Ascarids - the causes( causative agent, source of infection) of ascariasis, from which they appear, where do they come from, how do they get into the human body?

Ascaridosis is a parasitic disease caused by worm-ascarids. The causative agent of this disease is often found in countries with a warm and humid climate. These worms are not found only in deserts and in the permafrost zone. According to WHO statistics, about 1.2 billion people are infected in the world. Every year about 100 thousand people die from infection with these helminths. Most often, ascarids are found in children, the reasons for this lie in the non-observance of hygiene rules.

The source of ascaridosis is a sick person. But on contact with it as such, infection does not occur, because eggs that stand out with feces must mature in the ground and only then they become invasive. That is why this disease is sometimes called geogelmintosis. The causative agent is a roundworm, which can migrate throughout the body.

Where do askarids come from? Eggs of the pathogen enter the external environment together with the feces immature, they must mature for a while in the soil under certain conditions. In the ground, they can remain viable up to 7 years. Sources of ascaridosis can be insects, as well as various objects and food contaminated with eggs of helminths.

The main cause of ascaridosis is non-compliance with hygiene rules. You can get infected with this disease at any time of the year, the fact is that the eggs of the pathogen are very resistant to various external influences. As a rule, in the summer season there is a peak of infection. The source of infection in this period are unwashed vegetables and fruits. Especially dangerous is the favorite strawberry, it grows close to the ground, and besides it has a rough surface where eggs of pathogens can accumulate, it is difficult to wash.

What are the causes of ascaridosis?

What do these helminths appear in humans? All objects that come into contact with the soil can become a source of contamination. Especially often people suffer from parasitic diseases in areas with an unfavorable epidemiological situation. For example, when sewage enters sewers from sewage.

Sources of infection can be pets, this applies to those animals that do not go for a walk. On their wool, the parasite-infectious eggs of the invaders can turn out to be dust, which is brought into the house on the sole of the shoe. This is why you must wash your hands before eating and after contact with the animal.

The causes of ascariasis are dependent on the external environment, namely climate, sanitation, and hygienic skills of the population. As a rule, the disease is common in the villages, the causes of infection are associated with the peculiarity of life. Very often, the pathogens in humans appear after the summer season.

Why do ascarids appear?

The reason is simple - a person swallows the eggs of helminths and they penetrate into the small intestine. Within a few hours, larvae hatch from the eggs. The causative agents of ascariasis penetrate through the walls of the organ into the blood vessels and thus spread to all organs.

The incubation period of ascariasis with a massive attack of worms is usually short 1-2 days. With a small invasion, the disease can occur almost asymptomatically. Larvae with blood flow first penetrate the liver, then find themselves in the heart, in the lungs, after which they fall into the pharynx, where the patient swallows them again. Thus, the worm-pathogens of the disease are repeatedly found in the intestine and there are transformed into adult individuals.

Once the ascarid gets into the human body, the migration phase begins almost immediately, which lasts about 10 days. This period is characterized by allergic rashes. The second phase of the disease is called intestinal, it leads to a deficiency of vitamins and to problems with digestion. Once the ascarids hit the patient, they cause mechanical damage to the organs. With a massive attack of worms, pathogens may appear in the small intestine.

Causes of ascaris in a child

Parasitic diseases are most often affected by children. If the child has had roundworms, this does not mean that his parents do not follow him. Simply the children are very curious, they are eager to learn the world in all possible ways, for example, they can try the sand for taste or eat unwashed strawberries from the garden. This is what causes helminths in children.

There is another reason for the high prevalence of ascariasis among children, the child's body defenses can not resist the invasion of uninvited guests. At absolutely healthy adult people, worms practically do not happen, because immunity works well.

The causes of ascaris are now clear, if a person suspected intruders, then you should always consult a doctor. You can not be treated with folk recipes, they can significantly worsen the situation and lead to an intensive migration of worms through the body.

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