 minutes from the moment of its administration, it persists for 2 days, and the greatest manifestations reaches 6-8 hours from the moment of application. The minimum number of adverse events from Lomilan is determined by the balance of its composition.

Removing spasms of smooth muscles, this antiallergic is well suited also for removing swelling of the tissues, which is often noted in allergic manifestations.


Absorption of the active substance of the drug begins when the agent enters the oral cavity: under the influence of saliva, and then the gastric juice dissolves the coating in tablets and other Lomilan dosage forms. Absorbed into the mucosa of the esophagus and stomach, this drug quickly begins to show its medicinal effect.

The process of removing the remaining constituents of the drug begins after its complete cleavage. The kidneys are responsible for the elimination process: the remaining components of the remedy are left in the urine. Also, the removal of residual particles of the agent is carried out by the gallbladder gall bladder.


Used most often from manifestations of allergies, Lomilan has proven itself in treatment with negative reactions of the body after the bite of bloodsucking insects, as well as with pseudoallergic manifestations.

Also indications for Lomilan include the following indications:

  • manifestations of urticaria, including idiopathic nature, as well as dermographic;
  • rhinitis is allergic;
  • conjunctivitis is allergic;
  • negative body reaction to external influences.

Operating instructions for

The use of the drug is not particularly difficult, therefore it can be used independently. However, in order to obtain the most pronounced positive result and prevent possible negative manifestations on the part of the body, a preliminary consultation of a dermatologist is recommended, which, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, will help to make the most effective scheme of therapeutic effect. This same approach will help to maintain positive results for a long time.

Depending on the dosage form the drug is used in different ways.

  • Tablets should be taken orally after a meal, 1 to 3 times a day - this depends on the severity of allergic manifestations. Tablets are washed down with enough water to dissolve their shell as quickly as possible. The duration of application of the tablet form of the agent depends both on the degree of manifestation of the disease and on the positive dynamics of the treatment. Also, the duration and frequency of taking tablets depends on the age of the patient.
  • Suspension is used for 0.5-2 scoops at a time 1 to 3 times a day. Suspension is not necessary to drink with water.
  • The syrup is most suitable for use in the treatment of children: its sweet taste provides a simpler application in this case.


For adults, the frequency of taking tablets is 1-3 times a day, the doctor prescribes a certain mode of taking the drug depending on the severity of the disease. Duration of admission is determined by the manifestation of positive dynamics during treatment.

Usually, the use of tablets is 1.5-3 weeks, after which it takes a break. Further, if necessary, treatment can be continued. If there are any negative manifestations on the part of the body, then it is necessary to stop using the remedy or replace it with a similar one.

For children, newborns

In childhood, the use of the drug is determined by the condition of the child and his age: tablets should not be prescribed to children under three years old, suspension - up to two years. At an older age, the drug is given under the supervision of a doctor to prevent the possibility of manifestations of allergic manifestations.

Newborn Lomilan should not be given in view of the sensitivity of the body to young children.

In pregnancy, lactation

In the process of childbearing and feeding Lomilan is also not recommended because of the increased activity of its main active ingredient and the appearance of negative manifestations both on the part of the woman's organism and the child.


To contraindications to the use of Lomilan should be attributed:

  • younger children's age;
  • intolerance of any component of the remedy;
  • pregnancy and lactation period;
  • renal or hepatic insufficiency.

Side effects of

If the drug is intolerant, there may be increased allergic manifestations: an increase in the area of ​​skin hyperemia, the appearance of more rashes. In this case, the receipt of the funds is terminated.

Special instructions

The use of the product is not difficult, but requires carefulness in childhood, as well as with increased sensitivity of the body to any components of the product.

Interaction with other drugs

There was no decrease in the effectiveness of the therapeutic effect in parallel use of Lomilan with other drugs.


The high efficiency of Lomilan is noted by almost all customers of this drug. Also positive feedback was the availability on the sale of several dosage forms of this drug, which allows you to choose the most convenient option for use.

The availability of value and ease of use of Lomilan attracts the attention of customers, detailed instruction allows you to study the list of possible negative manifestations when using the tool and get an idea of ​​all the qualities of this tool.


The analogue of Lomilan is Zirtek, which is also highly effective for the removal of more allergic manifestations. When deciding which of these drugs to choose, it is necessary to take into account such indicators as the degree of manifestation of negative manifestations and the duration of their occurrence: Lomilan is suitable for eliminating allergic reactions of the body in relatively unopened stages of development. Zirtek cope even with especially neglected stages of allergy. However, in order to obtain the most lasting positive effect, you should consult a dermatologist beforehand.

Also have a similar active ingredient Terfenadine, Claritin. Excellent cope with allergies Erius, Xizal, Clemastin, Bamipin and others.

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