Bartholin gland cyst: treatment without surgery

Bartholin gland cyst is a serious gynecological disease that worsens the quality of a woman's life. It is important to diagnose the pathology in time and start treatment. Timely therapy will quickly restore health. If you do not start treatment in time, you may have an abscess( abscess, abscess) cysts, and in this case you can not do without surgery. Sometimes an abscess can open itself, but this is very rare, so do not expect a "miracle".In some patients, the abscess is opened to the inside, which provokes infection of the tissues. It is necessary to seek medical help in time for the disease of the bartholin gland cyst, then it is possible to treat without surgery.

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Features of the disease

Bartholin gland is located between large andsmall labia, at their base. Excretory ducts open in the upper part of the labia minora. The main task of this gland is to isolate a special substance of a grayish hue. Due to its composition, mucus provides a high-quality moisturizing of the entrance to the vagina, which will make it painless to have sex.

The bartholin gland cyst is a small neoplasm located inside the gland. It has a rounded shape, and inside is a secret. From other tissues it is separated by a dense capsule. The cyst is formed due to the closure of the gland duct. Such a violation does not allow enough lubricant to be released into the vagina, which causes discomfort during sexual intercourse. If untimely treatment cyst increases in size, which does not allow full movement. In addition, it appears purulent neoplasm, which leads to the development of infection. Photo of the cyst in women is located below.

Causes of neoplasm

As a rule, the cyst is formed due to the closure of the secretion of mucus from the glands, which adversely affects a woman's health. The accumulated substance causes puffiness, an inflammatory process, which forms the compaction of the walls and the formation of the cyst. Its dimensions can reach up to 8 cm. Such a disorder is provoked by a variety of pathogenic bacteria:

  • infections that transmit sexually( ureaplasma, trichomonas, gonorrhea, mycoplasma, chlamydia);
  • persistent candidiasis( thrush);
  • with weakened immunity actively develops E. coli, staphylococcus or streptococcus.

Development of cysts in the Bartholin gland zone is facilitated by such unfavorable underlying causes:

  • non-observance of personal hygiene of the genitals, especially during critical days;
  • mechanical skin damage, with depilation;
  • regularly wear tight underwear. It does not allow the secret to be fully allocated, so stagnation occurs, because of what a cyst is formed;
  • use of underwear made of synthetic fabrics and strings;
  • promiscuous sexual intercourse;
  • for abortion or other gynecological interventions;
  • irregular intercourse;
  • sexual relations with insufficient release of lubricant, provokes infection;
  • presence in the body of a chronic infection;
  • lack of vitamins;
  • general and local cooling.

Symptoms of having a cyst

At the initial stage the neoplasm is practically not noticeable, it does not have a pronounced inflammatory process, its dimensions are small, so it can be noticed only by the doctor on examination. The only thing that can signal ailment is a small swelling at the base of large and small lips, closer to the anus. In a neglected state, the cyst is manifested by severe symptoms:

  • labia swollen;
  • under the skin appears a circular tumor;
  • feels pain when walking, palpating and intercourse;
  • there is inflammation, which provokes suppuration;
  • there is a ripple in the place of defeat;
  • general malaise, accompanied by weakness and apathy;
  • appears nausea and vomiting;
  • can raise the temperature to 40 °.

Important! It is forbidden to open an abscess on your own. Incorrect actions cause infection and pathological discharge from the vagina.

Education cysts during pregnancy

A woman during pregnancy can form a cyst of the bartholin gland. As a rule, the neoplasm appears due to weakened immunity during this period. The body has no reliable protection, so the infection is easier to hit the future mom. At the initial stage, when the neoplasm is not inflamed, it does not affect the course of pregnancy in any way. If the cyst is inflamed, then the physicians should quickly identify the infection that caused the pathology and severity of the symptoms. If possible, drainage is postponed for the postpartum period. The fact is that during pregnancy the blood flow is directed to the genitals, which can lead to bleeding.

In severe cases, medical care can not be avoided. A woman is recommended to take the permissible antibiotics that will eliminate the infection. If such therapy does not help, then surgery is performed. It is made under general anesthesia and prolong the course of antibiotics.

If a woman appears several times before the onset of a cyst, the doctor may recommend removing the bartholin glands. The cyst of these small organs adversely affects the future baby:

  • if the formation appeared at the time of conception and up to 22 weeks, the fetus uniquely becomes infected and this leads to a miscarriage;
  • if infection occurred on the last terms, then the percentage of the fetal lesion is very high, this pathology will cause premature birth. In addition, the infection will affect the eyes, lungs and umbilical ring.

How to cure a bartholin gland cyst without surgery

Treatment should be prescribed only by a doctor and it is aimed at restoring the gland, eliminating infection and relieving painful symptoms. Non-surgical therapy is prescribed with frequent relapses, as well as in the initial stage. Typically, treatment in itself includes:

  • antibiotics that eliminate an infectious agent( Doxycycline, Ceftriaxone, Doccef);
  • application of ointments( Vishnevsky, Ichthyol, Levomikol);
  • antiseptic solutions for washing( Miramistin, Chlorhexidine, Chlorophyllipt);
  • immunostimulants.

Usually, in addition to the main treatment, the doctor recommends physiotherapy procedures:

  • UHF;
  • mud pack;
  • magnetotherapy;
  • infrared lighting;
  • heating procedures based on paraffin and ozocerite.

Important! Can the cyst itself resolve? At an early date, if you follow the doctor's recommendations, education can resolve. However, in the neglected form, one should not expect a "miracle", the cyst itself will not go away, it needs only to be deleted.

Large cysts: how to treat

If the cyst size is more than 2 cm and it causes painful sensations when walking and intercourse, it is definitely recommended to remove the cyst. The following methods are used:

  • opening and installation of drainage;
  • marsupialization of the Bartholin gland cyst, the procedure allows to keep the gland and its duct;
  • word-catheter installation. Make a small incision and remove the contents, and in place of the wound put a small tube. It is set for several weeks, during this time a new duct is formed;
  • puncture neoplasm, that is, the cyst is punctured and sucked from it;
  • vyluschivanie cyst Bartholin's gland, that is, the formation is carefully removed, so that it does not rupture.

Treatment with folk remedies

The main drug treatment, it is always necessary to supplement the old "grandmother" methods. Treatment at home is directed at raising the immunity and eliminating the infection. To prepare a fortifying medicine, you need to take 200 g of nuts and grind them. Add 0.5 liters of liquid honey, 1 teaspoon of dill seed and 2 large cloves of garlic( pre-cook).All must be well mixed and taken 4 times a day before eating.

You can supplement the treatment with trays made of natural herbs. They effectively eliminate inflammation and destroy harmful bacteria. For the procedure, it is recommended to use such herbs:

  • calendula;
  • oak bark;
  • chamomile.

If the doctor does not respond in time and does not start effective therapy, the disease causes serious consequences. For example, inflammation develops, an abscess appears, which can lead to a fistula. Women's health can only restore the correct treatment regimen, so do not waste time, and start the disease.

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