What to do with diarrhea in adults, treatment of strong watery( watery) diarrhea, how to treat?

Diarrhea is probably the most unpleasant problem for humans, especially when it looks like water. Many patients are interested in what to do in this situation, because very liquid bowel movements can often be difficult to maintain, and this diarrhea lasts for more than a day. Although such intestinal dysfunction often does not require any special method of treatment, one does not want to wait until this illness, which significantly violates the quality of life, will pass by itself. Methods of struggle in this situation there are many, and what to do with water diarrhea, you need to know every adult person, because no one is immune from its occurrence.

Before deciding what to do with diarrhea in an adult, it is worthwhile to find out what causes stomach upset accompanied by a loose stool. This phenomenon, which is familiar to many people first of all, is most often due to non-observance of elementary rules of hygiene. But even in the case when a person is very responsible for hygiene norms, to protect himself from this ailment that requires an urgent decision, what to do, few people succeed.

But no matter what caused this ailment, it is capable of causing significant harm to the body and delivering a lot of problems to a person, worsening the quality of his life, which is why an urgent decision is needed, what can be done if diarrhea is like water.

Methods of treatment of watery diarrhea

Only traditional medicine can not get rid of severe diarrhea, so the question of patients about what to do and what therapy to prefer in the situation with diarrhea, which is like water, any specialist will answer that only complex treatment can help. Therapy of this bowel dysfunction should include 3 stages:

  • Treatment of diarrhea with water is possible only against a background of a special diet that facilitates the work of the intestines;
  • The use of antidiarrhoeal drugs is also mandatory;
  • Since water diarrhea often causes dehydration, in order to prevent this, you need a lot of salt solutions. Additional fluid that enters the body will also help to avoid intoxication.

Also on the question of what to do with diarrhea with water in addition to drug therapy, any specialist will advise the use of traditional medicine. All of them have been tested for centuries and help to cope with such an unpleasant phenomenon as water diarrhea quite quickly. However, it must be remembered that this should only be done in conjunction with proper nutrition.

The very first thing that it is recommended to do with strong diarrhea with water is to strengthen the drinking regime. The ideal option in this case is the use of a large amount of mineral alkaline water. Pregnant women and children are recommended non-carbonated version of this drink. But the use of power engineers and alcoholic beverages in this disease is strictly forbidden, since in addition to promoting not only the increased development of dehydration, but also removing the necessary salts and minerals from the human body. In medical practice many cases of a lethal outcome are known after their use of such a disorder of the stomach.

The next thing that an adult patient will need to do in order for the treatment of such an unpleasant symptom, as liquid stools to be more effective, is to organize the right diet. Food, which is recommended to use in this disease, in no case should overload the intestines. The most curative products for this pathology are rice or decoction of it, hard-boiled eggs and bananas. Nutrition for watery diarrhea in children and adults is used quite the same.

Patients are also often asked what to do for preventive purposes in order to avoid the occurrence of an illness. The methods used to protect themselves and others from this ailment are simple enough. The main thing is to observe the rules of personal hygiene and careful washing of vegetables and fruits before consumption. Also, scrupulous heat treatment of all food products is necessary. In addition, in any case, you can not drink raw tap water for drinking. It must necessarily be boiled.

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