Diet in colitis of the intestines - food menu, recipes, what to eat, how to eat properly?

Treatment of gastrointestinal pathologies always begins with food intake, nutrition organization. With all this, with colon colitis, proper nutrition comes to the fore and becomes paramount.

A specific diet for intestinal colitis is chosen based on the severity of the patient's condition, the form and type of the disease, but there are also general instructions on how to prepare food and select the foods that are included in the patient's diet. First, the temperature of food should be loyal, not too cold and not too hot. Then, adhere to the basic rules of nutrition, eating small portions at least 4-5 times a day.

It is advisable, especially in case of severe illness, not to eat fried foods, preferring cooked or steamed food. The consistency of the food is liquid or semi-liquid, in a well-wiped condition, to prevent gastric irritants from entering the stomach. From the menu in colitis colitis should exclude foods that enhance secretion and stimulate the processes of fermentation and putrefaction. To normalize water-salt balance in the body should be limited intake of salt and increase fluid intake.

Positively affects the treatment of inflamed mucous membrane - reduced consumption of carbohydrates, animal fats, rejection of salty, spicy, spicy foods, smoked products. It is advisable to refrain from using in food intestinal colitis a food that contains insoluble fiber, as well as fruits and vegetables with a large number of seeds.

Nutrition for Colitis of the Intestine

Determining that the patient is advised to eat in colitis of the intestine, first, you need to take into account the richness of the diet for proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The most optimal for a daily diet will be the protein content in the amount of 85-90 grams, of which at least 60% are of animal origin, carbohydrates - up to 350 g, and fats - 70-80 g. The use of liquid in unbound form should be during the day onlevel of one and a half to two liters.

Alcohol enhances the course of inflammation of the mucosa due to irritating effects on the mucous membrane and stimulating the ejection of bile. Therefore, alcohol should be abandoned as soon as possible, especially when the disease worsens. Diet in colon colitis prohibits the use of milk, bakery products from puff and yeast dough, fatty varieties of meat and cheese( fused, salted, sausage, "pigtail"), freshly baked and rye bread. Vegetables and fruits, which are also prohibited for consumption - it's garlic, rutabaga, radish, sorrel, horseradish, apricots.

The diet menu for colon colitis is conventionally divided into three stages:

In the first stage, if the inflammation is exacerbated for 1-2 days, adhere to the unloading tea diet. At this time the patient drinks warm tea, min.water in small portions, distributing 1.5 liters of liquid for the whole day. In this case, appoint a system with a physiological solution.

After fasting pass to the second stage, and a therapeutic diet is prescribed. At the heart of the diet are soups on low-fat broth, broths of semolina and rice. To fill the mashed porridges from rice, oat or buckwheat, cooked on the water, you can use butter. Meat, fish or poultry dishes are steamed or boiled, and rice is put in a cutlet mass. The list of drinks includes tea, cocoa on water, weak coffee. It is also recommended to include kissels, decoctions of rose hips or blueberries in the colitis in colitis.

After the improvement, usually on the 5th-6th day, go to the third stage of dietary nutrition. And complement the diet with the following products:

  1. Stale white bread, dry biscuits.
  2. Finely chopped low-fiber vegetables.
  3. Steam meatballs, cutlets, soufflé, rolls of beef, chicken, rabbit, veal and fish.
  4. Sour-milk products, raw cheese, a limited amount of low-fat milk.

The duration of the last stage can be from several weeks to several months and depends on the patient's condition. In general, how and what to eat when colitis of the intestine should be determined by a specialist. Only in this case dietary nutrition brings the greatest benefit.

Diet recipes for intestinal colitis

For patients with colitis nutritionists, a large number of exemplary diets have been developed, on the basis of which it is possible to compose their weekly menu. Exemplary menus are offered taking into account the causes of the inflammation causing the disease and the severity of the inflammation and providing the vital functions of the body with all the necessary calories, vitamins and minerals. It should be noted that a person may have an individual intolerance of these or other products. In this case, taking into account the recommended products in the preparation of the diet is an equivalent replacement. Determining which menu recipe to choose a diet for colon colitis, it is necessary to know that treatment of the disease will be ineffective without observing the rules of healthy nutrition.

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