Opinion of doctors about sports in hypertension

1 The correct approach to the loads of

Before you begin to take decisive action, you need to analyze the general state of the body. A medical examination is necessary to determine the maximum permissible load. The paramount and fundamental principle is not to harm your health. Arterial hypertension of the third degree is a contraindication to any physical activity.

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You should start training carefully:

  • in the first days to deal with only 5-10 minutes;
  • can be divided into several approaches throughout the day;
  • make efforts of low intensity;
  • smoothly increase the amount of time and exercise.

Sport benefits if you do not do it every day, but 3-4 times a week. But you need to do this persistently and regularly for 30-60 minutes. The pulse should be constant. Calculate its rate can be calculated by the formula: 180 minus the number of years. Do not forget about a little workout at the beginning and about the gradual end of the workout at the end.

In medical practice, physical culture is widely used for the prevention and treatment of hypertension. The longer the illness, the longer it takes to correct the pressure. If the hypertension has arisen against the background of another disease, then you must first cure it. Otherwise, attempts to apply in this case therapeutic exercise will have negative consequences.

The interval between bracing body movements and eating should be at least an hour. You can not use power systems, compete in speed, speed endurance, agility. You can do a little exercise to develop flexibility, but avoid jerking. If you feel unwell, exercise should be postponed until it improves. Do not neglect rest between approaches. In extreme heat or frost, physical culture must be canceled.

2 Suitable types of sports disciplines

The safest and most effective sports disciplines for hypertension are:

  • walking;
  • jogging;
  • swimming.

Sports such as football, basketball, hockey, tennis, rowing, jumping, martial arts, weightlifting are definitely excluded.

The speed of the sport walk is 9 km / h. The muscles of both the lower and upper half of the body are trained. It normalizes breathing, raises immunity and reduces blood pressure. Increases overall tone and performance.

Jogging strengthens the legs and has a beneficial effect on the figure. Intensive oxygen supply strengthens the heart. Improves cerebral circulation. With time, shortness of breath disappears. Excess fat in the cells is burned, excess kilograms go away. The pulse comes back to normal. After half an hour of such a run, the endorphins produced by the pituitary make you feel absolutely happy.

The swimmer's central nervous system relaxes. The lumen of the vessels after being in the water becomes wide and does not interfere with the blood flow during the 12-15 following hours. At long-term employment systolic pressure decreases on 10-15 units, and diastolic on 5-10 units from initial values. Swimming is especially indicated for older people who have never engaged in physical exercise, as there is no body overload.

3 Other ways to normalize the state of

A person who is not involved in sports can get frustrated without finding an acceptable form for himself. But do not be discouraged. There are many other different ways to bring yourself to health. In winter it is better to do skiing and skating. In summer, the bike will become the right companion. It is advisable to take long walks. Half an hour in the fresh air reduces the pressure by 10-15 points.


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Anyone can maximize the variety of lessons in the home environment. The state of health can be improved by applying one or more of the methods you like:

  1. A set of health improvement exercises coordinated with a medical specialist.
  2. Dancing for slow music before warming up the muscles. There should be a slight tension.
  3. Some elements of yoga and pilates for beginners. Avoid postures that promote prolonged stress of any one group of muscles.
  4. Mastering the ancient Chinese technique of qigong. Free smooth movements are performed in any position depending on the state.
  5. Ignoring the elevator. Slow ascent up the stairs without a load to the apartment.

With systematic training, the pressure drops by 10% after 3 months. The drop in the amount of the hormone norepinephrine, which is released during anxiety, stress, and fear, is recorded. It leads to severe vasospasm and critical arterial pressure in hypertensive disease.

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Physical education in any incarnation benefits.

Nervousness, tension, aggression goes away. There is discipline, clarity of thought. Noticeably decreases the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. There is a desire to live fully, create, dream and enjoy every moment.

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