The wound after paraproctitis surgery does not heal

Regardless of which paraproctitis course, and what type of surgical intervention has been applied, subsequent treatment will be directed to wound healing. If the proper therapeutic manipulations are not carried out, the inflammatory process and complications after surgery can be repeated.

After the operation and how the patient was discharged from the hospital, paraproctitis treatment will be directed to caring for the wound. So, first of all, dressings will have to be done. The technique will be shown by a specialist. In some cases, when the patient can not self-dress the wound, you should contact the polyclinic.

It is not so difficult to care for a wound after a paraproctitis. In this case, there is no provision for full sterility. To make the dressing you need a bandage or gauze, which is composed of several layers, antiseptic and antibacterial agents. All this can be purchased in a pharmacy without a prescription, however, before using a medicine in paraproctitis, it is worth consulting with a specialist.

Using an antiseptic solution and gauze, the wound is gently cleaned, then dried and processed with ointment. You do not need to put the ointment on the wound itself, just simply apply it to the reverse side of the bandage. This is due to the fact that paraproctitis requires the outflow from the open channel. The hair that grows near the damaged area should be cut or shaved.

It is worth noting that after the act of defecation, care is taken for the damaged skin by means of a sedentary bath, and in case of impossibility of it, it is enough just to wash and treat the affected area with an antiseptic solution. The dressings will be carried out for 21-28 days. Even if they are carried out at home, constant monitoring of healing after a paraproctitis operation is necessary for the doctor.

It should be noted that if after the operation bloody discharge from the wound is observed, then this is considered normal, however, it is worth changing the bandage as often as possible.

Do not heal a wound after paraproctitis, what should I do?

If the wound does not heal after paraproctitis, then first of all it is necessary to understand that the rehabilitation period until the moment of complete healing, in paraproctitis will take not less than 21 days. In some cases, this period takes a longer time. This is due to the complexity and scope of the operation.

In case you are concerned that the damaged area does not heal after the operation for too long, then you should definitely tell the treating doctor about it. In some cases, it is possible that the paraproctitis, especially with chronic course and with a fistula, could not be cured at the first time, so there is no healing. In this case, finger examination will determine the newly formed fistula, which means that a repeated surgical procedure will be performed, preferably not earlier than in a year. There are also cases when the wound from the operation does not heal with the subsequent treatment of paraproctitis due to a bacterial complication. In this case, antibiotics of local and systemic type can be prescribed.

In the event that the wound does not heal after the paraproctitis operation, then there is some reason. Therefore, it is worth immediately contacting the attending physician who will correct the treatment.

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