Drug for dry cough for adults and children: effective and inexpensive means

Cough is one of the most unpleasant symptoms that requires immediate attention to a doctor. It arises as a protective reaction of the body to the congestion in the respiratory organs of mucus or when an alien body enters. Most of all the anguish he brings with the effect on the reflex zones in the bronchi, trachea. Sometimes the cause of its occurrence becomes and CNS excitation.

In what diseases does the symptom of

occur? It often occurs in acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory system. The cause is bronchitis, influenza, adeno-, rhinovirus infection, colds, laryngitis, pharyngitis. The likelihood of developing symptoms and with various pathological processes in the lungs is great. Such diseases include:

  • pneumonia,
  • tuberculosis,
  • bronchoadenitis.

There are other diseases that lead to the appearance of a cough, for example, a tumor, runny nose, dyskinesia, swelling, and perspiration. Despite the high incidence of the symptom, it is not an independent sign of the disease, therefore, the features of the manifestation of cough and the course of the disease are necessarily taken into account.

Sometimes it is a symptom of bettoleptic syndrome. This is a cough-and-cerebral syndrome, which is noted in men over 45 who have chronic lung diseases. In this case, during coughing, there is a brief twilight consciousness, fainting and urinary incontinence.

About the causes of cough, says Dr. Komarovsky:

Cough medicine

Treatment of the disease depends on the cause, which became a prerequisite for the development of the disease. In recent years, doctors have paid much attention to an integrated approach, including the use of medications in conjunction with procedures and folk remedies.

Medical preparations

All medicines can be divided into several groups:

  • antitussive.
  • is mucolytic.
  • expectorant.
  • is an anti-inflammatory.
  • combined.

The first type blocks the cough reflex in the brain.

Drugs include Codeine, Ethylmorphine and some others. More often in modern medicine non-narcotic drugs are used, for example, Sinekod, Sedotussin. The latter do not cause addiction, do not lead to inhibition of the function of the brain.

The mucosal remedies facilitate the symptoms of the disease by diluting sputum. Are actual when there is a thick and viscous bronchial mucus. These include:

  • ACS,
  • Wiks,
  • Among the cheap means Mukaltin.

Mucolic remedy for cough

This type refers to:

  • Bronchocin,
  • Glyceram,
  • syrup Dr. Mom.

To expectorant analogs of artificial origin are such drugs as:

  • Bisolvan,
  • Medovent,
  • Solvin.

Anti-inflammatory drugs with bronchodilator effect are of particular importance in the treatment. They stop dry cough, but have an expectorant effect. In the list of such drugs Ascoril, Gedelix.


At the initial stage of the development of the disease, children are prescribed remedies that suppress inflammation on the mucous membrane. The most commonly prescribed drugs based on the extract of ivy, plantain, althea. But they are not assigned to babies with neurological pathology and the development of a strong emetic reflex.

Reviews and review of medicines for cough:

Folk recipes

A classic product that allows you to get rid of a cough is honey. Quickly remove the attack will help a glass of warm milk with a teaspoon of honey. The latter increases the production of mucus and saliva, and glucose is responsible for the formation of substances that depress the center of the cough. You can make yourself a medicine. For this, take 2 yolks, 2 large spoons of butter, as much honey and a teaspoon of flour. The mixture is beaten and taken on a teaspoonful. Children dose is reduced by 2 times.

The raspberry also belongs to traditional medicine. In its composition, there are many biologically active substances. They also appear in antitoxic action. Take the raspberry branches, rinse them and pour boiling water for an hour. Such a tool will help reduce the temperature. May be useful and just leaves. They are brewed and drunk instead of tea. Such a tool will help to cope with an unpleasant symptom of the disease.

Reviews good cough and ginger. It has an expectorant, bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. It can not be used for peptic ulcer, hepatitis. Actively applied for the treatment of adults, but not shown for effects on the child's body to 2 years. You can prepare a useful and tasty drink based on lemon and ginger. In a liter of water, ginger and dry lemon grass are added. The composition is boiled for 10 minutes. In a strained drink, add a few drops of lemon.

If the cough is dry, inexpensive, the licorice root will be an effective remedy. A tablespoon of roots is poured into a glass of boiling water and brought to a boil. It is necessary that the formulation is infused for 2 hours. Quickly cope with dry and unproductive cough will help and a three-color violet, which is poured into two glasses of boiling water.

Folk remedies for cough

Procedures for

Effective are:

  • Rinses. They do an excellent job if the cough is accompanied by a sore throat. This procedure helps wash the mucus from the tonsils, and therefore, reduces the likelihood of its entry into the lower respiratory tract.
  • Compresses. They can not be placed at high temperature and applied to the region of the location of the heart. They are good at the transition of dry cough to wet.
  • Inhalation. Help to make phlegm more fluid and faster to withdraw it from the respiratory system.

Another method is to carry out a massage. He is especially good at bedtime. To intensify the effect, warming or therapeutic ointments are used. Instead of the latter, cocoa butter or baby cream is used. Perform a back massage should be 20-30 minutes. This will help relax the bronchi and effectively clean them of mucus accumulation.

Among the physical procedures are popular:

  • magnetotherapy,
  • UHF,
  • electrophoresis.

With UHF, the body experiences high-frequency current. With the help of special electrodes the electric field removes inflammation, relieves spasms, positively influences immunity. Magnetotherapy has proved successful. It stimulates tissue renewal, improves metabolic processes and relieves of painful sensations.

How to make inhalations from a cough, see in our video:


Modern medications are very effective, but differ in the rate of exposure. For example, antitussives relieve the attack after 0.5-2 hours, but with the use should follow the instructions. If people's methods are used, then we will have to wait a long time. When a symptom appears against a background of a viral or bacterial nature, it disappears after the treatment of the underlying disease.

If the disease is protracted, it is possible that the irritant is allergens or certain substances. In the absence of treatment, bronchial asthma may develop, requiring prolonged treatment.

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