Herpes on the body: diet, treatment at home, folk remedies

Despite the fact that herpes affects the human body for good and today the medicine has not found methods how to remove it from the body, there are ways to weaken its influence. The virus reacts to the diet and can be pacified with the help of folk recipes.

Therefore, people who have relapses can significantly reduce their number. Including it will happen, if the patients will eat properly and, in addition, take advantage of people's councils( in consultation with the doctor).We will tell you today how to quickly cure herpes on the lips and other parts of the body at home using folk remedies.

Herpes diet

List of products

What you can eat

Products that are useful for herpetic exacerbation:

  • potatoes,
  • soy and products made from it;
  • wheat germ,
  • seafood, with the exception of flounder;
  • dairy products,
  • meat:
    • chicken,
    • pork,
    • turkey,
    • lamb;
  • eggs,
  • greens,
  • fruits and vegetables, in which there are many phytoncides:
    • ginger,
    • onion,
    • garlic,
    • lemons.

What can not be

Foods that should be excluded from the diet:

  • sugar due to the fact that it worsens the absorption of vitamins C and B;
  • beef meat,
  • chocolate,
  • peanuts,
  • whole-grain products,
  • sunflower seeds,
  • salt,
  • beans:
    • lentils,
    • peas,
    • beans;
  • gelatin.

About what the diet means for herpes on the lips( face), we will tell below.

The video below will tell you about the various myths associated with the herpes diet:

Localization of the disease

Cold on the lips

Studies have shown that eating foods that contain large amounts of arginine can trigger an exacerbation associated with herpes activity. Foods that should be excluded from the diet for exacerbation of herpetic infection are described above. If you do not comply with this rule and do not refuse to include in the diet products with a high content of arginine, it is possible to increase the activity of the virus in the period between exacerbations.

But there is an amino acid that produces an inverse action to arginine - depriving the virus of energy for exacerbation. Therefore, for people suffering from exacerbations of herpetic infection, the diet should be adjusted to foods containing lysine.

It is necessary to strive, also to supplement food with products rich in phytoncides. They increase immunity, and the body keeps the virus in a depressed state.

Recommendations for nutrition can be supplemented with the rules:

  • The state of the intestinal microflora should be normal. Signs of violation of intestinal microflora:
    • bloating,
    • grumbling,
    • diarrhea,
    • constipation.
  • If the microflora is broken, then the immunity goes down, and this is unacceptable. You should use bio-yogurt biokefir to enrich the flora of the intestines with beneficial bacteria.
  • Drink plenty of water. This recommendation should be agreed with the doctor if there are problems with the heart and kidneys.
  • It is necessary to observe the acid-base balance, it is important that the pH of the body fluids is normal.
  • Try to eliminate bad habits.

Next, we will consider a diet with genital herpes, and then we will tell you how to get rid of it at home.


For the adjustment of the condition with genital herpes all previous recommendations remain in force. You can add some tips.

  • It is better to exclude very fatty foods from the diet.
  • Reduce the amount of sugar consumed.
  • Try not to abuse alcohol.
  • Pay attention to the diet supplemented products, which consist of three ingredients.
    • The microelement of zinc helps to reduce the number of exacerbations. It is found in products:
      • lamb,
      • pork,
      • turkey meat,
      • processed cheese.
    • Vitamin C interacts well with zinc by muffling the activity of the virus. It is found in vegetables and fruits.
    • Vitamin E promotes healing of the skin and anesthetizes inflamed areas. Rich in its content:
      • wheat sprouts,
      • vegetable oils,
      • green onions.

Next, we'll talk about how to treat herpes on the lips and other parts of the body at home.

Treating herpes on the body at home with folk remedies

There is a wide variety of advice and recipes from folk healers to help with herpes infection. Most of them are harmless, in the sense that they do not give side effects.

The impact of folk remedies is directed, like medical drugs, on such results:

  • is the extinction of the virus, by reducing its manifestation power;
  • increase in the body's internal defenses.

About the effective folk remedy for herpes on the lips and other methods of its rapid home treatment in children and adults, we will tell further.

On the lips of

Folk medicine offers such methods:

  • Bubbles are lubricated with propolis tincture, their cauterization is obtained. After this, it is possible to treat the affected surface with a softening cream.
  • Ointment from three components:
    • ash - teaspoon,
    • garlic - three slices,
    • honey - half teaspoon.
  • Salt, which is used for cooking, can be consumed in dry form as a powder for herpetic vesicles. The action of the crystals of the salt is healing, the lesion does not increase, but tends to decrease.
  • You can make lotions with soda in hot form on the wound. This method is not suitable for everyone, because it is accompanied by painful sensations.
  • To the sore spot, apply a cotton swab dipped in the valokordin. This means for ingestion with heart diseases is also suitable for washing herpes wounds.
  • Apply to the affected area a swab with alcohol or, soaked in vodka( cologne).
  • The virus is oppressively polyphenolic substances that are found in the branches of raspberries. They are applied to the site of the lesion in a crushed form.
  • For the treatment of places with herpes rashes, oils are used:
    • lemon balm,
    • sea buckthorn,
    • camphor,
    • almond,
    • of tea tree,
    • fir.
  • The local anti-inflammatory agent is juice:
    • aspen leaves,
    • leaf of aloe,
    • of lemon.
  • Antiseptic properties of tea and the ability to dry inflamed places are used for herpetic eruption, applying the used packets to a sore spot.
  • Ointment from two ingredients, taken in the same amount:
    • Vaseline,
    • juice, squeezed from the petals of calendula.
  • The film, which is in the egg shell, in accordance with the folk prescription for a couple of minutes is applied to the site of the eruption of herpetic infection.

About folk methods and treatment in the home of genital herpes we will tell at last.

In this video, the doctor will talk about the folk methods of treating herpes on the lips:

Genital herpes

In addition to the listed recipes listed in the section "On the lips", you can supplement some more tips.

  • On the rashes, ice is applied in cubes. This is done several times a day, and each time the procedure is 10 minutes.
  • Kalina is taken in the form of tea - poured with boiling water and drunk for a long time until the herpes does not go into a sleeping phase.
  • To the affected area, apply a cotton swab dipped in a tincture of calendula.

About popular treatment of genital herpes will tell this video:

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