Diet with toxocarosis, nutrition and meals during treatment, is it possible to eat rice and borsch?

Diet with toxocariasis The question of nutrition in toxocariasis is no less relevant than about the treatment of this complex helminthic invasion. Is it necessary to observe the appropriate diet during the therapeutic events, that it is possible to eat and how many times a day to eat, so that getting rid of this type of parasites, the larvae of which are localized in vital organs and cause irreparable harm to a person, was more effective? In order to fully understand this, it is necessary to listen to the advice and recommendations of specialists.

Diet with toxocarosis, as well as with other helminthiasis is necessary. For the duration of therapeutic activities it is desirable to completely exclude meat dishes from the menu. The reason for this lies in the fact that long-term digestion of this product in the stomach requires a large supply of energy. In the case when a person can not imagine his lunch without a piece of meat, experts recommend that when cooking, use a long, at least 3 hours, heat treatment.

Diet in the treatment of toxocarias should contain in essence vegetable food. Best of all, if the daily menu of the patient will predominate dishes from vegetables that have a yellow and green color, since they naturally have bactericidal properties. Also during the therapeutic measures to get rid of this invasion requires a fractional meal that will facilitate the work of the gastrointestinal tract. This will give the weakened body extra strength to fight the scourge.

What can I eat with toxocariasis?

Nutrition for toxocariasis Dietary menu for various diseases requires a different. That is why one often hears the question of what and how to eat with this invasion and what dishes should be excluded from the menu. First of all, it should be remembered that a patient with toxocarosis needs dietary nutrition. That is, we immediately exclude fatty meat and fish, as well as baked goods and refined products.

Diet for toxocarias should consist of light meals. It is desirable to season them with spicy seasonings. The best in this case will be a mixture of peppers, ginger root, garlic and turmeric. Despite the fact that Toksokars parasitize not in the intestines, but in internal organs, active substances from these spices added to dietary dishes will reach the larvae of parasites with blood flow and create conditions unfavorable for their life.

From the first dishes in dietary nutrition with toxocariasis is best to prepare vegetable soups and borsch, as they contain a large amount of plant fiber. The only condition - so beloved by many borscht should be prepared not on a strong meat broth. For its basis, one should take mushroom or bean broths, which contain a large amount of protein necessary for a person during the treatment of infestation by these parasites.

A good option would be to use rice in the diet. Dishes from this cereal are prepared in the form of porridge in the morning or garnish and casseroles for lunch or dinner. But due to the fact that rice possesses blocking properties, it is also necessary to observe some nuances in preparing dietary dishes for people with toxocariasis. Porridge from this cereal during the invasion is prepared without the addition of sugar. For taste, they can be flavored with a small amount of honey. In the second dishes, rice can be eaten with toxocarose with a mixture of vegetables, this neutralizes its blocking properties.

With the observance of the rules for preparing meals and taking part in eating, getting rid of larvae toxocar with the help of medications will be much easier. In this case, the reserve forces available in each organism will be spent on the destruction of helminth larvae, and not on prolonged digestion of food. Do not forget about the increase during this diet drinking regime. Water will contribute to the early withdrawal of toxins, formed as a result of vital activity of parasites and the intake of potent medicines.

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