Regulon and alcohol: interaction, compatibility, consequences, feedback

The question of contraception in our time is far from idle. Every woman should have as many children as she wants. The most reliable method for many years is the use of hormonal contraceptives. Given the fact that some substances weaken the effect of contraception, women rightly worry about whether they can out-plan to become pregnant when they are exposed to one or another medicine or, for example, drinking alcohol.

Regulon - hormonal contraceptive

The hormonal contraceptive under the trademark "Regulon" is intended for use by women of childbearing age. The drug is available in the form of tablets, which a woman should take within 21 days without interruption.

The mechanism of regulon action is based on the suppression of ovulation, so a woman who takes a contraceptive in a timely manner can not become pregnant. In addition, doctors often prescribe hormonal contraceptives to normalize the menstrual cycle in women who have problems in the gynecological area.

The rules for taking hormonal contraceptives assume a daily intake of the medication at the same time without a miss. After the end of the plate with tablets, you need to make a seven-day break, during which the woman starts menstrual-like discharge. On the eighth day the woman should again start taking regulon in order to avoid the onset of unwanted pregnancy.

Modern hormonal drugs, in contrast to the previous generation of contraceptives, do not bring any negative side effects in the form of facial hair growth or weight gain, since they contain hormones in extremely low dosage.

Regulon is contraindicated in patients in the following cases:

  • in severe liver diseases - tumors, hepatitis;
  • increased risk of thrombosis;
  • high blood pressure;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • pancreatitis;
  • stones in the gallbladder;
  • malignant tumors of mammary glands and genitals;
  • bleeding from the genitals;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • hypersensitivity to regulatory components;
  • excessive smoking at the age of over 35 years.

Can I drink alcohol while taking Regulon? Without the appointment of an obstetrician-gynecologist is not recommended. Before making a decision about taking a contraceptive, it is worth giving a general blood test and an analysis for sugar, and also to make sure that there is no pregnancy.

Interaction with alcohol and possible consequences

Oral contraceptives are usually taken by women for several years, excluding pregnancy and breastfeeding interruptions. During this time, there are holidays, meetings with friends and dinners with business partners, where alcoholic beverages are supposed to be consumed. So is the drug compatible with alcohol? Or you can not drink at all?


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In the instruction developed by the manufacturer Regulon - the esteemed company Gedeon Richter - about the side effect of alcohol in combination with Regulon did not say a word. Therefore, we can assume that this interaction will not cause any harm to the body of the woman and will not reduce the contraceptive effect of tablets.

But still, considering the action of Regulon on the liver and the presence of side effects in the form of hepatotoxic action of the drug, it is not necessary to abuse with prolonged intake of the drug with alcoholic beverages. The breakdown of alcohol occurs in the liver, with liver cells suffering very much from alcohol intoxication, and Regulon's exposure can aggravate the hepatotoxic effect.

However, small doses of alcohol and under conditions of not too frequent use are perfectly capable of peacefully getting along in the body of a woman with an oral contraceptive.

Rules for the use of

Since there are no contraindications to joint use of weak alcohol and regulon, there can not be any peculiarities and delimitation of these substances in time. However, this only applies to taking low-alcohol drinks and cocktails. Frequent feasts and excessive intake of vodka or cognac, as well as the daily use of beer in combination with regulon is categorically contraindicated.


Regulon, when used correctly, is a very reliable contraceptive. The doctors' comments indicate that compatibility with alcoholic beverages of this contraceptive is allowed only under the condition of infrequent consumption of alcohol in small doses.

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