Drugs against pinworms for the treatment of enterobiasis in adults and children, which are the best and most effective?

Many patients with enterobiosis prefer to get rid of it with the help of folk remedies, such as pumpkin seeds, onions and garlic. However, it should be noted that drugs from pinworms can cope with this problem much faster and better. But still, when choosing the right medicine, one should not forget that all of them are quite toxic, and it is best to consult a specialist beforehand. Especially it concerns those cases when treatment of infestation will be carried out at the child, the pregnant woman or the elderly patient.

Particular attention is required in the case when drugs are selected from pinworms during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. It is at this time that the fetus has the formation of all the basic systems and organs. Treatment with anthelmintic drugs during pregnancy should be conducted only after consulting a specialist and under his supervision. Usually women who bear a child are recommended to take Piperazine. Treatment with tablets Piperazine for them is not contraindicated, since they do not have a negative effect on the fetus. In addition, Piperazine has sufficient efficacy, so the disposal of pinworms with this drug is always effective.

It should be remembered that only a doctor will be able to select the appropriate dose of medication depending on the degree of invasion, age and weight of the patient. Drugs against spears, having high toxicity, children and adults should be administered in different quantitative doses. This will reduce the risk of side effects. Also, all therapeutic measures aimed at the destruction of these worms should be accompanied by careful observance of the rules of personal hygiene. Moreover, this requirement applies even to those members of the patient's family who have no symptoms of enterobiasis.

Overview of the best

pinworms Choosing the right remedy to get rid of round helminths is quite difficult. There are a lot of them in the pharmaceutical market and therefore, before proceeding with the selection of a suitable medicine, one should study its characteristics:

  • Levamisol in enterobiasis not only fights pinworms, but also improves the functioning of the human immune system. Among the patients, the most famous form of Levamisol is Dekaris tablets. Adverse reactions, diarrhea and nausea, when taking Levamisol are observed in those people who are hypersensitive to this active substance;
  • Tanaceshole against pinworms also acts quite effectively. This drug is prepared on the basis of tansy flowers. The therapeutic effect of Tanatsehol is that it paralyzes the musculature of an adult helminth, thus causing its rapid death. Tanacesole, which is a herbal pharmacological agent, is safe enough not only for adult patients, but also for children;
  • Albendazole from pinworm can be given to patients older than 2 years. Due to this anthelmintic preparation in adult worms it changes the course of biochemical processes and suppresses the utilization of glucose, which causes their death. Albendazole( Nemosol) causes the occurrence of adverse reactions in a person sensitive to its active substance, therefore its reception is allowed only after consultation with a specialist.

Often, patients choosing a drug that destroys these parasites are interested in whether ornidazole acts on pinworm. The answer of experts to this question is unequivocal - no. Ornidazole has an active effect only on bacterial forms of pathogens( lamblia, amoeba, trichomonas), therefore its use in enterobiasis in an adult or child is inappropriate. It is best in this case to use a specialized effective tool.

When treating pinworms with drugs, it is necessary to take enterosorbents - activated carbon or Enterosgel. These drugs will prevent the occurrence of toxicosis, which is possible with the decomposition of parasites that died during treatment, but not eliminated from the body. Tablets of activated carbon before taking should be crushed thoroughly and mixed with water.

Drugs against pinworms for children

Treatment of infants with medicines should be carried out with strict adherence to hygienic rules. This will avoid repeated infection with enterobiasis. For the treatment of infestation, the child may be given funds in the form of a suspension. This is Wormil, Pirantel or Helmintox. These suspensions are the safest even for the youngest children. Treatment with these preparations of pinworms can be prescribed from 6 months.

When choosing a suitable remedy, the pediatrician must take into account the individual characteristics of the child's organism and the age of the patient. Therapeutic measures for the destruction of parasites in children are more effective when carried out 2 times with a two-week break. In addition, it should be remembered that to give the child a suspension of pinworms is necessary only in those doses, which the doctor recommended. These medications, although they have less toxicity than tablets, can still have a negative effect on the baby's body.

Also, before giving the child a drug against pinworms, you should carefully read the attached annotation and take into account the length of the course of therapy. Self-abbreviation of the prescribed course is strictly prohibited, as some parasites and their eggs will remain alive, and this will cause their reproduction in the baby's body to begin anew. The repeated course of drugs from pinworms should be assigned to the child in 2 weeks. This is necessary in order to prevent the development of infestation in the future. After drug therapy, which destroyed parasites, it is necessary to restore intestinal microflora to babies. For this, Linex or Bifidumbacterin are used. A control examination of the child is carried out 3 months after the end of the therapeutic measures. This is especially important in cases when the course of the invasion was severe and with complications.

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