How Clopheline works with alcohol: compatibility, symptoms of poisoning, consequences

Alcohol can not be combined with virtually all medicines. Even without combining drugs, alcohol can change behavioral characteristics and even deprive memory, and when mixed, the consequences can be deplorable. Very often, for criminal purposes, a mixture of Clofelin and alcohol is used. The consequences of such a combination are often fatal, so it is not entirely clear voluntary mixing of such substances by some patients. What is dangerous alcoholic-clonidine cocktail?

Clopheline and alcohol

In fact, clo-phenol refers to reducing pressure and sedatives, so small dosages of this drug are used to prevent hypertensive crisis. The drug is fast and very long-lasting effect. Therefore, large dosages of the drug are fraught with negative consequences for the body.

Clopheline is available in tablets, injectables and in the form of drops for the eyes. He:

  • Has a sedative effect;
  • Reduces the number of cardiac contractions per minute;
  • Eliminates the fear inherent in alcohol withdrawal;
  • In ophthalmology, drops are used in glaucoma to reduce intraocular pressure.

Clophelin is also used in narcology. It is used in the complex therapy of alcoholism or drug addiction.

Due to the peculiarities of the therapeutic effect, Clopheline is contraindicated in receiving people whose professional activity is associated with increased concentration of attention, requires instantaneous reaction and extreme concentration. In addition, Clofelin is contraindicated and those patients who have serious psychoemotional disorders and profoundly pronounced depressive conditions.

How it works with alcohol

The therapeutic effect of Clopheline is based on the vasodilator ability, so when alcohol and the drug are combined, accelerated alcohol penetration into the bloodstream and cerebrospinal structures occurs. The drug helps reduce blood pressure, so in a complex with alcohol, there is a vascular spasm. A person hops faster than when he consumes only alcohol, and intoxication occurs not only unusually fast, but also quite strongly.

In other words, from a small amount of alcohol, in case of its combination with Klofelin, the patient gets drunk as if he drank much more. After drinking an alcoholic-clonidine cocktail, a person falls asleep, and after awakening, as a rule, he can not remember what exactly happened to him. Often such people do not remember what is happening the day before, with whom they drank and under what circumstances.

A similar effect from the combination with ethanol has other antihypertensive drugs like Adelphan, Dopegit, Apressin, etc. And the dips in memory after a successful awakening are still the most harmless consequence of mixing Clofelin with alcohol. The most dangerous outcome of such a combination can steel death. Such consequences often occur with an excessively high dose of medicine and alcohol.


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By the way, it's not always a lethal outcome due to high dosage, it happens that a person dies when under the alcohol-clonidine effect on the body, gets under the wheels, falls out of the window or chokesduring a sound sleep. With Cloffee, there are a lot of criminal cases, especially robberies.

That's why it is strongly recommended not to drink alcohol in a society of unknown people, marking a casual acquaintance, otherwise such lightheadedness can turn into dangerous consequences for health and even life, not to mention the financial state.

Symptoms of Poisoning with Clofelin and Alcohol

Suspected of being present in alcoholic Clofelin can be on such specific symptoms:

  1. Already after the first drink of alcohol there is a noticeable dizziness, which was not previously observed with such dosages;
  2. Unexpectedly, a strong alcoholic intoxication occurs;
  3. Spatial orientation is lost;
  4. There is partial amnesia;
  5. There is a noticeable inhibition of psychophysical reactions;
  6. Lack of understanding of ongoing events, frustration of consciousness;
  7. There comes a strong sleep, to wake up from which a person is quite difficult.

Consequences of the combination of

As already mentioned, the consequence of the combination of alcohol with Clopheline is usually a quick falling asleep, and the result does not depend on whether alcohol drops or Klofelin tablets have been added to alcohol. The action of any form of the drug is approximately the same. And the arising dream concerns to the category narcotic, and after awakening the person does not remember circumstances of the falling asleep.

But such a dream does not apply to healthy rest, it brings a lot of harm to the body:

  • If the amount of alcohol and medicine was small, then the nervous system functions are suppressed, a person has a detached and languid state. In themselves, such people come only after 14-27 hours or after a long sleep;
  • At an average dosage of Clopheline with alcohol, a sudden and uncontrollable narcotic sleep occurs in a person. At the same time, breathing levels and wanes, as does the pulse. Such people are usually not able to wake up by traditional means. When a patient wakes up, he has severe headaches and memory failures. After a similar dream, you must always consult a doctor, because the patient needs help in restoring the pulse, pressure, breathing and other vital functions;
  • At high doses of ethanol and the drug there is a high risk of drastic sleep in a coma, in which it is already impossible to awaken a person. As a result of suffocation or oxygen starvation, death can occur.

For each person the concepts of dosage are individual. The same amount of drug with alcohol in one person will cause only drowsiness, and another can provoke a heavy narcotic sleep. Therefore, it is not necessary without a reason to take Klofelin, especially in combination with alcoholic beverages.

If you witness this condition with another person, then the victim must immediately provide first aid. If the arrival of doctors is postponed due to circumstances, the victim should be washed with a stomach, give activated carbon, and after a while a heart drug such as Atropine, which is necessary to normalize the heart rhythm.

Clopheline is a rather insecure means, therefore it is strictly forbidden to combine it with alcohol or take it alone without prescribing a doctor. And to avoid the situation of being drunk with such a mixture, you should avoid drinking alcohol in dubious and unfamiliar companies.

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