Causes and methods for solving the problem of frequent headache in the forehead region in a child

1 Pain as an indicator of illness

Cephalgia, or pain, when the forehead seems to crack, unites the unpleasant sensations that arise in the areas from the bridge of the nose to the neck. Headache performs a protective function. The forehead contains many receptors. Due to the developing nervous system and high compensation potential, headaches in children are less common than in adults. According to statistics, a fairly large number of children occasionally complains that they have a sore forehead. The greatest frequency of complaints that the forehead hurts, falls on 2 periods of growth of children: the beginning of schooling and the period of puberty. There are more than a dozen types of headaches, which are signals about the occurrence of about fifty different diseases. When complaining of a child that the head or forehead hurts, in no case should you give him the medicine that you yourself take from headaches.

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The main causes of headaches in children:

  1. Vascular disorders - hypertension.
  2. Unbalanced power supply.
  3. Migraine.
  4. Neuralgic causes of headaches - inflammation of the trigeminal nerve.
  5. Various head injuries( forehead bumps).
  6. Emotional-psychological problems.
  7. External factors - noise and other external stimuli.

2 Aggravating factors

We will consider in more detail the negative factors when children complain of pain in the forehead. Hypertensive disease is a consequence of circulatory disorders in the brain. The primary cause of disturbances is a periodic or constant increase in blood pressure. In children, hypertension is often hereditary, and its triggers are poor sleep, weather conditions, the wrong regime of the day. With this baby it is often necessary to walk outdoors, give him tea with soothing herbs.

Improper diet can also provoke headaches. The child's organism reacts differently to the usual adult products in a different way. Also, headaches in young children can occur if their mothers during the last months of pregnancy were poorly fed: a lack of sugar in the blood of the mother provokes in the future the occurrence of headaches in the child.

Migraine is transmitted to children on the maternal line and is associated with a lack of serotonin in the brain. To ease the headache, you need to massage your forehead before going to bed. It is also useful to drink the juice of the viburnum or the decoction of St. John's wort.

Neuralgic headaches arise from catarrhal and some infectious diseases, problems with the cervical spine. Such headaches are well removed by heating. On a forehead periodically impose a warming compound. It is necessary to regularly check the child's posture and do corrective gymnastics. It is not recommended to put the child to bed on a soft bed.

Children are by nature very mobile, and they often have various kinds of injuries. Head injuries entail brain injuries. A vivid symptom of this is loss of consciousness. The child complains that his head is spinning. After a head injury, it is necessary to make a slight grinding in order to prevent the formation of bruises. Limit noisy and lively games for a while.

Emotional-psychological problems in childhood are very common. Various kinds of stresses( the absence of parents in the kindergarten, an unfamiliar collective of children, and much more) are difficult for a fragile psyche. To overcome stress, it is necessary to visit the open air, play sports games with the whole family, spend time together with the child.

The lack of fresh air, loud noise, music, bright light - all this can provoke headaches in the child. These headaches can be prevented by walking in the fresh air, airing the bedroom before going to bed.

3 Possible diseases

Medicine does not give an unambiguous answer to the question of the causes of pain in the forehead. There are many factors and reasons. The main causes and diseases that contribute to the development of pain in the forehead:


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  • sinusitis;
  • forms of sinusitis, causing inflammation of the frontal sinus;
  • increased intracranial pressure;
  • is an infectious disease when the temperature rises;
  • is a disease of tropical fever;
  • meningitis in acute form;
  • Migraine.

Headache may occur due to mental or physical fatigue, a combination of these two factors. Because of them, the pain first manifests itself in the neck, then spreads to the forehead and eyebrows. To ease the pain, the child can walk, give a soothing tea, take a quiet game. Symptoms are also capable of provoking some foods and artificial food supplements:

  1. Meat products, vegetables and fruits that contain nitrates.
  2. Seafood - they contain a large amount of sodium glutamate.
  3. Cheese, nuts, chocolate, containing tyramine.
  4. Caffeine, in large quantities found in tea, coffee, coca-cola and Pepsi-Cola.
  5. Citrus fruits - can cause a headache in children susceptible to allergies.
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The main factor that reduces the frequency and strength of headaches is compliance with diet and rest.

4 Exterior features

If the child is small, it is often difficult for parents to understand that their head is hurting. Indirectly, it can be determined by the following signs:

  • irritability;
  • tearfulness;
  • child rubs his head;
  • redness of the eye proteins;
  • frequent yawning.

In children, headaches in the forehead are often manifested due to accumulated fatigue, nervous overexertion at the end of an emotionally charged day, after school, after active games at the computer. The time spent by the child at the computer must be controlled and reasonably limited. Excessive infatuation with a computer can cause deterioration of posture, vision, provoke the appearance of pain in the head.

Children of school age often have headaches, including in the forehead, associated with mental fatigue. The forehead with these pains seems to crack. In such cases, rest will help. But if the headache returns after rest or sleep, then it is necessary to visit a doctor.

The task of parents is to help in planning the day of the child: to allocate time for rest, outdoor activities and sports or sports games. It is necessary to approach the combination of the learning and rest processes reasonably and responsibly. During attacks of a headache it is necessary to be with the child. The main thing at the same time is not to overdo it, as excessive care can push to the next simulation in order to attract the attention of parents.

5 Diagnostics and treatment

To determine the cause of a child's complaints about what the forehead hurts, it is necessary to consult a doctor without fail. Only the doctor is able to determine the cause and prescribe the necessary treatment. Diagnosis is carried out by a neurologist or otolaryngologist. Treatment can be both medicamental and physiotherapeutic. Physiotherapy is often prescribed. If the definition of the cause is difficult, the doctor can prescribe a tomography to clarify the full picture of the disease. If the cause of a headache in the forehead is a migraine, medications are prescribed. In cases where the pain is caused by neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve, the doctor together with the medical preparations can prescribe the healing procedures: breathing exercises, head massage and oxygen mask are practiced. The oxygen mask can reduce the pain that occurs during the night.

If the pain in the forehead area is accompanied by additional symptoms, such as nausea and dizziness, there is a loss of coordination, then all this was preceded by fatigue or severe physical stress. In this case, the best medicine is rest.

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