Shampoo, cream, tablets Nizoral: price, analogs, reviews, instructions for use

Represents a versatile and highly effective drug with an antifungal effect, Nizoral has gained considerable popularity due to its high efficiency and ease of use. Balanced composition, affecting the skin, does not cause allergic manifestations and eliminates unpleasant manifestations of defeat by dermatophytes and yeasts of the Candida species. This article will tell you in detail about the instructions for use and prices for Nizoral, reviews about it and its analogs.

Features of the drug

The drug Nizoral is recognized as one of the most effective means to combat fungi that can affect the skin in contact with an infected person, through manicure and pedicure accessories, as well as through personal care items. Usually treatment for fungus is a complex and lengthy process, but the use of Nizoral allows it to accelerate it and quickly remove the unpleasant and disturbing manifestations of the disease in the form of itching, flaky skin, increasing its sensitivity.

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Composition of Nizoral

Active substance in Nizoral is ketoconazole( its amount in the preparation is 20 mg / g). The following ingredients are included in the preparation:

  • diethanolamide of fatty acids - 22 mg;
  • methyldextrose dioleate-20 mg;
  • collagen hydrolyzate - 11 mg;
  • sodium lauryl sulfate - 39 mg;
  • disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate, which is the main blowing agent in the shampoo, 180 mg;
  • hydrochloric acid - 110 mg;
  • sodium choride;
  • an imidourea that is an antimicrobial agent;
  • dye;
  • flavor;
  • purified water.

Representing a bright orange liquid, Nizoral is presented in pharmacies in several dosage forms, which have a similar effect on the skin damaged by fungi and yeast. The mechanism of their action is based on the active component - ketoconazole, which neutralizes the causative agent of the disease and eliminates negative manifestations.

Dosage forms

The drug Nizoral is offered in pharmacies in the following dosage forms having a similar mechanism of action:

  • ointment or cream - its cost can vary from 320 to 650 rubles;
  • shampoo , depending on the volume of the bottle, washes to have a cost of 550 to 1,250 rubles;
  • tablets are offered at a price of 300 to 800 rubles( this depends on the trade margin and the seller).

All presented forms of the drug have a similar effect, the active substance in them is ketoconazole, which destroys the pathogenic microflora of the damaged skin.

Pharmacological action of

The high effectiveness of the drug is obscured by the content of substances in it that stop the inflammatory processes in the skin and prevent the propagation of pathogenic flora. The peculiarities of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics will allow to understand the principle of the drug's effect in any dosage form on the causative agents of skin diseases.


  • Since in Nizoral active ingredient is ketoconazole, which has a pronounced antifungal and restorative action against dermatophytes, the use of this drug in any dosage form allows quickly eliminating the main manifestations of skin diseases such as dermatitis, pityriasis.
  • After a week of regular application of the remedy, such manifestations of listed diseases as itching and burning on the skin, redness and dandruff are already significantly reduced.
  • By acting on streptococci and staphylococci, Nizoral calms the skin, reducing their overly sensitive and inflammatory processes.


When using Nizoral shampoo there is no penetration of the active substance into the blood plasma;However, when applying the ointment to large areas of the body, there may be a small amount of ketoconazole in the blood. This can cause an increase in the degree of manifestation of allergic reactions, if they occurred before the application of the agent in question.

There were no interactions with other types of drugs and negative manifestations.

Further, the indications for use and the method of using Nizoral are discussed.


Nizoral in all dosage forms is prescribed for the following diseases, which are accompanied by skin rashes, itching, burning and inflammations on the skin:

  • seborrheic dermatitis;
  • pityriasis lichen;
  • dandruff;
  • smooth skin dermatomycosis;
  • white piedra;
  • onychomycosis;
  • skin candidiasis;
  • inguinal epidermophyty;
  • epidermophytia of feet and brushes.

These diseases are caused by yeast fungi Pityrosporum ovale and staphylococci.

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Instruction for use

The basic requirement for obtaining a pronounced result and eliminating the manifestation of skin lesions with yeast fungi is the strict adherence to the instruction that is attached during the sale.

For different conditions, the duration of the drug and the frequency of its application varies:

  • , seborrheic dermatitis is cured by applying ointment, cream or shampoo twice a day for five minutes on the affected skin, after which the skin is washed with clean running water. The application time is from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on the result;
  • pityriasis lichen is treated by applying to cleared skin areas for 5-10 minutes once a day. The time of application is from 7 to 10 days, after which a break is made in 1 week. Then the course of treatment can be repeated;
  • dandruff requires the use of Nizoral in any dosage form twice per day. A drug is applied to the affected area, which is washed off after five minutes from the onset of exposure. Repeat the procedure should be within a half to two weeks, depending on the availability of the result.

However, there are a number of conditions in which the use of this tool is contraindicated.


  • No side effects were observed during pregnancy and lactation,. However, use of Nizoral in any form is not recommended in pregnancy: with prolonged use of the drug, the active substance can penetrate through the placenta into the fetal blood system.
  • Also it should not be used during breastfeeding because of the penetration into breast milk.
  • Contraindication should also be considered hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Side effects of

When using Nizoral in any dosage form with increased sensitivity to individual components of the drug, or if it is used for a long time, the following side effects are likely to occur:

  • appearance of dry skin;
  • occurrence of itching and a feeling of tightness of the skin:
  • with the initial change of hair color by chemical means( coloring, discoloration, melioration of hair) and a significant amount of gray hair is probably some change in the hue of the hair;
  • , if the product gets into the eyes, it is likely that burning and lacrimation occur, which stop when the eyes are washed with running water;
  • alopecia and hair loss is rare.

Special instructions

  • Since there is no specific data on the use of Nizoral in any form during lactation and pregnancy, caution should be taken at this time.
  • Contact with the eyes during use requires immediate rinsing of the eyes with water.
  • The appearance of a negative effect on the skin, hair, or general well-being requires the discontinuation of Nizoral's use.

Interaction with other medications

The use of Nizoral in any form does not cause side effects when combined with other types of medications. You can not drink alcohol with antibiotics, which enter into a disulfiram-like reaction with ethanol, including Nizoral.


  • According to reviews, the preparation Nizoral has a high efficiency and rarely has negative manifestations.
  • Accuracy during use( avoidance of eye contact, especially sensitive skin and mucous membranes) will allow to obtain the expected effect without negative manifestations.
  • Ease of use and the availability of instructions that describe in detail the specifics of the use of the product are also the advantages of this medication.
  • Shampoo, according to the reviews of most customers, is considered the most effective way to combat dandruff.
  • A ointment that has a pleasant smell and does not leave stains on clothes, quickly absorbed by the skin and restores its natural state.

About analogues Nizoral as cheap, and with a greater price on them in pharmacies we shall fade below.


For preparations that have a similar effect on the skin affected by yeast fungi, the following analogues of Nizoral:

  • Nystatin( ointment);
  • Ketozoral;
  • Oronazole;
  • Ketoconazole.

The listed medicines are sold in a pharmacy, have a similar effect on skin dermatitis, dandruff, and also show a fairly high efficacy.

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