How the cystic gliosis changes of the brain and therapeutic actions take place

1 What is gliosis and why it arises

The nerve tissue that forms the central nervous system of the person( CNS) consists of cells - neurons - and neuroglia, or simply glia - a specific micro-shell surrounding the nerve cell. Neuroglia performs a number of functions, providing protection, nutrition of the neuron. It creates conditions for the production and transmission of neurons by the neuron and participates in its metabolic processes.

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Glial cells account for about 40% of the total CNS.If the nerve cells are damaged, which, as they say, are not restored, they are replaced by neuroglia( glia).This process is called gliosis.

What can result in gliosis of the brain?

Like any tissue, neural tissue is prone to aging. All the functions of the body fade with age. This also app

lies to the trophic( nutritional) function. As a result of worsening cerebral circulation, development of sclerotic changes in the vessels, nerve cells die. Their place is occupied by glia.

But cystic-gliotic changes can occur not only as a result of the natural aging process of the body. People of a younger age can be caused by various diseases. So, gliosis( proliferation of glial tissue) can be the consequences of a stroke( hemorrhages inside the brain), severe craniocerebral trauma, encephalitis, meningitis. Also, this pathology is a frequent companion of chronic alcoholism.

In rare cases, gliotic changes can occur as a result of such a hereditary factor as a violation of lipid( fat) metabolism, leading to damage to the nervous system.

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Very rarely, such changes can occur as a result of pathologies of intrauterine development of the fetus. But children with such a brain pathology rarely live to 3 years.

2 Symptoms of the disease

Symptoms of gliotic changes in the brain tissue are different and depend on the causes that cause this pathology. At the first stages of the disease, symptoms may be absent altogether. Either they may seem totally unrelated to this disease. It can be frequent headaches, jumps of arterial pressure, dizziness, nausea. Therefore, often the diagnosis is made as a result of the survey on a completely different occasion.

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As the glial tissue proliferates, the symptomatology becomes worse. A person may have seizures, when he can not say what he wants to say, his reaction speed decreases, there may be a short-term loss of hearing and vision.

Attacks can be short - within 1-1.5 minutes. But gradually they arise more often and become more durable. More serious lesions of the nervous system develop. They are manifested in the form of violations of coordination of movements, paralysis of the limbs, reduction of intelligence up to dementia( degradation of thinking abilities, dementia).Sometimes there are seizures of the epileptoid type.

In late, previously unidentified stages of the disease, full disability and personal disability may occur. A person does not realize himself in the world around him, does not control the natural processes of the body( urination, defecation).

3 Is it possible to cure the pathology of

? It is possible to diagnose only after undergoing a comprehensive examination, appointed by a neurologist.

Although glial foci are clearly visible in the MRI picture and slightly worse on a CT scan.

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Gliosis is not an independent disease, but a consequence of the defeat of the central nervous system. Therefore, unfortunately, there are no ways to cure this pathology yet.

When diagnosing cystic gliosis changes in the brain, all the efforts of the treating doctor will be aimed at reducing the growth of gliosis tissue, eliminating or at least reducing the causes that cause this phenomenon.

Usually prescribed drugs that improve cerebral circulation, hypotensive drugs( reducing blood pressure), nootropes that stimulate metabolic( metabolic) processes in the brain cells. In addition, antioxidants are prescribed that can neutralize the harmful effect on the body of free radicals and other oxidants of organic compounds coming from food. If necessary, prescribe drugs that lower cholesterol levels in the blood.


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It is also recommended to take a course of vitamin therapy. For all types of gliosis, vitamin B is prescribed.

However, the leading role is played by the prevention of further destruction of nerve cells and growth of neuroglia.

Preventive measures are, first of all, in the conduct of a healthy, active lifestyle and proper nutrition. You should stop eating foods containing large amounts of fats( especially animal origin), because lipids disrupt the normal functioning of neurons, leading to their death.

Natural antioxidants, which are recommended for gliosis, are prunes, nuts, fresh berries, fruits and vegetables containing ascorbic acid, carotene, tannin( it is found in green tea, cocoa).

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It is also necessary to pass at least every six months all the necessary examinations, which are appointed by the attending physician.

Thus, if there is no way to completely get rid of pathology, then its destructive effect on the brain should be stopped.

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