Iruksol: reviews and efficiency, price, instruction manual, analogs

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The appearance of mechanical damages on the skin is almost inevitable for every person, and the preparations that are designed to accelerate their healing may differ in the degree of effectiveness of the effect, the number of side effects and the duration of the preservation of the result. Among the most effective modern drugs for external use should be allocated means Iruksol, which is very popular due to the minimal amount of side effects during use, ease of application and a well-balanced composition. These qualities can accelerate the healing process of wounds on the skin of any nature of origin.

Being an ointment of a uniform consistency, Iruksol is well combined with other preparations of a wide range of applications. The possibility of its appointment in complex therapy ensures high effectiveness in use, protection of the skin from further negative changes and exceptionally positive effect even on healthy areas of the epidermis that have not been subjected to mechanical action.

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Features of the preparation

Combining such qualities as ease of application, speed of obtaining positive dynamics in the treatment process and a fairly affordable price, Iruksol has a wide application. And everywhere its effect has an exceptionally positive effect on the damaged parts of the epidermis.

Iruksol is produced in Poland. Reviews of its effects are extremely positive, and the degree of effectiveness in the treatment of this drug exceeds most modern drugs that are designed to eliminate mechanical damage to the epidermis, eliminate inflammation on it and stimulate skin regeneration processes. The basis of the drug is a proteolytic enzyme that breaks down proteins and accelerates healing processes.

Dosage forms

Today Iruksol is available in the form of an ointment, which has a brownish color and a uniform consistency. The ointment is applied very simply: the previously damaged area of ​​the epidermis is cleaned, a thin layer of the drug is applied to it. Do not rub it, active absorption begins immediately after its application. This tool also does not require the application of a bandage.

Ointment is sold in pharmacies of the city, its purchase does not require a doctor's prescription. However, with significant areas of damage, with an active process of inflammation of the skin should be drawn up a scheme of therapeutic effect after a thorough diagnosis and taking into account the recommendation of the doctor-dermatologist. The elucidation of the cause of the occurrence of mechanical damage and the activation of the pathological process allows us to get a more pronounced positive dynamics in the treatment.

Ointment is sold in aluminum tubes of various sizes - 10 and 30 grams. Tubes are placed in a cardboard box, inside which there is a detailed instruction that allows the correct use of the drug.


The active substances in the preparation are levomecitin and the enzyme clostridio peptidase A. Both these substances, when combined, increase the effect of each other, which causes a high degree of drug efficacy.

The following are the auxiliary components of the remedy:

  • Vaseline;
  • purified paraffin;
  • glycerin.

The listed auxiliary components provide the most uniform consistency of the preparation.


The cost of the drug Iruksol is for different sellers from 2100 to 2800 rubles per tube.

Pharmacological action of

With the help of Iruksol application, it is possible to achieve gradual acceleration of wound healing, cuts and minor skin lesions. Also, the drug has proven itself in preventing the progression of inflammatory processes in the damaged areas of the skin, their early regeneration.

If infection occurs, there is a worsening of the pathological process at the site of the wound, when Iruksol is used, an increase in the rate of neutralization of pathogenic microorganisms is noted, and their mobility and activity are limited.


The process of penetration into the epidermal stratum occurs as quickly as possible, which is possible due to the excellent penetrating power of the active components of the agent. Even simple application to the damaged skin without subsequent rubbing is sufficient to eliminate the pathological process, to stimulate the regenerative processes in the upper layer of the epidermis.

Cleansing purulent surfaces, stopping the process of dividing pathogenic microorganisms, Iruksol copes well even with significant lesions.


Coping with significant skin lesions, the preparation Iruksol quickly penetrates into the affected areas, without adversely affecting the healthy parts of the skin and stimulating the regeneration processes. If necessary and a high rate of inflammation, zinc ointment can be used, which is applied at the edges of the wound.

The cleavage of the drug occurs under the influence of the body's enzymes, the removal of the remains of Iruksol is carried out with the help of the liver. The liquid phase is eliminated from the body by the kidneys along with the urine.


Indications for use include all conditions associated with damage to the skin and the formation of wounds and mechanical damage to the skin. It can be the following conditions and diseases:

  • ulcers and skin lesions - for example, gangrene, long-term non-healing wounds;
  • radiation, post-traumatic and mechanical damage;
  • period of tissue preparation for transplantation.

Thanks to the available instructions for use, it is possible to calculate the most effective and safe treatment regimen for this drug.

Instructions for Use

The use of Iruksol Ointment consists in its regular application to damaged areas of the skin. When this is not required, rubbing the dressing bandage. The drug is quickly absorbed by the skin tissues, leaving no traces of fat on it.


For adults, use of Iruksol is permissible 3-4 times a day by direct application to affected areas. The duration of application is usually determined by the doctor, taking into account the presence of positive dynamics. However, on average, the duration of use is 2-4 weeks, after which you can take a break and, if necessary, continue treatment

For children and newborns

For children, the dosage of the drug decreases: the frequency of application should be no more than 2 times a day. The ointment is not rubbed, the application is carried out in a thin layer.

Duration of use for children under 5 years is 3-10 days, for newborns the drug is usually not recommended for use because of its high efficiency and aggressiveness of active components on baby skin with increased sensitivity.

During pregnancy and lactation

During pregnancy and during lactation, the drug can be used, but care must be taken to prevent the occurrence of adverse side effects from the health of both the mother and the child. The treatment of damaged skin should be performed under the supervision of a dermatologist.


Iruksol should not be used in such cases:

  • strong sensitivity to constituent ingredients,
  • exacerbation of existing symptoms and marked renal failure.

Side effects of

The use of such medication can lead to more severe symptoms, the appearance of excessive dryness of the dermis, its redness and sensitization.

Special instructions

When using Iruksol in old age, it is possible to increase the number of side effects in the form of inflamed tissues. If there is an excessive sensitivity to the constituent ingredients, the appearance of foci of necrosis is likely, while it is important to immediately stop the use of the medication and replace it with an analogue having a similar effect.

Interaction with other medications

With complex therapy of allergic manifestations, Iruksol increases its effect, which allows it to be prescribed together with medications of similar manifestation. To stimulate the immunity of the dermis and the acceleration of regenerative processes in the epidermis, it is recommended to use drugs stimulating the protective properties of the body.


Most of the respondents also point out the usability of the application, which makes the process of using Iruksol as efficient as possible. Even with a relatively small dosage of the remedy, a rapid improvement in the general condition of the patient is noted, rapid removal of the main symptomatology and acceleration of the healing process of the affected tissues.

Due to its composition, the drug quickly eliminates inflammation, removes necrosis in the initial stages.


Chemopins, Collalysin, Trypsin should be classified as similar in their effect.

Specialist will talk about Iruksol in the video below:

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