Treatment of diarrhea at home, treat diarrhea with drugs, how to cure at home?

This trouble, like an upset stomach, can occur very often and always takes a person by surprise. Although everyone knows that to conduct adequate treatment for diarrhea, one should consult a specialist to determine its root cause, it is not always possible in the first hours of the emergence of a loose stool. The most optimal way out of this situation will be emergency therapy for diarrhea at home. If unexpected diarrhea is not caused by any serious illness, these measures are enough to normalize the stool in a short time and get rid of the unpleasant symptoms accompanying it.

Treatment of diarrhea at home usually does not cause any difficulties, because the funds necessary for its conduct are always at hand. Often you can hear the question about what measures should be taken firstly with the appearance of diarrhea and how to protect yourself from dehydration, which it can cause. To quickly stop such a syndrome as diarrhea, at home it is necessary to take the following steps from the first minutes of her appearance:

  1. As soon as there were unpleasant sensations and rumbling in the abdomen, the number of urges for defecation increased, and the stools took a watery consistency,.Any food in the stomach will only intensify diarrhea, and at home it will be much harder to get rid of it. Only when hunger can not be tolerated, should you drink rice decoction without salt and sugar. It has a strong astringent effect, but it is not recommended to take it at the first manifestations of diarrhea, because all pathogenic microorganisms that provoke diarrhea are taken out of the body with watery excrement;
  2. It is necessary at home, before visiting a specialist, to create all conditions for strengthening the drinking regime. This measure will prevent the possible development of dehydration. The best means for this are, in the absence of special pharmacy products, black or herbal tea, mineral water, decoctions of dried fruits. At home, to restore the water-salt balance, disturbed by diarrhea, you can prepare and such a good tool as a solution of boiled water and salt( 1 liter requires a tablespoon);
  3. In the period of home treatment of diarrhea, in addition to receiving the necessary funds, you should completely exclude from the human diet products such as sweets, milk, fatty and fried foods, as well as raw vegetables and fruits. Only this condition will not help to provoke the further development of diarrhea;
  4. If there is a suspicion that the infective factor has become the cause of the loose stool, the activated charcoal available in each medicine chest should be taken in order to remove toxins from the intestine and reduce flatulence. Consume it from the calculation of 1 tablet per 10 kilograms of body weight. It should also be noted that it should be chewed well or chopped;
  5. It is also necessary to create conditions for the restoration of normal intestinal microflora, disturbed during diarrhea. At home, this can easily be done with sour-milk drinks containing live bifidobacteria.

Treatment of diarrhea with home remedies

The conditions for stopping diarrhea without using this specialized medical care are available to any person. But they are applicable only if the diarrhea lasts no more than 3 days( for the child the duration of it should not exceed 1 day) and in the excrements there are no admixtures of mucus or blood, otherwise it is impossible to do without referring to a specialist, since these menacing signs canbe a manifestation of a dangerous disease. To cure diarrhea at home, you can use the following recipes:

  • The berries of some plants are ideal for both emergency therapy and the prevention of loose stools. Most often with this pathological dysfunction of the intestine used blueberries or cherry. To eliminate diarrhea at home, broths are prepared from them. And for the prevention of diarrhea, you can use jelly cooked on their basis;
  • Very quickly, potato starch can help. To prepare the medicine, you need a teaspoon of it to dissolve in half a glass of water and drink immediately;
  • At home, for the stopping of diarrhea, decoction of onion peel is also used. It's enough to boil a handful of raw materials in a liter of water on a weak fire, and the effective preparation is ready;
  • Many people use such a tool as tea-making. It is chewed dry and washed down with water.

All these recipes are very popular due to the fact that in addition to their effectiveness they are available to anyone and easy to prepare. In addition, they are completely safe, as they do not cause addiction or side effects even in the case of prolonged use.

Home treatment for diarrhea should only be done if the bowel provides sparing conditions for functioning. This during diarrhea can be achieved, as already mentioned above, by restrictions in the diet. Since the beginning of diarrhea, you should completely revise your menu, excluding from it all foods that are hard to digest or can have an irritating effect on the mucosa. Also, in therapeutic and prophylactic purposes with long-term diarrhea, rice porridge should be included in the daily menu. It creates optimal conditions for fixing watery feces. A well-adjusted home diet is necessary for a stomach disorder during any therapeutic interventions.

But it should also be taken into account that as soon as the first results appeared from the treatment of diarrhea at home, and diarrhea stopped, it is necessary to stop using fixative food and teas so that the opposite effect does not appear and constipation does not appear. To continue it is necessary to drink only sour-milk drinks. They at any time have a beneficial effect on the microflora of the intestine and help increase the number of beneficial bacteria that normalize the digestive tract.

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