The main differences between hypertension and hypertension

1 Why does the pressure increase?

Everyone knows that the norm for blood pressure is considered indicators on a 120/80 tonometer. The increase in these figures becomes a sign of hypertension, while the pressure does not rise episodically, but there is a steady increase in it over a long period. The main sign of hypertensive disease is the appearance of hypertension. It becomes clear that this is not an isolated disease, but a symptom that characterizes the underlying disease.

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There are many reasons for the appearance of hypertension in a person. Here are the main factors contributing to a steady increase in digits on the blood pressure monitor:

  1. Kidney disorders associated with fluid retention in the body.
  2. Diabetes mellitus causes increased blood pressure.
  3. Endocrine disorders.
  4. Obesity often contributes to worsening of the heart and increasing blood pressure.
  5. Increased body weight and sedentary image.
  6. Harmful habits( addiction to alcohol and tobacco) lead to violations in the work of internal organs and cause a persistent increase in pressure.
  7. Salt prevents the removal of fluid from the body and becomes a prerequisite for increasing pressure. Excessive use of it threatens with health problems.
  8. During menopause, women often experience hot flashes, which are caused by increased pressure.
  9. The use of drugs that interfere with pregnancy can result in increased blood pressure.
  10. Some drugs( eg glucocorticosteroids) can lead to hypertension. Therefore, their reception should be done with a control of the values ​​on the blood pressure monitor.
  11. Genetic diseases can cause hypertension.
  12. CNS diseases lead to problems such as increased pressure.

Hypertension is caused by emotional overstrain, regular long-term physical exertion. Often, it occurs as a result of a brain injury or a concussion. Hypertension mainly worries people of the older generation, especially if the person is diagnosed with atherosclerosis.

2 Signs of the disease

The main symptoms of hypertension at an early stage can be described as follows:

  • pulsating pain in the head;
  • often has dizziness, it is accompanied by a noise in the ears;
  • man is constantly in a tense state, he is irritated even by trifles;
  • , some patients complain of a sense of anxiety that persists them;
  • general deterioration leads to a decrease in performance;
  • skin on the face becomes rosy, often swollen;
  • complaints of chills and excessive sweating.

3 How is the diagnosis?

To diagnose hypertension, a person is measured for several days in a row. Elevated rates, which are observed for a long time( several weeks in a row), indicate hypertension. And already to reveal the reason of a hypertension which is accompanied by the raised or increased pressure, the doctor should. He does this on the basis of collected data on the patient's health, diagnostic measures( pressure measurement, cardiac ECG, renal ultrasound, blood and urine analysis, hormonal background).

It is necessary to find out all the accompanying violations, a hereditary predisposition. It is especially important to find out if the patient has diabetes mellitus, thyroid problems, because these conditions most often contribute to increasing blood pressure.

Based on this, it is possible to determine the difference between one concept from another: hypertension is a symptom, the main symptom, and hypertension is a separate state, the symptoms of which are an increased pressure index and other deviations in the health of internal organs and systems.

4 Treatment measures

Hypertension is a signal that there are some health problems in the body, which means that treatment is required. But, before he is appointed, it is necessary to identify the main cause of increased pressure indices. The tactics of treatment will depend on this.


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If the whole matter is in the disease of an organ, then it is necessary to prescribe medications that help to restore its work and protect it from illness. Drugs are selected in each case individually, because the body reacts differently to them.

Disease at an early stage can be tried not by medication, but by adjusting some parameters:

  1. In overweight patients, the required normal weight is calculated and a diet is prescribed to achieve the desired results.
  2. Adjusting the power supply brings some relief to all patients. From the menu, fats of animal origin are removed, the ration is enriched with vegetable and fruit dishes, juices.
  3. The restriction of salt intake allows you to adjust the amount of fluid in the body, the heart and kidneys work without increased loads, the pressure slowly normalizes.
  4. Every body needs to move. But the load must be constant and small. Periodic spikes in physical activity lead to a worsening of the condition. Better daily gymnastics for a quarter of an hour than a 2-3-day workout before the seventh sweat in the gym.
  5. Refusing to smoke, a person prolongs his organs and blood vessels life, and this helps improve well-being and reduce pressure. Throwing is not strongly recommended, but gradually reduce the number of cigarettes quite realistically. Then, giving up smoking will not be a serious test. But the extra time for a happy life will increase.
  6. Alcohol gives a temporary improvement in hypertension. It seems to a person that he feels much better after a glass of wine or vodka. But this phenomenon is temporary, the dilated vessels narrow again, the head starts to ache, the pressure rises. So no glass of vodka is worth it to worsen your health. Alcohol - the worst enemy of the body, and especially negatively it affects the work of the heart, destroying the liver. Refusal of alcohol allows you to level blood pressure indicators and prolong the patient's life. In addition, the reception of all medicines is prohibited together with alcoholic beverages.
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Therapy for hypertension and the treatment of hypertension are distinguished by the following prescriptions:

  1. The diagnosis of hypertension requires additional examination and identification of the cause of this condition. After determining the primary source of health problems, drugs are used to treat it.
  2. Hypertension is the main disease, increasing pressure at which may not be associated with internal disease. The change in pressure in hypertension is caused by psychological causes, physical stress. Therefore, the tactics of treatment are somewhat different.
  3. In hypertension, a person needs to establish a psycho-emotional state, exclude excessive disturbances and physical stress. If the changes did not lead to an improvement in the condition, then prescribing drugs is possible. Initially prescribed herbal remedies that promote sedation, then go on to medical treatment: diuretics will help to remove puffiness, calcium antagonists, beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors are also used. Often drugs combine, this allows you to achieve the best therapeutic effect.

5 Useful recommendations

Hypertensive disease is a disease that is chronic. The main symptom of the disease is a prolonged increase in the indices of the tonometer when measuring pressure. In addition, a person has increased overall and muscle tone.

Arterial hypertension is a symptom not only in hypertension, but also in other diseases of internal organs( for example, the kidneys, the heart).This is the difference between hypertension and hypertension.

Having examined the signs of one condition and another, it can be concluded that hypertension and hypertension have minor differences, but hypertension is a consequence of hypertension.

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