Miramistin: instructions for use, price, analogs, reviews, composition

Miramistine refers to cationic antiseptics. It has an antimicrobial effect, relieves inflammation. It affects fungi, viruses, bacteria, breaking their outer shell. The peculiarity of the preparation is that it is used for external and local application.

Composition, form, package

Miramistin is available in two types:

  • solution( spray),
  • ointment.

The 0.01% solution itself is transparent and has no color. When shaken, it foam well. Produced in a capacity of 50, 150, 500 ml in a plastic bottle. Small containers have a urological applicator, and more voluminous - a nozzle-sprayer. In 1 liter of the solution contains 100 mg of benzyldimethyl-myristoylamino-propylammonium chloride monohydrate and purified water.

Ointment is available in cans of 1000, 15 and tubes 30 g. In 1 gr.ointment contains 5 mg of myramistin. As auxiliary substances, propylene glycol, disodium edetate, water, and proxanol are contained.

On the photo of the form of release Miramistin

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In Russia the preparation is manufactured by LLC "INFAMED".The company is the exclusive representative of Miramistin®.It carries out a complete synthesis, starting with the synthesis of the active substance and ending with the release of the finished product. Ointment is produced in Ukraine CJSC "Pharmaceutical firm Darnitsa".


Ointment is used in surgery for the treatment of infected wounds of various genesis and as a preventive measure. In dermatology, the remedy has proven itself for the treatment of fungal diseases of the skin, mucous, dermatological problems caused by streptococci and staphylococci. Effectively copes with pyoderma, onychomycosis, keratomycosis, pityriasis.

The solution can be used for the same purposes as the ointment. In addition to this, it is used in:

  • Otolaryngology. In the treatment of acute and chronic otitis, sinusitis, laryngitis, angina, tonsillitis.
  • Stomatology. For the prevention and treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity.
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology. For the prevention and treatment of suppuration of postpartum injuries, wounds of the perineum and vagina.
  • Urology. As a remedy for urethritis, urethroprostatitis.

Properties and composition Miramistin, indications for the use of the drug:


No solution or ointment is used for individual intolerance to the main active ingredient. Can not be used for children under three years old.

Mechanism of action

Local use Miramistin is not absorbed into the mucous membranes and skin. It is active against hospital strains, even resistant to antibiotics. The active substance interacts with the lipid layer of membranes of microorganisms.

This causes their destruction and increases permeability. Under the influence of Miramistin, aerobic and anaerobic bacteria, gram-positive and gram-negative organisms die.

Simultaneously, there is an increase in the activity of immune cells. This leads to stimulation of nonspecific immunity, acceleration of the healing process. Stimulation of protective properties occurs due to activation of various functions of phagocytes.

Instruction for use

Ointment is applied topically. After processing the desired area, a ointment is applied to the wound or burn site and a sterile bandage is applied. Sometimes it is advisable to apply the product immediately to gauze. Tampons loosely fill the cavity of the wound after surgical treatment.

When eliminating purulent wounds and burns, the ointment is used first once a day, as it heals once every 1-3 days. The duration of treatment depends on the condition of the wound and the rate of recovery. With dermatological problems, the cream is applied a thin layer several times a day.

The solution is used to irrigate the surface of burns and wounds. Multiplicity of the procedure is 2-3 times a day. In gynecology and obstetrics for the prevention of vaginal irrigation begins a week before the approximate delivery.

To prevent the development of venereal reactions, the solution should be used no later than 2 hours after sexual intercourse. The contents of the vial are introduced into the urethra of men and women in the vagina. After the procedure, it is recommended to refrain from going to the toilet for two hours.

In otorhinolaryngology, a lot of the drug is used to wash the nose, until the clear water comes. The throat is processed by rinsing, inhalation or irrigation. It is enough 2-3 clicks on 1 procedure. It is repeated up to 4 times a day.

Instructions for use Miramistine:

Side effects of

In rare cases, a slight burning sensation occurs at the treatment site. It disappears in about a few minutes. Sometimes there are local allergic reactions.

Overdose of

Cases of overdose are not known. But when used in large areas, it is possible that the substance enters the systemic circulation. This prolongs the time of bleeding.

Special instructions

Possible local and external use during pregnancy. Can be used to treat candidiasis of pregnant women. When used correctly, the active ingredient does not pass through the placental barrier. It is better for children to use a spray.

Drug Interaction

When combined with antibiotics, there is an increase in their antibacterial properties.

Reviews about the drug

Reviews about Miramistine are positive. Users note a wide range of its actions, the possibility of treating viral and bacterial infections, various wounds and burns. In many people, the drug is always in the home medicine chest. Children can treat them with wounds. Unlike iodine and zelenka, it does not cause any discomfort.

Reviews of a specialist about the drug Miramistin:

Price for Miramistin

The cost depends on the type and volume of the drug. Cheaper cost Miramistin 50 ml - from 200 rubles. More expensive is a 500 ml bottle. Its cost is above 700 rubles. You can buy ointment for 160-200 rubles., Tubu 15 gr.


There are no absolute analogues.


Chlorhexidine has a similar effect.

Synonyms for medication

Ointment: Methyluracil with Miramistine, Apollo.

Solution: Dexan, Octenisept, Okomistin, Septomirin.

Analogues Miramistin

Conditions for dispensing from pharmacies

It is dispensed without a prescription.

Storage Conditions and Shelf Life

Shelf life Miramistine in the form of an ointment is 2 years at a temperature of up to 25 degrees. The spray can be stored for three years.

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