Chronic non-ulcer sigmoiditis - symptoms and treatment

Chronic sigmoiditis is a disease that indicates the incomplete treatment of the acute form of the disease. Symptoms of the disease and the medical manipulations themselves are very similar between the forms.

Sigmoiditis will primarily characterize the manifestation of such symptoms as:

  • Painful sensations that are localized in the left ileal region. It should be noted that there are cases when painful sensations are given to the left leg or lumbar region.
  • There is diarrhea or vice versa constipation.
  • In fecal masses, one can observe blood, mucous and putrefactive particles. In addition, feces have a foul odor.
  • Constant accompaniment of flatulence and rumbling in the abdomen.
  • In general terms, the state of health worsens, the working capacity and body weight decrease.

In a number of cases, the appearance of a symptom such as an increase in body temperature, but with a chronic non-ulcer sigmoiditis is rarely observed. Also, the patient with a chronic illness noted an increase in urges to act of defecation. This is due to the irritative reaction of the intestinal walls. Undoubtedly, the above symptoms may indicate the presence of poisoning or the abuse of a certain type of food, however, they are precisely a signal for the growth of pathological processes in the intestinal cavity.

For non-ulcer sigmoiditis, it is characteristic that there is a constant feeling of rasporazaniya in the abdomen and painful sensations that are manifested in the act of defecation, and can give into the perineum. The patient has insomnia, fast fatigue. In addition, a patient with non-ulcer disease is very irritable.

It should be noted that the signs of the disease begin to manifest not immediately, and also their occurrence is caused by the influence of unfavorable factors, for example:

  • Stress.
  • Non-compliance with the diet.
  • The body is extremely supercooled.
  • Injury.
  • The presence of acute infectious diseases.

It should be noted that the signs of chronic sigmoiditis vary depending on the cause and etiology of the disease.

Treatment of chronic sigmoiditis

In order to carry out competent treatment of chronic sigmoiditis, methods such as:

  • are used. Carrying out antibacterial therapeutic measures, the purpose of which is to destroy pathogenic bacteria in the body.
  • Elimination of dysbiosis through the use of drugs to restore the normal state of the intestinal microflora.
  • Carrying out infusion therapeutic measures. In this case, prescribes the maintenance of a solution of glucose, blood plasma, preparations with iron.
  • In case of severe development of the disease, a surgical intervention is performed on the plastic of the vessels, which feed the intestine and the recovery process of its mucosa.
  • Other methods, the purpose of which is to eliminate intoxication processes, in order to increase the body's defenses.

Drug treatment of chronic sigmoiditis is not only in the intake of antibacterial agents, but it also prescribes the administration of antispasmodics and analgesics. In addition, the patient will be prescribed the use of funds that have an astringent and enveloping property.

If exacerbation of non-ulcer sigmoiditis is observed, compliance with bed rest and certain specialized diets is required. After the signs of an exacerbation of a chronic disease have disappeared, the patient should take several months of drugs that affect the recovery process of the intestinal microflora. No less good result is and phytotherapy, which has an intestinal motility astringent, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, the specialist prescribes compliance with the drinking regime and taking vitamins.

It should be noted that the diet is low-calorie enough, so patients with non-ulcer can lose several kilograms of body weight. Before you start a diet, you need to get medical advice. Maintaining a diet for chronic sigmoiditis is carried out until the acute manifestations of the illness subsided. After the diet has been discontinued, a return to full nutrition is possible with the exclusion of hard-assimilated, fatty and high-calorie dishes.

In order to properly treat chronic sigmoiditis, it is recommended that with strong painful sensations and the appearance of diarrhea, it is recommended to abandon completely the consumption of food. At this time, you need to drink plenty of fluids. So, you can use green and strong black tea, decoction from the fruit of dog rose, currant or bird cherry. All meals of cold and hot kind are excluded from the diet, and salt consumption is limited. The patient with a chronic non-ulcer sigmoid will have to refuse to take fatty foods, smoked foods, spices and alcoholic beverages. To normalize the activity of the digestive system, the use of folk remedies is recommended.

Folk remedies based on the preparation of broths from various herbal collections, with chronic sigmoiditis, are most effective for treating the disease. They help in the abatement of inflammation, have a beneficial effect on intestinal functionality. This is due to the fact that there is a strong impact.

Treatment of chronic sigmoiditis should be prescribed only by a specialist who selects all manipulations while observing the individuality of the organism. It is enough to follow the medical instructions in order to reduce the risk of a new exacerbation of chronic non-ulcer sigmoiditis.

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