Mycotic eczema: folk remedies and methods of treatment, stages, causes, symptoms

Mycotic eczema( not to be confused with true and tylotic) is dermatitis, which was complicated by an allergic reaction and a fungal skin lesion. The disease can develop against a background of candidiasis or mycosis. This kind of disease, mycotic, is referred to a subtype of microbial eczema.

Often the allergen itself becomes a fungus, to which a specific reaction appears in the body. What are the features of the disease, what are the causes, symptoms and treatment of mycotic eczema, what ointments should be used for such therapy?

Features of the disease

There is a risk of infection with a fungus of eczema, especially if you have to use someone else's gloves, a towel, shoes, and other household items. However, the risk of dermatitis is quite small, but with good immunity it is minimal.

Much higher probability of infection in the presence of a tendency to allergies, with nervous diseases. The hereditary factor also plays an important role. More often mycotic dermatosis affects the injured areas of the skin.

Mycotic eczema( photo)

Classification and stages of

The mycotic eczema is divided into acute and chronic stages. The localization of the disease extends to:

  • toes,
  • feet,
  • shin,
  • fingers( folds between them),
  • palms.

The doctor in the video below will tell you about various fungal lesions, including mycotic eczema:

Causes of

Various skin lesions become frequent causes of the disease. Especially great role is played by lichen, mycosis, candidiasis. It is the penetration into the skin of these fungi that provokes the primary inflammation, which is subsequently transformed into eczema.

An allergic reaction occurs on products arising from the life of fungi. Since these organisms are pathogenic, the organism actively struggles with them, which increases its sensitization. Under the influence of this, eczema appears. Especially often it affects people with endocrine diseases and weak immunity.

Symptoms of mycotic eczema

Skin causes redness, which itchs badly. These spots are pink and grayish, on the skin stand out very strongly and are limited clearly. On the surface of the rashes, there are often nodules with serous fluid. Their autopsy occurs at the next stage. The site is constantly wet, which creates a favorable environment for microorganisms, so often in this case, the purulent process joins.

After a while the crusts dry up and peeling begins. This is one of the last stages, which is characterized by a gradual attenuation of the acute process and the beginning of a full-fledged healing.

If you get to a healthy area of ​​the skin of serous fluid, a new area of ​​eczema will appear. In addition, the body still continues to fight the disease, so sites with rashes can appear even in remote parts of the body.


The primary diagnosis is simple, much more attention is paid to differential diagnosis. For this, the patient gives laboratory tests. The study of the tank will be important.sowing.

If the cause of the development of mycotic eczema are internal factors of a nervous or endocrinological nature, it may be necessary to consult the appropriate specialists.

Next we will talk about how to cure eczema on the hands and other parts of the body.


Therapeutic way

Treatment is complex, but usually it does not involve an abundance of drugs. Most of the therapy focuses on local treatment of the lesion site.

  • It is useful to make baths with antiseptics. Soda, manganese, furacilin is suitable for this purpose. Healing will be further assisted by lotions based on boric acid. The phytotherapy can also significantly help.
  • Throughout therapy, nutrition is maintained with a predominant content of vegetable and dairy food in the diet. Avoid the need for salinity, nuts, smoked products and other allergenic products.
  • Affected areas are best concealed under clothing or bandages to avoid adverse effects and aggravation of the disease. It is necessary to ensure that chemicals do not get on the skin.
  • To exclude better and stressful situations, since it is known that they negatively affect eczema.
  • The disease is generally attributed to pathologies of an allergic nature, so it is very important to exclude any effects that may aggravate or complicate this process. In the future, it is desirable not only to take good care of health, wear gloves, but also to exclude contact with allergic factors.

On what effective ointment from mycotic eczema on the hands and other parts of the body is suitable for treatment and will put the stop of the disease, we will tell below.

About stages and features of treatment of mycotic and other forms of eczema will tell this video:

By medicamentous method

Incorrectly selected medications can increase the tendency to allergization of the body, so they do not use them themselves. To aggravate the manifestation of an allergic reaction, a sharp change in the course of treatment or the administration of a large number of medications can occur.

Usually use such a list of tools:

  1. Soothing. It is best if the medicines are plant-based, but sometimes the doctor prescribes more serious drugs. Anti-histamine and anti-allergy preparations.
  2. Antifungal medicines.

Corticosteroids are often prescribed with concomitant disorders in the body. For example, they are indicated for endocrine dysfunction. However, they are used only in the case when the process becomes chronic, otherwise they will only contribute to the spread of infection if they become worse.

On how to treat mycotic eczema on the hands and other parts of the body with folk remedies, and what treatments for the reviews are most effective, read below.

Popular methods of

Among the folk recipes, the following are effective:

  1. Vaseline, lanolin and cranberry juice are combined in 1: 1: 2 proportions and used topically.
  2. Apply 15% infusion with grains of Schisandra as applications. Of these, you can make and decoctions, but apply them more effectively not locally, but inside. Before meals, drink 50 ml of the drug, but not more than 2 times a day.
  3. With abundant wetness prepare a decoction or infusion of viburnum. Berries are best for this purpose.
  4. Ointment with propolis has good drying and healing properties. But it is useful to use not only ointment, but also simply add propolis to other recipes.
  5. At the healing stage, it is best to use sea buckthorn oil. Its valuable properties will allow and speed up healing, and relieve it of itching, swelling and peeling. It is enough to lubricate them with dermatosis.
  6. Yarrow, string and aloe are taken, crushed and boiled in a sufficient amount of liquid. From the resulting remedy daily compresses are made, and sometimes it is possible to carry out medical baths.

Prevention of

It is important to maintain an active lifestyle and hypoallergenic diet. To give timely attention is necessary and treatment of skin pathologies, chronic diseases. It will be necessary to observe and careful hygiene.

All cuts need to be processed in time and it's better to choose the right medicines with the doctor, which allows to restore the level of immunity. To avoid its reduction, it is necessary to abandon the self-selection of drugs and the thoughtless use of antibiotics.

Complications of

The main complication is a prolonged course of the disease with a wide spread of rashes on the body. Sometimes there is an additional and infectious process, which greatly complicates the treatment.


Complete cure is not possible, therefore preventive measures should be given a lot of attention. The process becomes chronic, and the duration of remission depends only on the consciousness of the patient himself.

About treatment of eczema with sea salt we will tell you this video:

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