Pubic pediculosis: treatment, symptoms, causes, diagnosis

This disease, like pubic pediculosis has become a very common disease of the dermis, the causative agent of which are pubic lice. And today we will examine in more detail the symptoms and causes of pubic lice in women and men, its treatment and diagnosis.

Features of the disease

Ideal environment for the life of these parasites is the genital area:

  • crotch;
  • pubis;
  • scrotum.

They also live on:

  • hairs that grow around the anus;
  • underarm hairs.

These parts are liable to lice for the reason that they are saturated with apocrine glands, the smell of which attracts these parasites. In rare cases, these lice settle on the eyebrows, head hairs, eyelashes, whiskers. They are attached to the base of the hairs, immersing the oral apparatus in the skin. This parasite can sit in one place for several days.

The pubic louse is like a gray-brown plate. Most often the length of the parasite is 1-3 mm. Adult males of ectoparasitic insects grow to a maximum of 3 mm. Female are large( up to 5 mm).They can save up to 3 eggs per day. For its entire life cycle, the female is capable of depositing only about 50 eggs, which is much less than the head louse.

Propagation of parasites is performed by laying eggs. Nits are located at the roots of the hair.

If the parasite leaves the person for some reason, the duration of its life will be short( about one day).The larvae of this parasite can live without a carrier for about a week. Therefore, pubic pediculosis can be transmitted not only through intimacy, but also through bedding, towels. Very likely to become infected with this kind of pediculosis during procedures in swimming pools, baths, solariums, public toilets. The pubic louse has an incubation period of 14-30 days.

For the reasons for the appearance of pediculosis on the pubic part, read below.

The peculiarities of pubic lice are told by a specialist in the video below:

Causes of

The lobt louse lives, feeds only on a person. Infection with this parasite from domestic, wild animals does not occur. Most often lice fall on the body of a healthy person with sexual intercourse.

Significantly less frequent infection with pubic lice can occur through:

  • towels;
  • clothes;
  • bed linen.

You should be extremely careful when visiting pools, solariums, saunas, public toilets.

Symptoms of

The disease has an incubation period during which the infected person does not observe any signs of lice. But at this time the parasites were already fixed on his hair. The incubation period lasts about a month. At the end of this period, the patient has symptoms of pubic lice, among which the strongest is the strongest itch.

The development of pubic lice is indicated by the itching of the pubis, sometimes it is felt on the hips, legs, upper body, mustache, beard. Distribution of this type of lice over a large part of the body occurs more often in those who suffer from increased hair.

Skin itching can occur in different patients with different intensity. Some are concerned about a mild discomfort, while others suffer from severe itching day and night. In some cases, an infected person may not even feel the symptoms of this disease.

In addition to itching, infectious pediculosis also has other symptoms:

  • blue spots. Their diameter can reach up to 1 centimeter. These spots are formed due to a slight hemorrhage, which occurs when the blood is sucked by parasites, due to the introduction of the secretion of the salivary glands of the insect into the dermis. Disappear such spots quite quickly, so the patient can not pay attention to them and do not seek medical help;
  • allergic rash;
  • appearance of larvae, lice on linen, skin.


Diagnosis of pubic lice is conducted without any complications. Patients turn to the doctor with characteristic complaints. In addition, when visually inspected on the laundry, the affected area of ​​the body is easy to detect lice, nits. Therefore, the examination of the patient is considered the main method of diagnosis. If necessary, health workers use a magnifying glass. The insects are clearly visible after they have drunk blood.

On the affected areas of the body can detect grains of rusty hue, they are excrement of parasites. But to detect nits on the hair is much easier. For more accurate diagnosis, hairs with prospective nits are examined under a microscope.

The treatment of the new and neglected form of pubic lice is described in this video:

Treatment of pubic licekidosis


After the precise diagnosis, the treatment of pubic licepsis begins. Treatment involves the use of such drugs as:

  • therapeutic shampoos;
  • ointment;
  • sprays.

Each of the products from pubic lice has special components that can destroy parasites. To treat pubic lice, several treatments should be carried out, since one will be ineffective.

During the treatment period it is important to monitor personal hygiene. It is necessary to change the bed linen. Dirty, worn clothes preferably boil or at least wash in a typewriter at maximum temperature. After washing it must be ironed. It is advisable to process the mattress, bedding, upholstered furniture.

For ointments and other preparations for treatment of pubic lice, see below.


Medical treatment involves the use of special products that are made in the form of shampoos, solutions, emulsions, soaps. Quite effective are:

  • "MediFox".
  • Veda-2.
  • "Spray Pax".
  • "Nittifor".
  • "Vitar".
  • "Pedillin".

On how to treat pubic pediculosis at home, we will tell you further.

At home

For treatment of pubic lice, it is possible to carry out treatment with such agents:

  • vinegar;
  • with kerosene. This product is rubbed into the skin;
  • with sulfuric ointment;
  • with kerosene and soap;
  • cranberries. The acid of these berries is damaging to lice.

Prevention of

The main preventive method of pediculosis in this area is considered to be early diagnosis of the disease, as well as subsequent immediate treatment. The patient and his sexual partner should be treated. This should be done to prevent a recurrence of the disease.

To avoid infection with pubic lice, you should carefully keep your intimate life, be careful when choosing a sexual partner. The rules of personal hygiene must be strictly observed. Bed linens must always be washed, ironed.

If symptoms of the disease are found, you should contact a special service for diagnosis, treatment of the disease. The doctor-dermatologist will put the correct diagnosis, will recommend the most effective means for treatment.

Complication of

Because of the incessant itching, the patient constantly scratches the bites. So there are scratching, allergic reactions may occur. On affected areas of the skin can form eczema.

In the presence of combs, the probability of infection with a secondary infection increases. This complication complicates the course of the disease, its treatment.

In the presence of infected pubic lice, the dermis often ceases to act as a natural barrier. This allows various infections to enter the body, especially sexually transmitted diseases. For this reason, a patient with this type of pediculosis is recommended to undergo an additional examination for the presence of such diseases: syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia.


Prognosis for pubic lice is good, provided early detection of the disease, its therapy with special means.

Getting rid of pubic lice is now possible even in one day. Special means against lice are very effective for the treatment of skin, hair, bedding, underwear.

Pro pubic lice will be described in more detail by Elena Malysheva in this video:

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