Treatment of opisthorchiasis in adults, how can you cure opisthorchia - the scheme and methods of therapy, the doctor, where to treat - in a hospital, a hospital, can we cure, how much is treated?

Opisthorchiasis is a disease that is caused by flatworms. This disease causes various lesions of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. Infection usually occurs after eating insufficiently thermally processed fish. Treatment of opisthorchiasis is mandatory, otherwise the disease can lead to serious health problems. It affects not only adults, but also children, as well as fish-eating animals. Treatment of opisthorchiasis in adults and children is complex, it is prescribed after examination and confirmation of diagnosis.

How to treat opisthorchiasis? Therapy includes the reception of a whole complex of medicines. The volume of medicines and the treatment regimen primarily depend on the severity of helminthic invasion and the general condition of the patient. Usually adults are prescribed anthelmintic, choleretic and enzyme medicines, as well as pills that affect the motility of the digestive system.

The treatment regimen for opisthorchiasis also includes a special diet, which must be observed, otherwise the process of recovery will be delayed. Adults are advised to eat often and in batches, from the diet it is necessary to exclude fried and fatty foods, as well as food that is heavily seasoned with spices, alcohol is prohibited. It is very useful to drink abundantly, thus, toxins are eliminated from the body.

Preparatory stage of treatment of opisthorchiasis

How to cure opisthorchias forever? Before proceeding to de-worming the patient must be prepared. To begin with, measures are being taken to relieve inflammation and allergic reactions, as well as to ensure the normal flow of bile and to cleanse the intestines. The effectiveness of therapy in adults primarily depends on how timely and qualitatively the preparatory phase was carried out. It usually includes the following stages:

  • Diet. This is an obligatory condition for both an adult and a child of a patient with opisthorchiasis. Thanks to proper nutrition, you can significantly improve the patient's condition.
  • Antihistamine tablets. It is necessary to take medications for allergies, because in patients with opisthorchiasis there are often various allergic reactions.
  • Sorbents. With their help, the intestines are cleaned of toxins.
  • Cholagogue and enzyme preparations. They are necessary for the acceleration and improvement of digestion. Such drugs are prescribed to adults only after determining the type of dyskinesia of the biliary tract according to a certain scheme. Anesthetics. Methods of treatment of opisthorchiasis also include antispasmodics, they are needed to relieve the pain that often occurs in this disease.
  • Antibiotics. Therapy of opisthorchiasis is aimed at the removal of inflammation in the affected organs, therefore, a wide spectrum of antibiotics is needed.

Opisthorchias can be completely cured if all the prescriptions of the doctor are followed. This disease in adults can occur in both the chronic and acute stages. If the symptoms are pronounced, this is observed with massive infection, then the treatment of opisthorchiasis is carried out in a hospital according to a certain scheme. Duration depends on the degree of infection and overall well-being of the patient.

Is it possible to cure opisthorchias forever?

Only if you take special anthelmintic tablets. Basically, for dehelminthization with opisthorchiasis, Praziquantel is used, it has a wide spectrum of action, including harmful for pathogens. Treatment of opisthorchiasis in adults in a hospital with a strong infection is also carried out with this medication. The active substance penetrates well into the body of opisthorchias and causes muscle paralysis, as a result of which worms die.

The treatment regimen for opisthorchiasis in adults includes taking this medication 2 or 3 times a day as directed by a doctor. In any case, the dosage is calculated individually depending on the weight of the patient. Usually the course is only one day. Its duration depends on the doctor's prescription.

Where is opisthorchias treated?

Because of the fact that the disease has many contraindications and side effects, it is desirable to take the pill under observation in the hospital. An infektsionist is a doctor engaged in breeding worms. When taking Praziquantel, the following undesirable symptoms may occur, namely: nausea, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, allergic reactions, drowsiness and weakness.

Complete treatment of opisthorchiasis is possible with the help of Praziquantel and its analogues, but this drug should not be taken to children who are not 4 years old, pregnant women, as well as people who have serious liver diseases. If the patient has a strong infection, the likelihood that side effects will appear increases.

What is the treatment for opisthorchiasis?

In addition to the above methods, another drug, Albendazole, is used. It is also destructive for this kind of worms, causes certain disturbances in the body of worms, which lead to their death. Children this drug is allowed from 2 years. The course is several days usually about three.

Modern therapy with its methods can not do without the use of anthelmintic drugs. But almost all of them are very toxic and have a long list of contraindications. That is why such tablets can not be prescribed for themselves, medical treatment in adults is carried out under the supervision of a specialist according to a certain scheme.

Rehabilitation after treatment of opisthorchiasis

All stages of opisthorchiasis treatment should be performed correctly. The recovery period is performed immediately after taking anthelmintic drugs. You can treat opisthorchiasis in a hospital or in a sanatorium, there may also be a rehabilitation period. It is very important for a speedy recovery such procedure as duodenal non-probe irrigation, it is carried out according to the following scheme. It is performed almost every day for 7 days, and then this procedure can be performed 2 times a week for 3 months, this is how long the recovery period lasts.

It is very important to empty every day during the procedure, if difficulties arise with this, doctors usually prescribe laxatives. How much is treated with opisthorchiasis? Since the disease is very serious, the treatment is long. In addition, it is important to take into account the general condition of the patient and the intensity of infection.

With a timely treatment of the patient, the prognosis is usually favorable. But in the chronic course of the disease and in the absence of treatment, serious complications are possible, such as hepatic insufficiency, pancreatitis and even oncology.

In the recovery period, it is also important to take hepatoprotective drugs. Cholagogue grasses, antispasmodics, anticholestatic tablets - all this must be taken according to a certain scheme to restore the function of the liver, it is she who suffers most from the invasion of this type of helminths.

Physiotherapy with opisthorchiasis

Effective treatment of opisthorchiasis can include physiotherapy procedures. They affect the worms with an electromagnetic field, as a result of which they die. This method is quite effective and it has virtually no contraindications. To destroy flatworms, different devices are used, but the principle of their action is as follows: all helminths have a certain resonant frequency, the apparatus is tuned to it and affects worms.

But this method of treatment from parasite-opisthorchus has its drawbacks:

  • In some cases, helminths are able to change their frequency, so the device can not always act on them.
  • With a massive lesion, such physiotherapy can be dangerous, because if the worms die and begin to decompose, they can provoke serious poisoning.
  • Erythrocytes often have a similar frequency with helminths, therefore not only parasites but also blood cells suffer during irradiation.

What is the danger of opisthorchiasis if it is not treated? There are cases when complications of this disease are so serious that they can lead to death.

Folk methods of treatment for opisthorchiasis

Is it necessary to treat opisthorchiasis? As a complex therapy, you can use a variety of anthelmintic herbs. In India, for example, many worm infestations are treated with seasonings. Many people know that parasites do not like bitter and spicy foods. To remove worms, garlic and herbs with a helminthic effect, for example, wormwood, tansy, dill, cumin, cardamom and many others are also used.

Often the treatment regimen of adults includes folk medicine, for example, birch tar is often used. In the milk add 6 drops of tar and drink a glass during the day, the course lasts about 10 days, and then it is interrupted for 20 days, and then it repeats again. All those who have recovered both adults and children need regular follow-up for six months.

How to determine that the opisthorchiasis is cured?

Many people are interested in the length of the hospital for opisthorchiasis? It depends on the condition of the patient and the presence of complications, the exact number of days the doctor must say. The effectiveness of the therapy according to the scheme described above is determined after three months, the helminth analysis in the body is conducted, if they are negative, then we can assume that the person has recovered, and if they are positive, then another course will be needed.

Even if opisthorchias are cured by this scheme, there is still no guarantee that all functions of the digestive system will be restored, and will work as before the disease. This disease causes great harm to the body, so you need to follow all the precautions so as not to get infected. In no case can not eat badly thermally processed fish.

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