Beer alcoholism in women: symptoms, signs, effects, treatment

The main difference and danger of beer alcoholism is its routine, seeming harmlessness. Rest with a jar of beer is perceived as if beer is not an alcoholic beverage, but a soda.

Female beer alcoholism

To beer as a sedative, women of different ages and social background address.

Begin to drink this drink:

  • teenage girls from coquetry, the desire to appear adult;
  • are women of mature age who find themselves in a difficult life situation;
  • mothers with many children who do not cope with domestic problems;
  • business women relaxing after stress at work;
  • widow;
  • mothers who have lost a child.

The list can be continued, it also includes wives and children of alcoholics, and all women who turn their weakness into a destructive dependence.


Female beer alcoholism is due to the psychoemotional factor, has a number of features:

  • women often drink alone;
  • is unable to control the dose of alcohol;
  • takes 1-3 years to develop dependence, instead of 4-5 years for men.

Dependence formation accelerates physiological characteristics, one of which is that in women the body cells contain less water, which is why the alcohol concentration in them is higher when drinking alcohol than in men.

In addition, in women, the enzyme system that cleaves ethyl alcohol works less efficiently. Due to hormonal features, ethanol is rapidly absorbed into the body and is incorporated into the metabolism.

Beer strongly affects the female brain, destroys nerve cells, causes dementia, memory impairment. Dips in memory - one of the signs of alcohol dependence.


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The combination of alcohol and sedatives already soon causes persistent addiction, leads to increased aggressiveness, the appearance of outbursts of anger, unmotivated anger.

Stages of

About beer alcoholism can be argued if a woman drinks alcohol more than 2 times a week. Drink causes a strong mental dependence, increasing with each stage. The indicator of starting alcoholism is the lack of sense of proportion.


Women usually avoid noisy companies and relax after working with a bottle of beer at home. At first it happens from time to time, but very quickly the process of consuming an alcoholic beverage becomes overgrown with rituals, becomes daily.

A woman imperceptibly passes the line of the casual consumer to the formation of mental dependence. Already at this stage, physiological changes begin, fixing the habit at the level of metabolism.


A woman suffering from beer alcoholism gradually increases the daily portion of beer and falls into physical dependence. A woman drinks 2-3 bottles of beer a day, continuing to work, taking care of the family. But gradually it becomes more difficult for her to relax without a ritual libation, to relieve tension and reduce the level of aggression towards others.


At the final stage of the development of beer alcoholism, a woman can drink up to 15 liters of beer a day, strengthen the action of her favorite drink with stronger alcohol.

Symptoms of

It is possible to start the beginning of beer dependency on readiness to drink at any moment, joyful shine in the eyes at the sight of cans of beer.

Symptoms of beer alcoholism are also served by:

  • daily drinking 1 liter of beer or more;
  • complaints of headaches;
  • sleep disturbances, insomnia;
  • rapid fatigue, daytime drowsiness;
  • aggressiveness, outbursts of anger when trying to pick up a bottle. Beer alcoholism affects the character of women.

.They become unnecessarily tearful, sentimental and at the same time become indifferent, indifferent to their loved ones. Women tend to feel sorry for themselves, do not evaluate what is happening critically, blame others for their troubles, are prone to depression, show suicidal tendencies.

In the later stages of the development of dependence, a drinking woman stands out among the surrounding and outward appearance:

  • The sign of beer alcoholism is an aged, lost skin elasticity, the appearance of red veins on the face.
  • The lover of a foamy drink has "beer mustaches", the growth of hair on the face, legs, breasts in the male type, decreases, the voice becomes hoarse.
  • The face acquires puffiness, cyanosis, the skin fades. Red streaks around the nose and cheeks add crimson spots.
  • Teeth from drinkers crumble, darken.
  • Hair falls out, turns gray early, becomes greasy, tangled, loses its shine, looks untidy.
  • The figure loses its proportionality. The woman atrophies the muscles of the legs, the limbs are thinned, and fat accumulates around the waist.
In the photo, the effects of beer alcoholism on a woman's appearance

Consequences of

The beer dependence is heavier with the presence of fermentation products in the beverage. With a beer mug, a woman injects into the body biogenic amines histamine, putrescine, tyramine, cadaverine corpse.

Amines in high concentration are able to cause headache, migraine, their action explains the characteristic for beer drunkenness dullness, depressed state.


Alcohol suffers from an important organ that filters toxins, kidneys. The tender kidney parenchyma, ureters, bladder suffer from ethyl alcohol contained in beer, and fermentation products.

The excretory system operates in a mode of increased activity due to the diuretic effect of the beverage. With urine, the body loses valuable proteins, vitamins, minerals. Lack of necessary components for synthesis causes a metabolic disorder, leading to hormonal failure.

Sexual function

Beer contains phytohormone, similar in composition to the female sex hormone estrogen. The daily dose of estrogen is contained in a single can of beer.

Alcohol has a detrimental effect not only on the reproductive health of women, but also on the endocrine system in general:

  • inhibits the synthesis of thyroid hormones;
  • provokes abortion;
  • leads to the degeneration of the ovaries into fat;
  • causes mutations in the eggs, developing embryo;
  • leads to the birth of children with terrible congenital malformations;
  • increases the risk of developing breast cancer;
  • deprives a woman of sexual attraction, makes her frigid.

Blood system

Suffers from alcohol and the circulatory system, blood pressure during the day is not stable, develops cardiomyopathy or "beer heart".The organ significantly increases in volume, significantly loses its contractility.
Video on the effects of beer alcoholism in women:

Methods of treatment

Treatment of beer alcoholism is no different from treating any other alcohol dependence. And in wine, and in cognac, and in moonshine, and in beer, the main component that causes dependence is ethyl alcohol.


From beer dependence take pills that cause aversion to alcohol intake. Often turn to help after a heavy drinking-bout. In this condition, the patient first of all needs to get rid of the withdrawal syndrome.

For this purpose, use drugs Alcoselzer, Medichronal. To ease the symptoms take paracetamol, vitamin complexes, aspirin, cytoflavin.

It is easier to get rid of binge with the help of Proproten-100 or its analogues. And to cause intolerance to beer, they drink tepllong-250, the leader.

Psychotherapeutic methods

In the treatment of female beer alcoholism, not only pharmacological methods are used. An important condition for recovery is psychotherapeutic help, support of relatives, help and understanding of others.

The recognized method of treatment of female alcoholism is medical and hypnotic coding. Before any kind of coding, a woman must survive from 2 days to 2 weeks of abstinence from alcohol. The coding time is up to 5 years.

Common types of coding in women:

  • Torpedo - intravenously injected disulfiram, provoking a sharp reaction when consuming beer;
  • Esperal-gel - the drug is injected or sewn into a tablet, from which the disulfiram is gradually released - the active substance Esperal-gel;
  • method Dovzhenko - psychotherapeutic effect is carried out in a group, without the use of drugs.

The most demanded for women, wondering how to get rid of beer alcoholism, the method with the introduction of Esperal-gel. Coding is performed for 5 years, is positively evaluated by patients and is suitable for those who managed to withstand the period of abstinence from alcohol at the preparation stage.

Good results are achieved by hypnosis coding. But this method has its drawbacks. A woman may have phobias along with a negative attitude toward alcohol. She begins to fear any contact with alcohol-containing liquids, fermentation products.

Treatment of beer dependence in women is impossible without the help of psychologists, helping to identify the source of the problem, triggering the formation of addiction to alcohol.

Video about the features of treatment of female alcoholism:

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