Tablets from pinworms in adults and children, which are best and effective for treating enterobiasis in humans?

Effective and quick to destroy any kinds of parasitic worms can tablets. From pinworms, which cause not only in children, but also in an adult, such an unpleasant disease as enterobiasis, several varieties of these medicines have been developed. But independent treatment of helminthic invasions is not recommended for them, as they are all quite toxic and can cause the development of numerous side reactions. Even the most popular and effective of them can be prescribed only by a doctor after carrying out a diagnostic study and ascertaining the degree of infection. Due to the fact that patients often ask questions about which pills to drink from pinworms best, it is worth taking a brief overview. But it is first necessary to recall the rules of therapeutic measures for the destruction of these small helminths, because without their observance they can not get rid of invasion, as self-infection will constantly occur and enterobiosis will go to a chronic stage. Tablets against pinworms will help if the following rules are observed:

  • The nails are cut very shortly, as eggs of parasitic worms accumulate under them, trapped there due to combing the itching areas of the anus;
  • Hands after each visit to the bathroom and before meals must be washed with antibacterial soap;
  • Itching is not recommended;
  • Both adults and children should sleep with tablets in tightly fitting underwear. This will greatly reduce the possibility of calculating;
  • At night, it is recommended to wear thin cotton gloves;
  • Bed and underwear is washed with boiling and ironed on 2 sides;
  • Daily wet cleaning using disinfectants should be carried out.

Tablets for adult pinworms

The mechanism of action of pharmacological preparations against roundworms is that they work at the cellular level and provoke the formation of neuromuscular blockade in adult individuals or disrupt their digestive system, after which they die and are naturally eliminated with calculous massesfrom the body. To increase the effectiveness of medicamentous drugs from nematodes before their intake, it is recommended to adjust the diet, eliminating all fixing products from it. One day before the treatment of pinworms with tablets, a large number of vegetables and fruits should be included in the menu, as vegetable fiber contributes to the intensification of intestinal peristalsis, and this will facilitate the withdrawal of helminths paralyzed by the drug outside.

During the treatment of enterobiasis, it is recommended to start taking pills from pinworms in the morning. In the evening, a cleansing enema is made or laxatives are taken, which will also contribute to the withdrawal of adult specimens of dead worms from the body and will not allow their decomposition in the intestine. In the event that a person with enterobiosis is severely itchy, it is necessary to start taking antihistamines that eliminate this symptom. The best tablets from the allergy caused by pinworms are Zodak and Zetrin. Except for them the itch is removed by a soda enema.

All anthelmintic preparations have different specific actions. It depends on which active substance is its component. Depending on it, they can only kill the parasites, or they can also remove them from the intestine after destruction. In the first case, the treatment of pinworms requires a joint intake of laxatives and adsorptive tablets that will purify the patient's body of decaying adult specimens of worms and toxins that are released at the same time. All drugs are divided into groups according to the main active ingredient in them:

  • Praziquantel and Biltricide, based on praziquantel, paralyze parasites;
  • Wormil, Gelmadol and Nemosol, of which the active substance is albendazole, destroy not only adult worms, but also their larvae;
  • Levamisole, which is the basis of Decaris tablets, not only kills pinworm, but also has an immunostimulating effect;
  • Mebendazole, contained in such drugs as Mebex, Wormin, Vermokar and Vermox, disrupts the process of cellular nutrition in worms, which causes their rapid death;
  • Pirantel, Helmintox and Nemocid contain pyrantel, which has anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, antifungal and antibacterial properties. Thanks to them, these tablets, in addition to eliminating and removing the pinworm from the intestines, also contribute to the rapid cleansing and recovery of the patient's body.

The life cycle of round worms can be violated with the greatest efficiency and by such tablets as Piperazine, which exerts a paralyzing effect on adult pinworms and their larvae. Deworming by them at primary reception makes 90-95%, and at repeated reaches 100%;

Tablets from pinworms for children

Statistics show that the risk of enterobiosis in a small child is significantly higher than in other age groups of people. Almost 50% of infants under 2 years of age suffer from helminthiases, and among preschool children this number is significantly increased. If pinworms are found in children, treatment should be started immediately. Tablets in this case is prescribed only by the doctor based on the age, weight and general condition of the child. Simultaneously with the therapeutic medication course, children with infestation must strictly observe hygienic rules. To drink pills from pinworms should not only the child, but all members of the family of the invader. If all the requirements for carrying out these therapeutic measures are met, in 3-4 weeks you can completely get rid of parasites.

In case this unpleasant misfortune has a severe and protracted shape in the baby, all medical measures for worm elimination, selected by a specialist, should be performed 3 times with breaks of 2 weeks. To get rid of children's pinworms, they are most often prescribed the taking of tablets or suspensions of Albendazole, Nemosol or Pirantel. It is not possible to tell which of these medicines is better, since their effect is almost identical:

  • Tablets of Albendazole and its analogue of Nemosol disrupt the microtubular apparatus of the cell in pinworms, which causes biochemical disturbances in it, namely, a violation of glucose transport. This action of the drug suppresses cellular division in parasitic worms, that oppression of egg-laying and developing larvae;
  • Pirantel suppresses neuromuscular conduction in helminths, thus causing their paralysis. Immobilized worms are detached from the walls of the intestine and can be easily removed to the outside.

Sometimes it happens that a person who has pinworms does not help the tablets, even though the best drugs have been chosen. Experts comment on this situation so that the treatment was conducted without observing the hygiene rules necessary for it. It is this omission that makes any therapeutic measures to get rid of this type of helminths useless, since the patient's self-infection constantly occurs.

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