What kind of children are born in drug addicts: the impact of drugs, pathology, consequences

Although many specialists are surprised by this picture, drug addicts often become parents. Narcotic substances negatively affect erectile functions, and women are rendered infertile, however, there are situations when drug addicts with solid experience manage to produce offspring, which, to be honest, almost never is healthy.

Children of addicts

Many girls mistakenly believe that if they stop using drugs when they learn about pregnancy, then the baby will not threaten anything, but that's not the case. The harmful effects of drugs, even if Mom is tied with such addictions, will threaten the future child for another 8-10 years.

In addition to the deviations with which babies are born thanks to their drug addicts, they have a very unremarkable childhood. After all, the drug-dependent mother can not provide the necessary care to the child simply because she is constantly in search of a new dose. As a result, children born from drug addicts grow up to be the same drug addicts and juvenile offenders.

And even if the newborn child is relatively strong health, the consequences of the "stormy" youth of parents can emerge in the puberty period.

Physiological problems

Since the birth of such kiddies( if they are still born) have a drug dependence. On drugs, he "sits down" still in the mother's womb. For this reason, newborn children of drug addicts often die after birth due to drug withdrawal.

If they survive, they will not be completely healthy anymore:

  • First, their body constantly requires a drug;
  • Secondly, they usually have serious congenital abnormalities;
  • Thirdly, their immune status is critically low, so they are constantly ill.

Speaking about children of such mothers it is necessary to say that it is already impossible to correct the consequences of narcotic harm caused by drug addicts' parents. Different drugs have different effects on the fetus and its birth, so they should be disassembled separately.
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Children born into heroin-dependent mothers are 100% addicted to birth and are very poorly predicted for later life:

  1. Quite often, such newborns die in the first hours after birthbecause of severe abstinence syndrome and heroin withdrawal;
  2. If the child still survives, then he lags considerably behind peers in physical development;
  3. Quite often, such children die from the syndrome of sudden death, which occurs in them much more often than in ordinary babies.


Amphetamine affects the fetus like cocaine, it causes vasospasms and hypoxic lesions. In addition, a pregnant woman who uses such drugs is distinguished by a long absence of weight, which can not but affect the future child. Against the backdrop of this effect, in conjunction with oxygen starvation and nutritional deficiencies, fetal death occurs often.


Such a narcotic substance as cocaine causes the fetus to have high blood pressure, provokes vascular spasms. When pregnant, cocaine from the mother's body is excreted much more slowly, so poisoning the mother and child will be much stronger, with all the ensuing consequences.

Cocaine exposure leads to many negative consequences:

  • On the background of vascular spasms, hypoxia and malnutrition of the fetus develop, which is fraught with various developmental anomalies or death;
  • In addition, cocaine provokes the occurrence of strokes or placental detachment;
  • If a child is still born alive, he will most likely be diagnosed with congenital urogenital pathologies.


Such drugs as LSD are considered relatively young, so the degree of their negative impact on the fetus and the newborn has not been finally determined. Judging by recent observations, it is quite possible to say that "club drugs" provoke a placental detachment, deviations in physical development, mutational changes.


Many women, indulging in marijuana or hashish or any other narcotic substances of smoking use, do not consider them dangerous for the future baby's organism. Absolutely stupid and wrong attitude, because even ordinary cigarettes negatively affect the fetus, what to say about herbs with narcotic effect. And yet, what kind of children are born to fans to smoke "kosyachok"?

Such preparations contain substances tetrahydrocannabinol, which in large quantities enter the maternal blood, and then into the fetal blood flow. As a result, the risks of premature birth, miscarriages, intrauterine growth disorders, etc., increase. Moreover, with the increase in the number of cigarettes smoked with a drug, the degree of underdevelopment of the fetus increases. The child is born with a pronounced underweight and with a reduced head size, has visual and auditory pathologies, and suffers from cerebral palsy.

Psychological problems

A child of a mother or father of a drug addict will never be born completely normal. Each kid has his own violations, so they are often thrown, abandoning them in the maternity hospitals and replenishing the rows of orphanages. The future of such babies is very deplorable, since it is impossible to find their parents. No one wants to adopt a child with such heredity and a bunch of psychophysiological problems:

  • These children often have attention deficit disorder;
  • Hyperactivity may also occur.

Such conditions make it difficult for the child to concentrate, disturb the processes of memorization and learning, provoke mental illness.

Usually children born from drug addicts live a short life, not feeling parental warmth and affection, in deep solitude and deprived of love. Even if the drug-dependent mother does not give up such a child, nothing good is expected in life. A drug addict mother can not give even the care, upbringing and intellectual development that would have been received in the orphanage.

If the congenital addiction was poorly expressed, then when the drug addicts are in the family, they will still bring the child to a similar end.

As awful as it sounds, but drug-addict parents often push their children themselves to commit crimes( theft, robbery, prostitution, etc.), so that the child obtains the necessary funds for the next dose. It happens that such "parents" even sell children for porn filming or slavery.

Therefore, whatever one may say, there will be no normal full-fledged life for such children. For the thoughtlessness of his parents, he pays his life and health, while suffering much more than the very culprits of his birth.

General recommendations of

If people have ever used narcotic substances, but now stopped doing it and decided to have children, they need to wait about 10 years for the body to be completely cleared of the negative effects of these substances. This time is necessary for former drug addicts to restore brain changes and to eliminate regressive changes in the intellect. The future mother will be useful to cleanse the body, undergo a thorough examination and pass all the necessary tests, which will appoint a gynecologist.

Even after careful planning of pregnancy among former drug addicts, it is possible to produce an unhealthy child. Therefore, the pregnant woman should be constantly under the supervision of an obstetrician-gynecologist and carefully perform all the appointments.

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